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Virtual Public Spheres: New Political Culture PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 02 September 2007 05:38
Virtual Public Spheres: New Political Culture

Sunshine Communications - Alan E. Rycroft - Young Adults and Virtual Public Spheres: Building A New Political Culture - MA Thesis Summary - Abstract - Young adults, facilitated by the Internet, are building a new political culture that is more fluid, decentralized, diverse, and global than cultures of the past, which may move society beyond traditional political oligarchies towards greater participatory democracy, flexible coalitions and networks managing political affairs, and communication and information processes that are more influential than in previous generations.

Young adults are using the multi-faceted, online media platform to inform themselves, discuss public policy, and organize political activity. From texting and email, to chat rooms, discussion boards, blogs, wikis, interactive web sites, and virtual worlds such as Second Life, youth and young adults are building new local, regional, national, and global, virtual public spheres with thriving democratic debate and effective political organization.

Sunshine Communications
Full Thesis: Virtual Public Spheres (PDF)

Online Constituencies...

Networked political constituencies are beginning to self-organize faster than the governments and political organizations that have traditionally served them. Thanks to the web, constituencies are becoming better informed, smarter, and more demanding of qualities missing from most political organizations.

Last Updated on Sunday, 02 September 2007 05:38

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