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Canadian Sovereignty: Death of a Thousand Cuts PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 April 2007 15:11
Canadian Sovereignty: Death of a Thousand Cuts

PEJ News
- Richard Walpole - Canadians have long had the fear of losing control of our country, in particular to American power. It now appears that we are right to do so, and we are not alone. Mexicans and some Americans are also increasingly concerned, making for some very strange bedfellows.

CNN recently reported that there are 24 committees made up of Canadian, American and Mexican government officers and business leaders, working to 'rationalize' rules and regulations governing a great many fields, from pharma - ceuticals to trucking.

Surprisingly, many conservative Americans are among those concerned, some of whom are members of Congress. The first complaint is that these negotiations appear to be happening in secret. There are no press releases, press conferences, or even questions being asked in Parliament  or congresses. There is no input from other stakeholders, and it appears our collective media are fast asleep at the switch.

The second complaint is that none of the changes envisioned in this process need ever be put into a bill to be eventually debated and voted on. The level of the changes is that of rules and regulations, so we may just end up with a North American Union made in the most undemocratic method short of military invasion.
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