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LEFT COAST EVENTS (part I) - Lower Mainland - June 14th, 2004 PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Tuesday, 15 June 2004 00:40
1. Labour Environmental Forum - June 15th 2. Necessary Voices - June 16 & 28th 3. Alicia Barsallo Campaign Fundraiser - June 17th 4. Land, Freedom, and Decolonization - June 17th and beyond 5. May and August - fundraiser film - June 19th 6. Evolution of Relationship - workshop - June 23rd 7. Stroke Congress - June 23-26th 8. Deadline for recycled paper orders - June 25th 9. The Echo Case - improv - June 25-26th 10. Nominations - Thompson Award - July 15th 1. ENVIRONMENTALISTS AND WORKERS LABOUR TOGETHER Huh? Energy workers support Kyoto? Environmentalists and unions united on environmental issue? I bet you never heard that from CanWest/Global/Canada.com. Come and learn more about how environmentalists and workers are overcoming the corporate "jobs vs. the environment" strategy. This Labour Environmental Forum on Global Warming features Alex Boston, climate change specialist for the David Suzuki Foundation, and Karen Cooling, a national representative for the CEP - Communication Energy and Paperworkers Union. June 15, 2004, 5:00-7:00pm.? Maritime Labour Centre, 111 Victoria Drive PS. PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY! From: "Dave Thompson" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ 2. NECESSARY VOICES Here are the Necessary Voices Events for June. Before that, as you may have noticed, we have had some difficulty with the audio archive. I should be up and running again shortly. The problem arises from bandwidth usage. If you have enjoyed the archive please do consider making a donation. Radio broadcasts continue Wednesdays from 5 to 6:30 PM on CiTR 101.9 FM/www.citr.ca. Necessary Voices Society is pleased to be a Community Partner for the Vancouver Out On Screen Film + Video Society's upcoming Queer Film + Video Festival. Necessary Voices society is honoured to be a member of Stopwar.ca. June 16 Steven M. Rosen - GENERATIVE CHAOS AND QUANTUM DIALOGUE Add Your Feedback Order the Book at the Special Price of $26.00 (USD) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it In this presentation, Steven M. Rosen will explore a long-repressed principle of generative chaos and dynamic life process that is now impacting our lives in important ways. The ancient Greeks called it the apeiron, a word meaning "boundless" and "immeasurable." For centuries, Western culture has struggled with this turbulent force of natural creation, managing to keep it under control and out of sight. Today, however, apeiron is resurfacing in ways that are both frightening and ripe with transformative potential. To see specifically how apeiron is operating on the contemporary scene, Rosen will focus on two spheres of human activity that have recently attracted widespread attention: (1) the new physics and (2) a new form of social interaction he calls "quantum dialogue." The speaker will show how these seemingly diverse fields come together in a strange kind of space and time where conventional boundaries are surpassed and creative intimacy becomes possible-the space-time of apeiron. After offering a practical demonstration of quantum dialogue, Rosen will conclude his talk by reading excerpts from his new book, Dimensions of Apeiron. STEVEN M. ROSEN is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the City University of New York. After receiving his Ph.D. in experimental psychology from the City University in 1971, Rosen began to explore the foundations and frontiers of science, his work becoming interdisciplinary and philosophical in nature. He has lectured internationally, and his numerous essays have appeared in a variety of journals and books spanning the fields of philosophy, psychology, education, semiotics, ecology, and theoretical science. Rosen is author of Science, Paradox, and the Moebius Principle (Albany, N.Y.: State University of New York Press, 1994) and The Moebius Seed (Walpole, N.H.: Stillpoint Publications, 1985). >From the back cover of Rosen's new book, Dimensions of Apeiron (Amsterdam and New York: Editions Rodopi, 2004): "This groundbreaking book brings to fruition Rosen's reflexive theory of time and space. With recent physics breaking linear time symmetry, this unique integration of physics and philosophy is indeed timely." -Eugene T. Gendlin, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, University of Chicago "Rosen's ideas are precisely stated, and he draws upon an impressive range of sources, both ancient and modern. The author shows the inadequacy of conventional thinking about space and time and argues persuasively for an intriguing new alternative. This important book may have radical implications for the conduct of science in the 21st century." -Brian D. Josephson, Cambridge University Professor of Physics, Nobel Laureate June 28 - REPORTERS & POLITICIANS: WHO TELLS THE STORY? - Co-presented by Ensemble Theatre Company - A One Book One Vancouver Event We are delighted to present Vancouver City Councillor Jim Green (to be confirmed), Vancouver Courier columnist Geoff Olson and the cast of The Front Page in a lively forum of ideas and talk inspired by the play. How different is 21st century Vancouver from Chicago in the 1920s? Who tells the stories and what really goes on behind the scenes in the press room and the corridors of power? Councillor Green and Mr Olson will share