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Oil Sands - Regarding carbon emission controls: PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Saturday, 19 January 2008 06:48
Oil Sands Regarding carbon emission controls
PEJ News - The tar sands are the major contributor of greenhouse gas in Canada.   This is unacceptable not only to the global community but to every individual who cares about survival of the human race.
We need to put a cap on the tar sands production now.  The fossil fool thinking has to stop.  Just because the US demands we sell them the oil is not a good reason to give it to them or anybody else.  It is almost treason to undermine our future energy security.   The year 2020 is meaningless unless you start now.  Every barrel worth of alternate energy created should result in a another barrel of oil capped....and that does not mean the usual discover 20 barrels and cap 1.  This two steps back and one forward is not good enough
 The historic economy of Alberta is being ruined by polluted well water and river water shortages,making it an uninhabitable wasteland.   The biggest problem is denial which runs rampant from oil companies through the oil company infected regulatory bodies and governments including the government of Alberta.   This infection leads all the way to the oil supported PM's office.
Canada as a country needs to rapidly rethink the import/export policies.  The future energy shortages mean build locally, shop locally and conserve our energy resources.  The bottle of water that comes from Fiji in the local coffee shop is no more acceptable than NAFTA which demands we import/export against our own interest.
We are now faced with colossal expenditures to mitigate the current effects of global warming.  For example in California and around the world governments are implementing huge desalination projects just to get drinking water.  As our glaciers melt, Alberta will increasingly be feeling extreme pressures from water shortages.  Definitely we need to stop greenhouse emissions at the source now.    Stopping this insane fossil fool and radioactive journey will encourage the alternative energy economy needed for economic and environmental sustainability.   Staying the course will lead us all towards extinction.
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