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Sunday, 01 July 2007 01:23

2007   June 20


Operation Chaos and Canadian RCMP Investigating Association with Cuba
PEJ News- Joan Russow PhD - Global Compliance Research Project - In 1963, the RCMP in Ottawa investigated citizens who had contact with embassy officials from the Communist countries. It appears that the RCMP was targeting citizens who had contacts with embassy officials with previous experience in Cuba. Was this part of Operation Chaos? A personal account.



In 1963, while studying law at the University of Ottawa, I was teaching English at the Berlitz School. One of my students was the deputy military attaché from the Czechoslovakian Embassy.

After teaching him for about a month, the military attaché also requested to have English lessons with me. I subsequently received a bizarre phone call from someone claiming to be from the RCMP. After checking back with the RCMP, I agreed to have him come over to my house to interview me. At the interview, I was asked to review the conversations that I had had with both the Czechoslovakian attaches. I mentioned that we had discussed a wide range of topics. He then informed me that the Assistant military Attache had just come from working at the embassy in Cuba, and that the Attache was deemed to be one of the "shrewdest spies in the communist realm." The RCMP officer claimed that the spy’s strategy was to befriend local citizens who had significant contacts with the Canadian government. I believe that the RCMP was concerned because my father was the assistant Auditor General of Canada - a position that allowed him full access to government files.

The officer then asked if I had been invited to any events at the Embassy; I informed him that I had been invited to a reception the following Friday at the Embassy. The RCMP officer asked me to act as an informant for the RCMP, to go to the reception, to continue to teach the Attaches and to report back all conversations to the RCMP. He then added that I was forbidden to tell anyone about our conversation. I refused to be an informant for the RCMP.


I have always wondered whether that was the reason that I was placed years later on an RCMP Threat Assessment list.


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