their stories and experiences of what its like to be a politician and a political journalist in today's world. Coming on the last day of a federal election, this will be a timely and necessary event. Scenes from the play will be read by the actors to give colour to the proceedings and act as a springboard for discussion. The Front Page is a biting satire on hypocrisy and media/political colusion that still has a big kick for contemporary society. The play raises a number of issues, including how the media and politicans manipulate events -- such a state execution -- for their own ends. All events are held in the Alice MacKay Room from 7:30 to 9:30 PM of the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library (350 West Georgia). Admission is Free. Thomas Hicks Necessary Voices Society www.necessaryvoices.org 'It does not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us.' Viktor Frankl - Man's Search for Meaning From: Necessary Voices Society < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ 3. ALICIA BARSALLO CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE FUNDRAISER HELP?THE ALICIA BARSALLO CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE GET A?TABLE AT THE JACK LAYTON DINNER ON JUNE 17th. If you are looking to make a tax-deductible donation to our federal NDP campaign, this is the time. For $100, $52 of which you will get back as income tax rebate, you will get to hear Jack and?federal?NDP candidates Libby Davies, Ian Waddell, Bev Meslo, David Askew, and Kennedy Stewart, and enjoy a ten course dinner at the Floata Seafood Restaurant June 17th Cocktails at 6 pm, Dinner served at 7 pm 180 Keefer St., Vancouver, JACK LAYTON HAS PROMISED THAT CANADA'S NDP WILL KEEP MEDICARE PUBLIC, MAKE CANADA AN INDEPENDENT VOICE FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE IN THE WORLD, and FIGHT POVERTY, CLOSING THE GAP BETWEEN RICH AND POOR. These three?positions renew our faith in the NDP's ability to be a true alternative. But there is more. Canada's NDP stands?also?for HOME CARE, LOWER PRESCRIPTION DRUG PRICES, GREEN TRANSPORTATION, AND FOR QUALITY AFFORDABLE HOUSING. SIGNIFICANTLY, CANADA'S NDP WHEN IN POWER WILL NOT BE?INDEBTED TO?POWERFUL FINANCIAL BACKERS. So join us in supporting the federal NDP campaign financially by getting a ticket and thus helping the Alicia for Kingsway Campaign Committee get a table at the June 17th dinner. We have sold two tickets. We need to sell 8 more. PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL OR CALL ALICIA AT 604-879-3246. From: "Alicia for Kingsway Campaign Cttee." < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ 4. LAND, FREEDOM, AND DECOLONIZATION Upcoming Land, Freedom and Decolonization Events This Month For more information contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it NO Olympics on Stolen Native Land PUBLIC FORUM JUNE 17 6 PM VANCOUVER ABORIGINAL FRIENDSHIP CENTRE 1607 EAST HASTINGS GUESTS SPEAKERS WOLVERINE; Gustafsen lake survivor RAY BOBB ; Native Solidarity Network TELQUAA and FRANK ; Bear Clans of Maxan Lake BILLIE PIERRIE; NYM Vancouver Organized by: Coalition for Land, Freedom and Decolonization. More info: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> also comming up soon! Fundraiser at Heather's House JUNE 19th - DINNER & DRINKS More info to follow *Early evening activities for children <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Gathering on Land, Water & Sovereignty JUNE 26th 1PM START SFU HARBOUR CENTRE, 515 West Hastings, Room 2270 Pannels on: Commodification of Water Boarders of Exploitation & Occupation <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Fundraiser for Land, Freedom & Democracy Coalition Events JUNE 26th Evening - Music, Drinks and More More details to follow <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> LAND, FREEDOM & DECOLONIZATION JULY 1st Meet at Clark Park 2pm (Commercial Drive & 14th) March to Granview Park on Commercial & Charles FOR FOOD & FESTIVITIES!!! LOTS OF MUSIC & SPEAKERS From: "Phil Lyons" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ 5. MAY AND AUGUST - FUNDRAISER FILM In support of the Peace & Reconciliation Study Tour to China for Canadian Teachers, ALPHA proudly presents the fundraiser feature film "May & August". We need your support to this meaningful project. Below is the information about this heartwarming movie. Thekla Lit President of B.C. ALPHA & Co-chair of Canada ALPHA (Association for Learning & Preserving the History of WWII in Asia) www.vcn.bc.ca/alpha May & August (Mandarin with English & Chinese subtitle) Executive Producer: Amy Tsui Directed By: Raymond To Director of Photography: Mark Lee Ping Bing Starring: Cecilia Yip, Lin Quan, Lin Xin Chen, Qiao Li Er May and her sister, August, are too small to understand the nightmare devastating their city in 1937. When the Japanese Imperial Army invade Nanjing, the two dwell in a children's fantasy. They sing songs together, play with their puppy, and admire the butterflies in their little friend's braided hair. But while they laugh inside the walls of their home, the occupying army slaughters their neighbors outside. The warfare slowly affects May and August's lives. The two see a monkey outside their window that reminds them of a bedtime story; the monkey is shot. Their parents speak in nervous voices about how to escape to a relative's home, and tell the girls not to listen to their grownup talk. When their father leaves to buy food, their puppy