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Justice News
Tuesday, 31 August 2004 04:40
-> The Dominion is a long term project to establish a new national newspaper in Canada, o­ne accountable o­nly to its readers and to the truth. As a result, we rely o­n readers to keep it growing. Consider making a donation. Read more here:   http://dominionpaper.ca/build/

With this issue, we're proud to present four new sections: First Nations, Review, Labour and Media Analysis. With these additions, we hope the Dominion will help to fill some gaping holes in Canadian journalism by providing in-depth, insightful coverage of aboriginal struggles, lesser-known Canadian books, music and media, and the labour movement at home and abroad. As you may have noticed, these topics receive almost no serious coverage.

The coverage that does exist is often misleading in critical ways, which brings us to the final section. With Media Analysis, we hope to provide a steady, critical flow of articles that help you understand how the media works, while pointing out specific disinformation.

If you have things you'd like to see covered by any o­ne of these new spaces, please let us know. As usual, thanks for reading, and thanks to those who have lent their support to moving the project forward.

~ Contents: ~

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* International News*

Doha Trade Talks Take a Step

Media Blackout in Najaf

British Company to Raise Private Battalion

Floods and Droughts Strike India

Prozac in UK Drinking Water

* Canadian News *

Martin Forced to Take Middle Ground o­n Defence Issues

Canadian Military Involved in Haiti Massacre?

Assembly to Choose and Recommend Voting System Change in BC

* Feature *

Canada in Haiti: Who Engineered the Overthrow of Democracy?
Anthony Fenton digs into Canada's role in the overthrow of a democratic government in Haiti, and the players involved. His investigation raised questions. Among others: was Canada's involvement to diplomatic enabling, or have Canadian troops been directly involved in the hundreds of political assassinations that followed the coup?

* Accounts *

El Salvadorans Ask: do we CAFTA?
by Jen Peirce

* Arts *

Drawing a Response
by Max Liboiron

* Review *

Linda Besner reviews new poetry from Adeena Karasick, Alexandra Leggat, David Helwig and a recently translated play by Michel Marc Bouchard

* Media Analysis *

Missing History in Action: Canadian coverage of Joseph Pannell and the Black Panther Party
by Dru Oja Jay

* Labour *

Aliant Loses $13 Million o­n Strike, refuses to negotiate
(& other news)

* Environment *

President Bush, See You in Court: Judging the cost of climate change
by Yuill Herbert

* First Nations *

Colonialism and Kanehsatake: Are dispossession and forced integration o­ngoing?
by Kim Petersen

* Reading *

Arctic colonialism; Muqtada al-Sadr; Canada and Haiti; the struggle of Secwepemc territory in BC; Mad Cow profiteering; South Korean independent media, and more...


The Dominion Daily Weblog (http://dominionpaper.ca/weblog/) and the Underreported News Wire (http://dominionpaper.ca/newswire/) provide daily servings of what's missing from the Globe, Post, and CBC.

thanks for reading!

Dru Oja Jay, Editor

Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 August 2004 04:40

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