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Another Night for the Heroes of Israel PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Tuesday, 14 November 2006 10:31
Another Night for the Heroes of Israel

The Guardian
- Conal Urquhart - Isra Damouni is transported from the operating theatre pale and still, the latest casualty from the latest Israeli raid on Nablus. The 16-year-old was lying in bed when a bullet pierced her window and hit her thigh at around 3.30am. She screamed and the soldiers threw a percussion grenade at the window. It detonated, shattering glass over her sister, Sabrine, 18, who had gone to her aid.


Getting to know the neighbours

Conal Urquhart

Guardian Unlimited
November 14, 2006

In the last of his reports from Nablus, Conal Urquhart witnesses the latest nightly housekeeping visit from the Israeli army to one of the city's refugee camps

The pair are two of the 10 injured during a raid on al-Ein refugee camp in Nablus that began at 2am on Tuesday and ended at 10.30am. One man, a gunman from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Baha Khateri, was shot dead. A crowd of men with red flags took his body away for burial while the doctors finished extracting the bullet from Isra's leg.

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