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Peace News
Wednesday, 10 May 2006 15:32
Strange Birds Off My Balcony: Trident Rising over Victoria

PEJ News
- C. L. Cook - I've become something of a plane spotter of late. Not because I have any inordinate fascination with the aviation industry, despite it's awesomeness, but that my home's prospect invites traffic. The industrial scale energy expended by next door war game, 'Exercise Trident Fury' is spewing over we wee-towners today, clearly marking our skies with a filmy, chemical murk, obscuring tonight the moon rise. If you look up, Victorians, you'll see the unmarked, white planes, exuding a white trail, in what from the ground looks like four streams.


Strange Birds Off My Balcony:
Trident Rising over Victoria

C. L. Cook

PEJ News
May 10, 2006

Chemtrails are generally relegated to the conspiracy theory "marble orchard;" a consensual internment of clear facts and unanswered questions, like so many truths buried in these recent years.

At time of writing; various military entities are conducting the second (annual?) 'Operation Trident Fury' just west of Vancouver Island's south coast. It entail ships and aircraft practicing scenario reaction operations. In Winnipeg, Manitoba, the army has taken to the streets, practicing how to control urban populations, while in Cold Lake, Alberta, the RCAF prepares to host this year's 'Maple Flag,' a similarly multi-nation military manoeuver.

Last year's 'Maple Flag' at Cold Lake drew approbations for the unprecedented attendance of "instructors" from Israel's air force. These were reportedly teaching Canada's, and the other military reps. in attendance, how best to garrison an urban populations with a modern air force. Already instructed on Israel's 'Rules of Engagement' via the U.S.A., not only will we continue to see Canadian infantry used to kick in doors and kidnap Afghans, and delivering their quarry into the hands of the systemic torture so voluminously evidenced by the horrific treatment meted out by America to its prisoners, (a war crime by definition on Canada's part), we can also expect to see "Canadian" jets terrorising the citizenry, a la Palestine.

Along with sparrows, doves, crows, robins, heron, eagle, hawk, starling, cormorant, duck, goose, sea gull, finch, and the others I'm yet to name, our skies in peaceful Victoria are today filled with the instruments of so much destruction across the world. The fog of war is very literally drifting across the city. The exercises taking place to the north and west of the city means the prevalant westerly ushering the exhaust of this straight our way.

The moon is coming three-quarters. From my balcony, I watch the eastern horizon, while the birds are calling their way-wards to bed. Tonight, our smeared skies, suffering daily assaults already by the private contract aviation companies currently flying criss-cross across the cities of North America and beyond, is added this extra pollution. 

In boosteresque fashion, a piece typical of the local press made available in this one-paper town today, a bland article dutifully reiterated the D.o.D.'s press release, emphazing the local monetary benefits, estimated as a "two million dollar" infusion into the local economy. What that figure means, or from where the analysis comes, regarding who benefits this largesse is ignored; (likely drugs dealers, prostitutes, barkeepers, taxis, motel keepers, pizza vendors, and the rest of the
night shift). 

The release, and so the article too, fails to mention from whom those millions would come.

I expect many more millions than two are being spent on this endeavour. And, I know who's paying for it. You are, of course. Park it beside the British submarines.

But, that's the ugly reality of the "War" President's philosophy of a "War" economy. As once writ:"As goes General Motors, so goes the nation," today reads; "As goes Carlisle, Halliburton, Boeing, and the rest, so goes..."

Peace? Unthinkable!

There are more dead "insurgents" reported in Gaza today. Apparently Israel's target was another "training camp," somewhat similar looking from the air, presumably, as the soccer pitches previously exploded while kids kicked around a ball. Insugent kids all, naturally.

And, while the murderous occupations continue, my Canada, O! Canada, is an eager participant in the Iraq-style sanctions recently imposed against the Palestinian people. Democracy American Style is viable only when Washington wins.

Or, so it seems.

As are most Canadians, I'm wary of America. We've been conning the southern horizon for a long time. We've warded off more numerous attacks against our sovereignty than even its other neighbour, Mexico. But, those past successes seem doomed now. In a mirror image of the worst aspects of the Bush administration's agenda-driven arrogance, formulaic PR approach, and essentially ignorant world view, Ottawa today sounds like Washington, circa 2001.

Whether they believe, or not, it seems "our" new government is determined to toe the traditional Bush line, and conscript Canada to its infinitely dubious cause.

And We All Fall Down

The provincial government of my "super natural B.C." is busy signing privatization deals, the like of which Bolivian peasants stood before the machine guns to oppose. But here, despite the usually dismissed voices of opposition, "our" daily paper announces a quarter-page op-ed written by the CEO of Terrassen, the recently privatized "arm" of the American energy entity granted access to the previously public power company. He uses his granted space, offering privatization as the "smart" way to go.

The development explosion that's been going on on our island means more...More. ..MORE!

The mentality seems a contagion: It appears, in some quarters, as an "Anything Goes" attitude. Tossed with the rest, is the idea of an 'Agricultural Land Reserve.' That quaint bit of legislating, enacted by the despised previous government, mandating land use is seen by some as a clear assault on "property rights.'

As B.C.'s government unwinds years of legislation, legislaton that time has borne wise for communities, and the public good (Victoria is a consistent high-ranker in "World's Best" lists of "liveable" cities), there exists here defilers, bent only on their own enrichment. These same are prepared to go to any lengths of social depravity in this pursuit; they have already done so.

Out my window today, an F-16 flew, low and slow, making a sound commanding attention. I looked out and watched it pass, back lit by the setting sun, reflecting the smog of war games lain across a peaceful, Victoria sky; practicing.

Chris Cook
is a contributing  editor to PEJ News, and hosts Gorilla Radio, broad/webcast from the University  of Victoria every Monday between 5-6pm pacific time. You can check the GR Blog here.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 May 2006 15:32

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