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Addressing the Armadillo: Why War for Canada? PDF Print E-mail
Peace News
Sunday, 02 July 2006 12:15
Addressing the Armadillo: Why War for Canada?

PEJ News
- Janine Bandcroft [w/ commentary by lex] - Let's be honest:"canada" does not support war in afghanistan, or anywhere else.  some "canadians" are invested in war - financially, emotionally, psychologically, but many of us aren't.  we didn't vote for stephen harper, and we don't want to see any more canadians die securing oil pipelines for the major corporations. too bad the ndp weren't ballsy enough to bring it up for discussion during the recent election campaign.  i hear there's talk of a debate - let's get it started.  war is bad for the earth, and all living creatures.

namaste, janine bandcroft, b.a., b.ed.


Addressing the Armadillo:
Why War for Canada?

Janine Bandcroft

PEJ News
July 2, 2006

thanks for the form letter, but i find war and conflict to be a rather immature and unimaginative solution in any situation.  i understand that war has its own economy - they build the weapons and then they need an excuse to use them, so they create conflict and make use of propaganda to promote their own self-interest. war might be good for some short term personal economies, but it's not good for the long term. i hope the species will evolve to find more constructive solutions before it's too late.for the earth, janine

[from the DND] Dear Ms. Bandcroft:

Thank you for your correspondence concerning Canadian Forces participation in military operations in Afghanistan.

Since 2002, the reasons behind Canada's involvement in Afghanistan have remained the same and they are as pressing day [sic] as they were then.

[This is the first lie: Canada's initial involvement in 2001 was under the aegis of the UN, and explicit to "peacekeeping" and "security" issues. Since that time, not only has the Canadian "mission" in Afghanistan transformed into a "hunt and destroy" military effort, but too the whole of the Canadian Forces has found a new reason d'etre. Re-inventing its role as an enforcer of American diktats, the in-country Canucks are operating under ultimate U.S. command and control, as member of 'Operation Enduring Freedom,' ditching the nation's long reputation of standing between warring factions.]

On 17 May 2006, Members of the House of Commons supported the Government's motion to extend Canada's diplomatic, development, police, and military efforts in Afghanistan by 24 months, from February 2007 to February 2009. The Government remains steadfast in its commitment to seeing this mission through.

[The minority government's motion was rammed through the parliament due to the cowardly acquiescence of certain "Liberal" party collaborators, and enabled by the outright abrogation of the fourth party New Democrats, whose leader's attacks against the then-ruling Liberal party paved the way for a Tory ascension, while leaving unaddressed the Afghanistan issue.]

The mission in Afghanistan puts into action one of the most enduring goals of Canadian foreign and defence policy:  protecting Canada and its people. In other words, it puts Canada first.

[This doggerel deserves nothing, but the question: "How on God's green earth is kidnapping and killing the populace of remote Afghanistan, a country that has never posed a threat to North America, despite the 9/11 fabrication yet in vogue, serve to "protect Canada?"]

When terrorists attacked the United States on 11 September 2001, 24 Canadians died. We must do all that we can to tackle the terrorist threat to our national interests before Canadian lives are lost again. Canada cannot allow Afghanistan to revert to Taliban rule and again provide sanctuary for individuals that target Canadian lives.

[There is No indication that "Canadian lives" were a "target" of the cowardly 9/11 attack. In fact, America's FBI is yet to lay a charge against OBL for the infamy occurring that day for lack of evidence. In fact: there has been not a single "terrorist threat" recorded as being directed against Canada, save the dubious charges filed last month against 17 men in Toronto, a third of them disposessed school boys. For this we citizens are expected to sacrifice billions of dollars and abrogate a near thousand years of jurisprudence.]

Canada is not the only country that perceives the mission in Afghanistan as a priority.

The North Atlantic Treaty ganization[sic], the G8, and the United Nations are all involved. More than 30 other countries are dedicated to the mission. These countries are not only co-operating with us, they are depending upon us. Our partners have made significant, long-term commitments to this mission based on the understanding that Canada would continue to be in Afghanistan to share the heavy burden. We must not let them down.

[Again, a lie. Not all of Nato are involved in the Afghan "mission." In fact: Many of the erstwhile, 'Coalition of the Willing' venturing into Afghanistan after America's brutal aerial bombardments of that pitious nation have since pulled up stakes. And, there are, as with those "willing" nations in Iraq, more to follow. So, who's heavy burden we are asked to bear comes down to only one: American corporate interest.]

