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Justice News
Wednesday, 28 July 2004 07:36
Talking points for Kerry's speech

The time for compromise has passed the Democrats need to be a progressive and principled alternative. The following are suggested talking points that will distinguish the Democrats from the Republicans


- to enact and enforced the necessary legislation to ensure
compliance with obligations incurred through international agreements
that promote common security - peace, human rights, social justice
and the environment

-To support the disbanding of NATO, to abandon NORAD and insecurity schemes such as the Ballistic missile defence, and to promote "Common security" -peace, environment,
human rights, and social justice
- to close its 725 global military bases
- - to end the circulation and berthing of nuclear powered and
nuclear arms capable vessels
- to propose that at least a 50% of the global military budget be
transferred into global social justice
- to end the production of arms, and in particular to end the production of weapons of mass destruction [as agreed at the UN Conference on Humans and the Environment 1972} , and institute a fair and just transition for affected workers and communities

- to discontinue the policy of pre-emptive/preventive attack
- to condemn the preventive/pre-emptive attack on Iraq, to call for the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq, to pay for
all reparation of Iraq while acknowledging that there is not way to
fully repair the serious health, environmental, social, and
psychological consequences of war

- to cancel third world debt
- to provide .7% of GDP for overseas development aid as agreed in
numerous international agreements
-to recognize that poverty, lack of appropriate health care, water, education etc., of course are all linked to WTO, IMF and WB policies, and are the root causes of overpopulation

-To abrogate NAFTA end further negotiations on the FTAA and call for the dismantling of the WTO
- to opposed voluntary corporate compliance regimes such as ISO
14000, establish Mandatory regulations to drive industry and revoke
licences of corporations that violate human rights, destroy the
environment, deny social justice, and contribute to war and conflict
- to ensure a publicly funded not for profit, non two tier health
care system, while addressing environmentally induced diseases, and
poverty related health problems

- to institute an immediate ban on all genetically engineered foods, crops, and animals; and prohibit all further approval of genetically engineered foods and crops
* to embark upon the immediate removal of GE foods from grocery
to ban the export of Living Modified Organisms, and in the transition require zero tolerance for ?adventitious? material- LMO residue in containers of non ?GE food
to propose a UN General Assembly Resolution calling for the banning of GE food and crops and LMOs, and to expose the Biosafety Protocol as primarily a trade agreement not an agreement to protect health, equality or the environment.
* to support and promote organic farming and other ecologically sound
* to implement a fair and just transition program for farmers and
communities affected by the ban

- to advance the proposal at the UN that the UN Security Council
should be dissolved, and mandatory power be given to the UN General
Assembly - which reflects the sovereign equality of all states
to support UN General Assembly resolutions such as those condemning the US for the blockade against Cuba, and those condemning Israel for illegal wall construction
- to recognize the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice and to abide by its decisions
-to support the listing of new grounds ? against which there shall not be discrimination- in International human rights instruments?
- to ratify the International Covenant of Social, Economic and Cultural rights and to enact legislation to ensure compliance
- - to settle indigenous rights and to respect the sovereign
right to govern in the context of international common security
obligations and commitments
- to sign and ratify the Convention for the protection of Migrant workers and
their families, and enact the necessary legislation to ensure compliance
- to end the ubiquitous global intrusion of fundamentalist Christians
- to ensure labour rights, including the right to strike and the
equal pay for work of equal value principle ,the fair and just
transition principle and support the ILO (Intenational Labour

- to move away from car dependency, as agreed in Habitat II, and
transfer funds for urban public transportation
- - to phase out civil nuclear energy, and fossil fuel dependency,
and subsidize environmentally sound renewable energy
- to reduce Green house gas emissions, and discharge obligations under the Framework Convention on Climate change, and its Protocol-the Kyoto Protocol
- to discontinue the mining of uranium, and institute a fair and just
transition program for uranium miners and their families.
- To discontinue the logging of old growth forests, end the export of
raw logs and embark on value added program
- To ensure the human right to safe drinking water, and propose the
closure of all industrial operations that contribute to the pollution of
- To establish a national program that prevents the release of
untreated sewage into water bodies

- To invoke the precautionary principle as a fundamental basis of all
policy [the precautionary principle reads Where there is a threat to
human health or the environment, the lack of full scientific certainty
shall not be used as a reason to postpone measures to prevent the

- to prevent all further corporate funding of universities, to permit
students to repay loans through community service, establish grant
programs, and institute principle-based education as a means of
teaching issues in the classroom [elementary and secondary]

Proposed by Joan Russow (PhD)
1 250 598-0071
Never avoid the best because others claim it is the enemy of the good.
Credibility is standing up for principled change, not being
"reasonable" and compromise.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 July 2004 07:36

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