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Canadians Attacked in Kandahar Base PDF Print E-mail
Peace News
Monday, 03 July 2006 11:27
Canadians Attacked in Kandahar Base

CBC News - Two more rockets have been fired on the coalition military base in Kandahar, Afghanistan, where two Canadian soldiers were wounded in a similar attack Friday.


Another rocket attack on Kandahar coalition base

CBC News

Last Updated Sun, 02 Jul 2006
6:47:48 EDT

 Master Bombardier Bounyarat Tanaphon Makthepharak was reported in critical but stable condition in a hospital in Germany. (DND) No one was hurt when the rockets hit an area at the edge of the base on Sunday night, military officials said.

Coalition aircraft were scrambled to look for the attackers, the officials said, but a U.S. army Apache helicopter crashed during the search, killing the pilot and injuring the other crew member. The crash was not thought to have been caused by enemy fire.

One of the two Canadians wounded on Friday was reported in "critical but stable condition" at a U.S. military hospital in Germany. Master Bombardier Bounyarat Tanaphon Makthepharak was being treated by a Canadian Forces doctor along with an American medical team. Reports said the Ottawa resident is responding to sound.

The other wounded Canadian is still in Kandahar, where he's said to be in good condition. Five American soldiers and three civilians were also injured in Friday's attack.

British expect more casualties

Elsewhere, two British soldiers and an Afghan interpreter were killed Saturday when suspected Taliban forces attacked their base in Helmand province, west of Kandahar. Four other British soldiers were wounded.

The commander of British forces in Afghanistan, Brig. Ed Butler, said he was saddened by the loss of the two soldiers but more coalition deaths were a certainty as military operations against the Taliban were stepped up.

"We are prepared that there will be unfortunately more casualties as we win the campaign against those people who oppose security, who oppose the government of Afghanistan and those who won't want this place to be a better place to live," said Butler.

NATO forces from Canada, Britain, the Netherlands and Romania are preparing to take over responsibility for southern Afghanistan from the United States in August.

Along with U.S. troops, NATO is conducting a major security operation in Helmand, Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul provinces ? all seen as strongholds of the resurgent Taliban.

U.S. and NATO commanders have admitted in recent weeks that the Taliban's continuing ability to attack has caught them by surprise.


Last Updated on Monday, 03 July 2006 11:27

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