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Layton Vows Fight for Democratic Reform PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Wednesday, 23 June 2004 04:46
NDP: 23/06/2004 - CHARLOTTETOWN ? NDP Leader Jack Layton today said the NDP will use all available influence to call a national referendum o­n proportional representation. ?If the o­nly reason Paul Martin can give to vote for him is that Stephen Harper is worse, our voting system's broken.  If o­nly o­ne in five members of Parliament is a woman, our voting system's broken. And if three straight arrogant Liberal majority governments can be elected by a minority of voters, our voting system's broken.

?Because when arrogant Liberal majorities can break fundamental promises with impunity and give our tax dollars to their friends ? it's time for a new voting system,? said Layton .

Layton said Parliament should reflect the country and currently Aboriginal people, new Canadians and women are not adequately represented. He also said people's key priorities do not get acted upon.

?For years, citizens have said they want a cleaner environment, better education and public health care.  And for years, the Liberals have given us more pollution, worse education and increasingly private health care.? 

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