disappears, and their mother goes to buy medicine for August, the sisters embrace on their attic floor. If their parents do not return, will anyone find them? If not, can two children survive the war alone? While director Raymond TO takes on a tragic period still fresh in the historical mind of China, MAY AND AUGUST is tastefully filmed. The story focuses on the adorable young girls, who counter warplanes and an adult world with the bonds of innocence. This film entered into 10 international film festivals including Milan International Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Portland International Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, Houston International Film Festival, Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Award and Hong Kong Film Award. Date: June 19, 2004 Time: 2:30 p.m. Venue: Ridge Theatre (Arbutus & 15th Ave.) Tickets available at: o Chinese Christian Mission Canada, 2/F Crystal Mall, 4500 Kingsway o Sina United Publishing Ltd. 78-80 East Pender Street, Vancouver Metrotown Centre Mall Level B2 o Fotodigio Studio, 1261 Union Square, Capstan Way, Richmond Admission: $10 Enquiry: 604-639-6096 For more details of the Study Tour and the fundraiser, please visit www.vcn.bc.ca/alpha/StudyTour/. From: < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ 6. THE EVOLUTION OF RELATIONSHIP Presenting: The Evolution of Relationship on EVERY Level Wednesday, June 23, 2004 Granville Island Hotel www.wellpro.net/selfcare.htm Tuition WAIVED in lieu of a donation to Goldie Hawn's Bright Light Foundation for children An uncommonly empowering evening With Christina Awram, THE Wellness Trainer And Jean-Pierre LeBlanc, THE Relationship Coach Pre-registration required - seating is very limited www.wellpro.net/selfcare.htm As Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results." Are you ready for more powerful results? If not now, WHEN? www.wellpro.net/selfcare.htm Attend and receive $350 in free gifts, plus you could also win a two-night spa getaway for two at the exquisite Tigh-na-mara Spa & Resort www.wellpro.net/selfcare.htm Fall in love all over again With your self, your partner, your life Make sure you pre-register, and see you there. In outrageous health, happiness & success, Christina "THE Wellness Trainer" www.wellpro.net "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." ~ Oprah Winfrey From: "SunWolf" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ 7. FIFTH WORLD STROKE CONGRESS World Focus on Stroke - 5th World Stroke Congress June 23-26, 2004 Vancouver to host largest-ever global Stroke forum ? 3300 delegates to converge Stroke - the second most common cause of death and major disability worldwide - is a leading global health problem that is predicted to grow. As advances in medical and surgical management accelerate, it is timely that the largest global stroke forum to date is being held during June, Stroke Month. The 5th quadrennial World Stroke Congress will be attended by neurologists, geriatricians, internists, physiatrists, radiologists, primary care physicians, surgeons, nurses, therapists and Stroke care givers in Vancouver, BC, Canada.. In addition to comprehensive and innovative scientific sessions (found at www.kenes.com/stroke2004/gen.htm), The Canadian Stroke Network and The National Stroke Association will both hold their Annual Meetings within the program. Health and trade media are invited to cover World Focus on Stroke, June 23-26, 2004, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 5th World Stroke Congress June 23-26, 2004 The Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre 999 Canada Place Vancouver, BC V6C 3C1 CANADA Leading international medical practitioners, Stroke experts and Stroke-related organizations Media Accreditation is required. Please refer to the attached media accreditation form or visit www.strokeconsortium.ca. For information, please contact: Ian Edwards and Linda Bilben Reputations Corporation 604-689-8801 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ 8. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHEN YOU BUY CHLORINE-FREE, RECYCLED PAPER! NEXT monthly order deadline June 25th (delivery first week of July). This is the ONLY notice that you will receive for this buy due to staff holidays. Sometimes we don't realize that simple things make a big difference. Every 40 cases of paper sold through the Buying Club saves trees, energy, water and landfill space, reduces air pollution by three-quarters, and lowers water pollution by one third. Buying Club members in BC* can choose between Envirographic 100% recycled or New Life 80% recycled copy paper. The performance of both is guaranteed by the mills. Both sheets are acid free and excellent copy paper for all equipment, including photocopiers, laser and inkjet printers. * SORRY In the rest of Canada we can only supply New Life. We usually must ship by mail at a cost of approximately $25 per case, depending on location. New Life $58.25 a case, plus taxes and delivery. Certified 80% recycled post consumer, certified old growth and chlorine free by Chlorine Free Products Assn., union made in Canada by Rolland. Envirographic 100 ( Greater Vancouver and postal deliveries only) $61 a case, plus taxes and delivery. 100% post consumer, process chlorine free, not certified, union made in the USA, slightly less opaque. 