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Scooters Must Be Respected PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Saturday, 08 July 2006 00:26

Scooters Must Be Respected

PEJ News -
R. Becker - To whom it may concern; I am an upset scooter driver. Almost every day I get tailgated, passed, and disrespected by people driving cars.


Scooters Must Be Respected

R. Becker

PEJ News
July 8, 2006

I live in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, and while many people believe our city to be a haven for good living, I am a victim of aggresive driving almost daily.

Today I was driving toward downtown on Oak Bay Ave., when a sedan tailgated me while I was driving the speed limit. I proceeded to pull over as I sometimes do when people tailgate me, and almost swiped right into him, because he decided he would pass me on the right side.

Ok, I know the argument. Scooters are so slow!

Hmmm... actually the speed limit in that area is 40 km/hr and my speedometer said I was driving around 45 km/hr. If I am slow, the fact is I am not supposed to be driving any faster.

Please! If you drive a car please respect people on scooters.

They are doing you a favor by polluting less to move themselves around. If you are tailgating a scooter and it hits the brakes because something flies out into the road, if you rearend them, you will kill them.

Do you want to be responsible for seriously hurting someone?

Think. Tailgating is dumb. And people who drive scooters, well, we are people. Like us or not scooters are economical and hardly pollute at all and there are more and more of them on the road every day.

Thanks For Your Time

R. Becker

[As a motorcyclist, and professional courier driver here in "cycle-friendly" Victoria, I can attest to motorist indifference, and downright criminal negligence afforded Alt. vehicles. To Becker, and other scooter hounds, one piece of advice: Do not surrender your lane! If your vehicle can and is doing the speed limit, occupy your space completely, else idiots as described above, likely eating with one hand, and operating a cel phone with the other, will barge into it. - lex]

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