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Bush Sends A Message To Would-Be Deserters PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 March 2006 14:38
Bush Sends A Message To Would-Be Deserters

A Vietnam-era war deserter who was a U.S. Marine recently attempted to cross the U.S.-Canada border into the United States after residing in British Columbia for approximately 35 years. At the border checkpoint he was immediately apprehended by U.S. Customs officers who informed him that there was an outstanding arrest warrant in his name! The man was blithefully under the impression (like the rest of us) that an amnesty has been declared sometime during the Carter Administration.
This story broke regionally on BCTV last weekend showing an interview with the gentleman's daughter. She was in tears wondering if and when she would ever see her father again (her father is facing a maximum of five (5) years in a military stockade at hard labour and let's not forget his current age and probable physical fitness profile). The mass-conscience ideology and mindset indoctrinated into U.S.Marines is notorious and it is also well known how they treat individuals who they percieve to be cowards and traitors.

Clearly the Bush Fascist Regime is nervous and fearful of the increase of servicemen and servicewomen who are deserting either on the field of battle or while stateside on leave. (Current reliable estimates are between 6000-8000)
What other way can this Border Customs action be interpreted other than Bush sending a message to future potential deserters?

In closing it might be interesting to note that other than a local-interest news release on the topic no other media agencies have ran with this story (that I am aware of). Sound Familiar?

I invite further illumination on the topic or just general comments.
Peace, Alexander of Sanctuary

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