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Left Coast Events - Lower Mainland - Jan 13 08 PDF Print E-mail
PEJ Events
Wednesday, 16 January 2008 01:35
Left Coast Events - Lower Mainland - Jan 13 08

1.  WERA event Jan. 13th -"Evening with Clive Doucet"
2.  VDLC Pizza Educational - OXFAM - We Can Campaign - Jan 15th
4.  Climate Change in Canada's North and the Arctic Ocean - Jan. 17
5.  Venezuela after the referendum defeat - what next? - Jan 18th
6.  VDLC's 15th Annual Robbie Burns Night - Jan 18th
7.  Forum on Iran with Rostam Pourzal, "The US Attack on Iran: Prospects and Challenges" - Jan 19th
8.  Transferring to Torture: Canada, Human Rights, and Detainees - Jan 19
9.  "Ethical Investing 101" - Amnesty International Canada - January 22nd
10.  North Shore ASBC Lecture - Autism and Taxes - Jan 22nd
11.  Privatization of Public Power in BC - Jan 23rd
12.  Parents and Family Members Who Have a Child With Extra Support Needs - Jan 24th
13.  Santa Cruz Media Strategy Summit - January 25th - 27th, 2008
14.  January at Rhizome Cafe
15.  Rally for your City February 26
16.  British Columbia Council for Exceptional Children - Workshop by Linda Hodgson- Mar 10th


1.  WERA event Jan. 13th -"Evening with Clive Doucet"

Ottawa City Councillor and author of Urban Meltdown: Cities, Climate Change and Politics as Usual.

"As many people lives in cities today as populated the entire planet in 1950. Eighty percent of the planet's greenhouse gases are created  by these energy-intensive urban centres. Ottawa City Councilor Clive Doucet, author of Urban Meltdown, believes the key to creating climate change solutions resides with cities."

WERA/CHRA Fundraiser (wine & cheese)

Sunday, January 13, 2008
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Coal Harbour Community Centre,
480 Broughton St.
Vancouver, BC

re-circulated by the VDLC

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2.  VDLC Pizza Educational - OXFAM - We Can Campaign - Jan 15th

Oxfam's BC Director Miriam Palacios
Tuesday, January 15
6 pm
Maritime Labour Centre
1880 Triumph St
Pizza and beverages available by donation.
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All activists in the labour and people's movements are invited to this important event:

Public forum on the CAW/Magna deal, the right to strike, and the critical issues facing labour in Canada today

Speaker: SAM HAMMOND, labour columnist for People's Voice, a long-time participant in the Ontario trade union movement and progressive struggles in the Hamilton area. Hammond is the author of several recent commentaries on the CAW/Magna "Framework of Fairness Agreement" and its potential impact for the working class.
7:30 pm, Thursday, January 17
Maritime Labour Centre Conference Room,
1880 Triumph St., Vancouver (use entrance on north side of the building).

For more information, contact People's Voice newspaper, 604-255-2041.

For text versions of Hammond's commentaries, visit the People's Voice website, www.peoplesvoice.ca. The follwoing is a short excerpt from Sam Hammond's commentary in the Jan. 1-15/08 issue of People's Voice:

For the first time in a decade debates have broken out in the labour movement that give an insight into where people and ideas are situated, to measure the possibility of alliance and fightback. The present debate is propelled by rejection of the partnership model that was threaded through the CAW Council on Dec. 7. But it will leave behind a more or less defined left that has already embarked on organizational form and program within the union.

     The ensuing conflict is the property of CAW members but will have an effect on the larger searching within the working class that is the property of us all. If the subject matter of the alternative remains in the debate stage it will stagnate. It must develop substance and program, and it must be expansive enough to attract diverse sections of the population into mass action. It would be wrong to start off narrow and then get narrower. The vision of another world, of emancipation, of social justice and defeat of our exploiters must be part of this debate but the immediate proposals must start with some very practical achievable objectives that will change the political map in Canada.

     The CAW has committed to keeping "two tier" wages out of Canada in the next round of "Big Three" negotiations this fall. Regardless of feelings over the Magna deal this must become a priority for the entire labour movement and its allies in the social justice movements. The CAW is absolutely correct in this, and the pressure will be immense after the UAW fiasco and concessions in the US.

     There can be no excuse for sectarianism here; it is very practical to disapprove of Magna but support the union in every instance where it defends the rights of workers. We need more maturity and expanded unity, especially around the fight against two-tier wages which will sell out the youth and eventually separate them from the union. If the CAW loses on this issue it will set the stage for a general corporate offensive against wages, benefits and working conditions.
     It is possible to re-awaken the fight against free trade and develop higher the struggle against SPP, Atlantica and TILMA. These are already underway and ripe ground for alliance and unity....  There is no reason we should be the permanent victims of foreign-owned auto companies, whose interests are only profit and who will abandon us when the profits are easier to acquire elsewhere. In the short term we need another auto pact, and in the long term we need a publicly-financed, owned and built in Canada automobile suitable for our needs, our weather, propelled by safe non-polluting energy and designed for the needs of our people and market. The near future will be difficult and the tasks are immense, but labour has the history and ability to lead and the working people have the strength to hold and counter-attack.


4.  Climate Change in Canada's North and the Arctic Ocean - Jan. 17

Continuing Studies in Science is pleased to invite you to a free public lecture, Climate Change in Canada
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