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Thursday, 08 June 2006 12:54
Healthy Mind, Body, Planet Tour

boilingfrog - June 15 - Calgary, AB - 7:00 pm - Kahanoff Centre - 1202 Centre Street S.E. June 20 - Edmonton, AB
- 7:00 pm - Stanley A. Milner Library, Theatre - 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square

Reminder: June 15/Calgary and June 20/Edmonton
- Healthy Mind, Body, Planet tour

Healthy Mind, Body, Planet is a cross-Canada multi-media tour,
tabloid and documentary celebrating the most current information,
analysis and inspiration related to mental, physical and planetary
health. We will look at the reasons for the recent rise in
depression, and at the myriad of treatments available, including
pharmaceutical and holistic, within the context of Big-Pharma and
corporate culture.

We are honouring the late Tooker Gomberg by concentrating on the role
that mental illness and associated treatments played in his tragic
death, and provide comprehensive information on sustainable activism
as well as complementary and alternative treatments to sound mental

This presentation is a multi-media kaleidoscope of images, sounds,
and stories critiquing our current state and offering direction for
positive change. Participants will walk away motivated to influence
their world with greater awareness and tools.

The tour presentations are complemented by a newspaper tabloid,
websites, podcast/blogs (written, audio and video), and a video

Read the tabloid, listen and watch the the audio and video podcasts,
read the blogs and media stories or get more tour information at

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