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George Weigel: why did St. Andrew's Rector invite him to speak in Victoria? PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 02 January 2007 09:28
George Weigel: why did St. Andrew's Rector invite him to speak in Victoria?

PEJ News
- Gregory Hartnell - As I ponder the barbarity, criminality and foolishness of the execution of Saddam Hussein, I wonder why the notorious American Catholic neocon dissenter George Weigel was invited by a group headed by the Rector of St. Andrew's Cathedral to speak at a two day conference held in September in Victoria. Mr. Weigel is an unapologetic defender of the unjust war in Iraq, dissenting publicly from the well-known opposition to it by both popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.


Letters to the Editor
Island Catholic News

According to an article written by Steve Weatherbe which appeared in both the B. C. Catholic and the Diocesan Messenger, the George Weigel Conference entitled "Discovering the Catholic Way of Life" was organized by the Edith Stein Society. Mr. Weatherbe writes that 'the group comprised St. Andrew's Cathedral pastor Father John Laszczyk and a half dozen lay people.'

The conference was held at the Victoria Conservatory of Music for two days in September last year. Tickets cost $55. The event was advertised in both the Cathedral bulletin, and the June and September numbers of the Diocesan Messenger, and further info was available by contacting the Cathedral through its email address, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Mr. Weigel is well known to be a pro-American apologist for the invasion of Iraq, despite the condemnation of that unjust war by the late Pope John Paul II. Even the present pope, though often confused on matters geopolitical, is quoted by Dale Vree, editor of the Berkeley-based orthodox Catholic publication New Oxford Review, as saying that 'there was not sufficient reason to unleash a war in Iraq.'

Mr. Weigel is published regularly in the American neocon journals First Things and Crisis, both of which take dissenting positions from that of the two popes on this grave issue. By choosing to put the supposed interests of his own nation state ahead of the mind of Holy Mother Church, as embodied in the seasoned and well-reasoned teachings on war and peace of these eminent theologians, Mr. Weigel is in effect saying that he knows better. Need I emphasize that this is not a pro-life position?

He has done this instead of following the example of Saint Thomas More, who resisted the temptation to exonerate the adulterous and murderous behaviour of his decadent monarch (King Henry VIII of England); Saint Thomas chose a glorious martyr's death. He correctly put the teachings of the Church before those of his own nation state, represented by the obnoxious king. It is a pity that a great intellectual of the stature of Mr. Weigel cannot see fit to humble himself and follow this wise saint's model behaviour.

The Rector of Saint Andrew's Cathedral and the Bishop of the Diocese of Victoria would never dare invite a liberal dissenter on matters such as abortion or euthanasia to speak to the Catholic faithful in the Diocese. This begs the question: why have they abused their offices by inviting this blood-soaked neocon ideologue to vent his venomous and heretical pre-emptive war propaganda in the Cathedral parish of Saint Andrew the martyr, and given this event their stamp of approval by advertising it in the Diocesan Messenger and the St. Andrew's Cathedral bulletin?

\Gregory Hartnell

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