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David Turner Welcomes American Sailors But Not Nuclear Ships PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Sunday, 20 June 2004 04:00
While David Turner welcomes the sailors in town this weekend to return o­n the ferry, he?s asking the Canadian government to ensure the US Navy?s nukes are left at home. "Nuclear-powered and nuclear-weapons capable ships like the USS Stennis needlessly bring radioactive dangers to our doorstep," said Turner. "But nuclear ship accidents are entirely preventable in Canada, if o­nly the Liberals and Conservatives would ?just say no? to nuclear ship visits." Nuclear ships are a clear and present danger, due to possible o­nboard fires or explosions which could disperse radioactive debris throughout the region, threatening our health and ecosystem, and imposing huge economic costs.

Jack Layton and today?s NDP have a different vision for Canada?s armed forces than either the Conservatives or Liberals.

"Today?s NDP will work for a strong and independent foreign and military policy, with a focus o­n peace, human rights and free trade," said Turner. "We will not compromise Canadian interests by following George Bush into foreign wars or Star Wars missile defence."

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