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Thursday, 23 August 2007 06:02

Global Warming Update - and Workshops

PEJ News - Sue Hiscocks - This Frida, Aug. 24 at 1pm on Co-op Radio (102.7 fm) a meeting held at the Vancouver Planetarium last week will be rebroadcast.  Important information on the current status of our climate was given by Kelly from the Australian Rainforest Society (www.climate.net.au), who was trained by Al Gore and is currently touring the Coast. 


She stressed the importance of maintaining 'old growth' timber which contains 3 times the amount of CO2 that is in the atmosphere.  The projection by world experts is that the earth can only withstand approximately 2 degrees Celsius further warming before there's a tipping point and runaway effects occur.  There's an increase of 3/4 degree at present and a further 3/4 degree lag time in the atmosphere yet to be felt!   Many think the tipping point is here.

Most of Australia is in drought with major concerns about food production vs. irrigation issues. There will be competition, she estimates, between crops that produce oil and crops that produce food.  Approx. 7 billion tons/yr of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere and about 350 billion subsidizes energy production.

Stressing the interconnectedness of all forms of life, we also need a complementary value system to ensure our future.  These are some of the vital points she raised with visuals, including a BBC Climate Challenge video game.

Tune into Radio Ecoshock tomorrow (www.Ecoshock.org) to get the full benefit of this evening and impact the work being planned locally.

Sue Hiscocks
Last Updated on Thursday, 23 August 2007 06:02

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