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Sun and Secret Sex Dens: Paedophiles Paradise in the Philippines PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Wednesday, 06 September 2006 11:25
Sun and Secret Sex Dens: Paedophiles Paradise in the Philippines

Preda - FR. Shay Cullen - In the UK, a recent report says that not enough is being done by the child protection agencies to investigate and stop the trafficking of children. In the Philippines, hardly any traffickers are brought to justice making this a preferred destination for pedophiles and sex tourists apparently with the approval of government officials with personal business interests in the tourist industry.


Despite all the wars that start and stop there is one that never ends.
That is the one against the child abusers and traffickers.

Father Shay Cullen

Philippines - Only last week, an 8 year-old Austrian child abducted and kept in a basement dudgeon like room for ten years and then escaped. She had paired with her abuser as a way of survival. He killed himself by jumping in front of a train. Later she said she was mourning his death.
A few weeks ago, I was tipped of to a similar case where a 16 year old had been abducted and taken to a secret location in Angeles city, Philippines, by a 56 year-old Dutch child sex abuser. He is wanted for tax evasion in the Netherlands. This year, he built a sex hotel in Baloy Beach, Olongapo from where he allegedly trafficked young women over the Internet to prospective sex tourists who flew to the Philippines to meet a sex partner, already waiting.

Luckily, I was able to find his secret sex den in Angeles city and have him arrested and with social workers, we rescued the teenager. She had already been made docile and submissive by her abuser and refused at first to leave him. Now he is charged in court for child abuse under Philippine law while the girl is recovering at the Preda children?s home for trafficked girls. She has had a change of mind and heart. After two weeks of therapy, she is willing to see him go to jail for his many crimes against minors. Now we hope the prosecutors do their duty and prosecute him to the end.
Another German also from Baloy Beach, Olongapo, is on trial in Olongapo for Obstruction of Justice. In order to protect a convicted Australian pedophile from another charge of child abuse, he allegedly abducted the child and had her adopted by a foreign couple in Manila before she could testify. He refused to divulge her whereabouts to police. This is evidence of trafficking according Senator ?Jamby? Madrigal who has summoned the accused German and a dozen of other witnesses from the Police, Department of Justice and Immigration to explain why the accused was released from the immigration prison to carry on with impunity his alleged nefarious activities.

The lady senator is a well known defender of the rights of women and children. She has called a public hearing of the Philippine Senate committee on Youth, Women and Family Relations next 11 September 2006 based on a senate resolution, the purpose is "to conduct an inquiry in aid of legislation on the release from detention of alleged child trafficker and pedophile (name withheld) with the end in view of formulating stronger legal measures to prevent the reoccurrence of similar incident involving alleged offenders of child protection laws".

Senator Madrigal heard the news that the German was arrested and jailed in Manila because he was undocumented, had a deportation order issued against him. A German Court had issued an arrest warrant against him for the alleged kidnapping and extortion of a German couple Noly and Wilko Klauenberg. He allegedly forced them to sign fake deeds of sale to their beach property in Palawan which was transferred to the name of the German's Filipino wife.

A NBI Agent suspected of being involved will be with Senator Madrigal to testify. The trafficking of children and women is growing by the power of the Internet. The extent in which the Internet is used to transmit child pornography is phenomenal. It accounts for 80 per cent of all pornography sent over the internet. British Telecoms which provides customers? access to the Internet has connected up with a charity to block access to child pornography sites. This is something that internet server providers (ISP) in the Philippines and everywhere need to do.

The new legislation proposed by Senator Madrigal is urged to proscribe the possession of child pornography and to compel ISPs to filter child pornography. Protecting vulnerable children is our prime duty and human beings and above all as Christians. (End)

Rescuing and protecting children is our prime duty
(Fr. Shay's columns are published in The Universe, The Voice,
Local News and other magazines in the UK & Ireland,
Sunday Examiner in HK, The Manila Times, Philnews USA
and Worldwide on Internet and Web sites,
Archives: www.preda.org - Copy free with permission)

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 September 2006 11:25

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