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?President? Harper Nixes Lebanon Peacekeepers PDF Print E-mail
Peace News
Wednesday, 26 July 2006 09:22
?President? Harper Nixes Lebanon Peacekeepers

PEJ News - C. L. Cook - As the sun rises on the western reaches of the nation today, I read Stephen Harper, leader of an amalgamated minority Tory party proposes Canada step further into the maw of perpetual war promised the world by his sponsors in the United States and Israel.


?President? Harper Nixes
Lebanon Peacekeepers

C. L. Cook

PEJ News
July 26, 2006

Today, the Likudite-friendly National Post newspaper, organ of the Canwest Global media empire, reports Harper saying Canada will not contribute to a proposed international peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon, preferring Canadian soldiers only go into the shattered remnants of Israel?s three weeks running Guernica if they can use this ?opportunity? to hunt and destroy Hezbollah arsenal stockpiles.

In other words: Harper would have Canadian soldiers do the ?mopping up? for Israel?s blatant war crimes committed; and, for good measure, man the walls of the ?buffer zone? proposed.

Of course, Harper hasn?t forgotten the Palestinians, suffering too under Israeli guns and bombs: He would have Canadian soldiers provide the same service for Israel, kicking in the doors and windows of the smouldering wreckage in Gaza too.

Kind of makes you proud to be a Canadian.

Displaying the opportunism that led the leader of the fringe Reform/Alliance party to Sussex Drive, Harper explains his can-do, lemonade-from-lemons solution to Israel?s latest outrage:

?It is the Canadian government's hope that the international community will take this opportunity to deal in a forthright manner with this problem.? ?If we're going to have a permanent settlement in the Middle East, we have to stop this kind of violence. We have to stop these kinds of attacks.?

Permanent settlements?

Despite what Canwest Global would have its audience believe, Stephen hits the nail on the head, if inadvertently, when describing Israel?s motive behind this latest atrocity. And, it has little to do with kidnapped soldiers.

Permanence is what this latest horror meted on the long-suffering people of Lebanon and Palestine at the hands of the lawless Israeli regime is all about: Permanent ?borders? for Israel, and permanent ?settlements? in the lands sequestered through force of arms. Rather than condemn the illegitimacy of Israel?s tactics, Harper would doubly reward the aggressor through diplomatic support, and Canadian military aid to further their projects.

?Steve,? as his friends call him, was upbeat too about the evacuation of Canadian?s caught in the Israeli blitzkrieg of Lebanon, saying:

?I think the public service of Canada ... is doing a fantastic job of evacuating the Canadians on a scale we've never seen before and on very short notice.?

Well, bravo to the civil service. I expect that is the last laurel they can expect to receive from the bureaucracy-hating Harper. Of course, no mention made of those Canadians killed in Israeli air and artillery attacks on the civilian population ? a recognized war crime. No wrongful death investigation, but approbation; no formal complaint filed with the United Nations likely to follow. 

?Stevo,? as I call him, carries on:

?I can't give you a cost estimate at the moment. I can tell you that the instructions I gave when we began the evacuation process was that we were to spare no expense -- that if necessary, we'll fund it out of the contingency funds of the government of Canada.?

?Harpy? cannot estimate the costs to Montreal?s El-Ahkras family either. They were the unfortunates losing seven family members to an Israel missile. I wonder if there will be room in the contingency funds of the government of Canada to make reparations to them?

And what of the other ?El-Ahkras? the Canadian media has yet to discover; will they too be ?spared no expense?? Or, are they, like the hundreds indiscriminately killed, thousands maimed, and hundreds of thousands rendered homeless, merely expendable?

Breaking: At time of writing, news is filtering out of yet another atrocity involving the death of yet another Canadian in Lebanon. But this murder has a strange twist in that the man killed was a United Nations Peacekeeping soldier. Amazing! I didn?t think Canada had any of those left! One less tonight, apparently.

It seems one can?t write fast enough to keep up with the calculated barbarity of the Armies of Zion.

In the case of the Canadian killed today: He was one of four UN forward observers. He and his colleagues ?manned? a well-marked and well known watch post, established nearly thirty years ago. They came first under artillery fire; in an attack that lasted hours, frantic U.N. officials contacted the Israeli forces a dozen times to get a cease fire. But, Israel doesn?t do ceasefires.

Tiring perhaps of terrorizing the bunkered soldiers, an Israel Air Force jet (likely an F-15) finished the game with a single ?bunker-buster.? But the fun didn?t stop entirely there. IDF artillery hung out, waiting for the predictable response from other UN units; when they did come, hoping to find their fellows alive, the Israeli?s opened fire.

Oh, and there?s the prime war criminal on television, Mr. Olmert ?outraged? United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan had the temerity to suggest the cold-blooded slaughter of four unarmed ?peace? observers was ?apparently deliberately!?   Imagine that, suspecting the killings, in a well-marked, well known UN post, following hours of artillery target practice, the coup de grace struck by one of America?s famously ?smart? bombs, flown by one of Israeli?s famously capable, and fiercely moral Air Force pilots was anything other than a ?tragic and regrettable mistake??

Who would believe such a thing?

Indeed, as the Chinese government hit the roof because one of their citizens died in the incident, Stevie Steve Harpo doesn?t think it was anything more than what the IDF says. Apparently they haven?t gotten a script out to the ?prime minister,? so Harper?s taking a safe line, saying of Annan?s allegations:

?I certainly doubt that to be the case.?

That?s a decisive posture. But what makes Stevo so sure?
He continues:

?[the IDF has been] co-operating with us in our evacuation efforts, in our efforts to move Canadian citizens out of Lebanon.?

Makes sense to Steve, but maybe less so to the families of Maj. Paeta Derek Hess-von Kruedener, and his three dead colleagues, killed by Israel while serving with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO). 

Well Little Stevie, let?s sit thee doon, and listen to a little story. When Israel says they want peacekeepers out, they don?t care if they leave on a boat, or a plane, or transit tube; they mean they want it now.
And if Israel don?t get what it wants, people get dead.

Got it Steve?

There?ll likely be no Harper attended fanfare for Maj. Paeta Derek Hess-von Kruedener;
but then Stevo doesn?t like these maudlin displays to begin with.


Chris Cook is a contributing editor to PEJ News, and hosts Gorilla Radio, a weekly public affairs program, broad/webcast from the University of Victoria, Canada. You can check out the GR Blog here.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 July 2006 09:22

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