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Former Green Leader Fearful of Greens Helping Elect Right-wing Government PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Sunday, 13 June 2004 07:46
Greens could contribute to  the election of  a militaristic right-wing government in Canada.  Currently the right wing Conservative Party  is leading the polls at 34 %, the Liberal Party- center right is at 31 %, the NDP-progressive left party is at 17%, and the Green party is at 7% of decided voters. The worst scenario will be a majority Conservative government.

The Conservative Party supported the invasion of Iraq, the Balllistic
Missile defence, abandoning Kyoto, extensive increase in the Military
budget, has  many anti-choice members, and generally opposed to
"judicial activism" - Supreme Court rulings protecting minority

I left the Green Party and have come out in support of the NDP the
most progressive party that has a chance of electing members of
Parliament. Although the Green Party declares that it is neither left
nor right; it will hurt the left party, the NDP.

When  the environmental Platforms of the NDP and the Green Party are
compared, the NDP is calling for the reversal of the trend of
reliance o­n voluntary measures, to move to mandatory regulatory
regimes, while the Green Party has come out in support of ISO 14000-a
scheme of voluntary compliance crafted by industry to counter
mandatory regulatory regimes.

It is doubtful  that the Greens will win any seats but they will
prevent the NDP from electing members in tight ridings. , or the
Greens could even contribute to  the NDP losing its Party Status in
Parliament, which would mean that there will be no real voice for
peace in Parliament.

The best hope that we have now is a minority Liberal government with
the NDP holding the balance of power.

Joan Russow
Former Leader, Green Party of Canada

Canada would become an international pariah under a majority
Conservative government

If the Conservatives form a majority government, Canada could become
an international Pariah. Harper appears to be willing to discard
obligations incurred through international covenants, treaties and
conventions, and abandon commitments made at international
conferences. The Conservatives are perpetuating the myth that Canada
has international credibility though increasing its military capacity.

For years Canada along with other member states of the United Nations
made a commitment to reallocate military expenses, and transfer the
peace dividend to global social justice. International credibility
depends o­n Canada's international contribution to common security or
to the public trust
(i) guaranteeing Human rights including, international civil and
political rights, and social economic and cultural rights- right to
social service, medical care, education, right to housing , right to
food- , labour rights, women's rights,
(ii) preventing war and conflict- reallocating the military budget,
condemning the policy of pre-emptive or retaliatory aggression,
ending the arms trade, and by advocating "common security"-peace,
human rights, environment and social justice- not military security-
such as ballistic missile defence mechanisms  or "human security
which has been used as a means for legitimizing "humanitarian
military invasions"
(iii) fulfilling the commitment to provide .7 % of the GDP for
overseas aid and development, and calling for the cancellation of
"third world debt"
(iv) ensuring that corporations comply with international law, and
revoking charters and licences of corporations that violate human
rights, destroy the environment, deny social justice and contribute
to war and conflict
(v) Respecting the rule of law, and recognizing the jurisdiction and
decisions of the International Court of Justice
(vi) Signing and ratifying international instruments and enacting the
necessary legislation to ensure compliance
(vii) Not reneging o­n previous international instruments- Kyoto is
the protocol linked to the Framework Convention o­n Climate change,
that was signed by PrimeMinister Mulroney in Rio in June 1992, and
ratified by Mulroney in December 1992
(viii) Respecting the inherent worth of nature beyond human purpose
as agreed by Canada in the 1982 UN GA resolution "World Charter of
Nature"  and the Commitment made at Habitat II to reduce the
Ecological Footprint.
(ix) Implementing long standing commitments made even as far back as
UNCHE 1972, and Habitat I1976,  to provide safe environmentally sound
energy and public transportation
(x) Discontinuing the export of Canadian uranium which in many cases
has contributed to the development of nuclear arms in defiance of the
commitment made in Stockholm to prevent the production, of weapons of
mass destruction, and end the export  of CANDU reactors.
(xi) Prohibiting the circulating and berthing of nuclear powered, and
nuclear arms capable vessels in Nova Scotia and British Columbia,
(xii) Invoking the precautionary principle which states that were
there is a threat to the environment or human health lack of full
scientific certainty should not be used as a reason for postponing
measures to prevent the threat. Thus preventing substances and
practices that are harmful to human health or the environment

(xiii) Discontinuing the Canadian practice of using Trade agreements
to undermine the resolve of developing countries to refuse to import
Canadian produced genetically engineered foods, and other harmful
products such as Asbestos
(xiv) Preventing discrimination by fully implementing the
International Convention o­n the Prevention of all Forms of Racial
Discrimination, and the Convention to Eliminate all forms of
Discrimination Against Women, along with the commitment in the
Beijing Platform of Action and the reproductive rights provisions in
the International Conference o­n Population and Development.
(xv) Advocating the dissolution of the UN Security Council which
violates a fundamental principle in the Charter of the United
Nations- the principle of sovereign equality. and calling for the
strengthening of the role of the UN General Assembly which embodies
the principle of state equality
(xvi) Advocating the disbanding of NATO, and dismantling of NORAD
(xvii) Establishing a mechanism whereby an external all party
appointed Auditing body, which could assess the legitimacy of
government policy expenditures. Such as over 5 billion being spent by
both Conservative and Liberal governments o­n subsidizing  civil
nuclear energy,

Canada has increasingly lost respect internationally not because it
has failed to support the US-led recent military intervention,  but
because Canada is increasingly perceived to be a lackey of the United
States. With Harper, as Prime Minister Canada will become
indistinguishable from the US.

Joan Russsow PhD
Global Compliance research Project
1 250 598-0071


Last Updated on Sunday, 13 June 2004 07:46

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