5000 sheets of 8.5 x 11 /case 61.00 / case + frt. and applicable taxes Here's how it works: 1) Place your order: On the web at www.rfu.org or Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 1-800-567-4055 Include your complete address (delivery address for 9-5 Monday to Friday), phone number, fax, and email. 2) Receive an invoice: We will email or fax you an invoice for the paper, delivery, taxes. 3) Please pre-pay: After we invoice you, put your cheque in the mail to Reach for Unbleached! c/o Box 224, Gabriola BC V0R 1X0 (The Club operates on pre-payment, which keeps our expenses low) 4) Receive your paper: The paper is delivered to your door within two weeks of order deadline. 5) Spread the word: Tell your friends and associates that you use chlorine-free, recycled paper. When everyone Walks the Talk, the industry will have to change to make the paper we want. The Buying Club is possible through the charitable activities of Reach for Unbleached! and the efforts of Paper Choice, an independent supplier of environmentally preferable papers. Your prepayment is essential to keep prices as low as possible. Delores Broten, Senior Policy Advisor, Reach for Unbleached, Box 39, Whaletown British Columbia Canada V0P 1Z0 Ph/fax: 250-935-6992 E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it http://www.rfu.org "Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Paper" From: Delores Broten < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ 9. THE ECHO CASE Media Contact: Mona Hamill at 604.876.9559 EDAM presents . . . THE ECHO CASE with Peter Bingham, Marc Boivin, Andrew Harwood, Coat Cooke, Ron Samworth and Robert Meister June 25-26 at the EDAM Studio Theatre 303 E. 8th Ave. Vancouver, BC Once again, The Echo Case returns to Vancouver! Watch as dancers Peter Bingham (Artistic Director, EDAM Dance), Marc Boivin (Montreal dance independent) and Andrew Harwood (Artistic Director, AH HA Productions), musicians Coat Cooke and Ron Samworth, and lighting designer Robert Meister combine their talents, interests and experiences to weave together an evening of dance and music. This is the twelfth annual reunion of this ensemble of veteran improvisers. The Echo Case is a truly unique show, combining the freshness and originality of improvisation with a confidence and clarity of vision that can only be acquired through years of performing together. Advance tickets $12 Tickets $15 at the door Reservations 604-876-9559 www.edamdance.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 604-876-9559 From: EDAM Dance < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ 10. CALL FOR NOMINATIONS Call for Nominations for the Dr. Andrew Thompson Award West Coast Environmental Law is asking for nominations for the Dr. Andrew Thompson award, to be given to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to environmental protection and sustainability in British Columbia through the law. The award is not restricted to lawyers. The award will recognize Dr. Thompson's contribution to the development and practice of law in service of our environment. As the widely-recognized dean of environmental law in British Columbia, Dr. Thompson helped West Coast Environmental Law define our mission. He was known for his encyclopedic knowledge of the law, his mastery of environmental and resource law, his mentorship of others, and his love of the outdoors and the North. He was committed to resolving environmental law disputes through constructive, cooperative dialogue, careful reasoning and clear analysis, and ensuring a meaningful role for the public in environmental decision-making. In 2002, two years after he passed away, West Coast Environmental Law was proud to receive a gift of $100,000 from the family of Dr. Thompson, in his memory, to fund an ongoing award that honoured him and his work. Criteria The Award will honour a Canadian resident who has demonstrated a significant lifetime contribution to environmental protection and sustainability in British Columbia, through the law. The contribution may be made through legal practice, education or research aimed at developing laws and standards that protect the environment and ensure sustainability. The contribution may have resulted from an individual's occupation, professional responsibilities or activities as a citizen or member of an organization. The contribution can include community-based, regional, national and international achievements as long as they have contributed to environmental protection and sustainability in British Columbia. In keeping with Dr. Thompson's legacy, the award will take particular note of contributions that have been made through enabling of citizens, building capacity within communities and fostering of environmental protection and sustainability through rational constructive dialogue. The award will recognize individuals only. Nominations Process Anyone wanting to nominate an individual should submit, by July 15, 2004, the following: * a letter (maximum 4 pages) explaining the nominee's contribution to environmental protection and sustainability in British Columbia, * a short signed statement by the nominee saying that they accept the nomination, to the following address: Dr. Andrew Thompson Award Selection Committee, West Coast Environmental Law 1001-207 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H7. For more information, visit our website at http://www.wcel.org, or call West Coast Environmental Law toll-free at 1 800 330-WCEL. From: West Coast Environmental Law < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~
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