We are also in Afghanistan at the request of the Afghans themselves, who have suffered decades of oppression and poverty. The values we hold dearly as Canadians-freedom, democracy, and human rights-urge us to respond. For this reason, Canada's mission is not only a military task, but also involves substantial diplomatic and development efforts. We are pursuing a whole-of-government approach so that Afghanistan can become a secure and self-sufficient democratic state that is able to provide for the needs of its citizens.

[Yes, and seaside property is for sale in Saskatchewan.]

Since 2002, Canada has played a leading role in the multinational mission. We have sent over 7,000 troops and established an embassy in Kabul. Furthermore, Canada will have directed nearly $1 billion to the country's reconstruction and development efforts by 2010-2011, making Afghanistan our largest recipient of bilateral aid. Together with our partners and allies, we have had a positive impact.

[Since 2001, it is estimated; the Canadian taxpayer has lain out more than four and a-half billion dollars (can), and stands to shell out much more. The vaunted PRT teams are yet to contruct a single hospital, school house, or fire station. But, even if the logic of the Provincial Reconstruction Teams were taken to its culmination, why are there not similar programs available to aid and assist the peoples of Canada? Why is the government not equally fervent with a desire to finally address the grotesque, and deadly inequality of the surviving First Nations people of Canada, and at last end the squalor so many of they must endure?]

For example, we have disarmed insurgents, trained Afghan police and military recruits, returned refugees to their homes, encouraged the education of girls, and facilitated two free and fair elections and the adoption of a new constitution. However, there is still much work to be done.

[Purple fingers and the Freedom of Afghanistan's Women-Folk: RAWA, or the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan can bring you up to speed with just how well America, and its sniveling underlings in the Canadian military order have managed to "improve" their lot.]

Helping Afghans rebuild their country into a stable, democratic, and self-sufficient state requires our sustained effort. We need to stay until the country and its government are stabilized, until the terrorists and their local support networks are defeated and denied sanctuary, and until the Afghan National Security Forces are well established and under the firm and legitimate control of the Government of Afghanistan.

["Stabalization" is de rigour in diplomatica-speak these last shocking and aweful days. The term itself means nothing, yet sanctions everything. But, it's O.K., as long as "we" all work towards it.]

In January 2006, Canada signed the Afghanistan Compact along with the Government of Afghanistan and 58 other committed countries, as well as the United Nations and other international organizations. The Compact provides direction for the road ahead. It identifies the multinational mission's objectives for the next five years and provides benchmarks for measuring progress.


The support of the House of Commons was significant because the extension of our mission will allow Canada to contribute to the achievement of these shared objectives. Canada is proud to deploy some of the world's most capable, best equipped, and well-trained troops to Afghanistan. We have extended the mandate of both our Provincial Reconstruction Team and our army task force, in addition to supporting forces. Our integrated, combat-capable Canadian Forces team will continue to work closely with partners from the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Canadian International Development Agency, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Without the security that the Canadian Forces provide, reconstruction and development in Afghanistan cannot happen.

[Really? And why cannot reconstruction of a modern, functioning society not happen without the Canadian boot being laid upon the neck of those recalcitrant patriots in-country? Surely they are not too stupid, these dusky creature, to recognize a carrot from a stick! Apparently it is so. The Afghanis are just too dumb to know what is good for them, and it is up to the Canadian Forces, in part, to lead them from the primordial darkness from which their innate culture originates.]

The Canadian men and women deployed to Afghanistan deserve all of our support as they protect Canadians, support our allies, and help Afghans. Should you be interested in learning more about Canada's commitment to Afghanistan, I invite you to visit www.canada-afghanistan.gc.ca.

[Do the "men and women deployed" deserve all of my support? Yes, as all deserve the support of caring others, others who will give of themselves that others will live better. But, will bombs and bullets, snatch-squads, snipers and dogs deliver this "deserved" aid? I believe not.]

Thank you once again for writing. I trust this information is of assistance.

The Honourable Gordon O'Connor, PC, MP
Minister of National Defence

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Subject: RE: count me out

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Minister's Correspondence Unit
National Defence Headquarters

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