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Sunday, 22 January 2006 04:52
Why I Am Voting NDP

PEJ News
- Caspar Davis - I will not vote for the "Conservatives" for many reasons. Chief amongst them is that the Conservatives would drag Canada back to 19th century laissez faire, complete with unbounded faith in material progress (including the idea that the sole value of nature is for economic exploitation), the belief that poverty and wealth are self evident signs respectively of vice and virtue, and the notion that the white man's burden is to bring the gospel of progress to the natives. They are also unabashed champions of "deep integration" into Bush's America, including his aggressive wars and the weaponization of space.

Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 10:15:46 -0800
From: Caspar Davis
Subject: [CNS2] MyThoughts on this Election

I will not vote for the Liberals because while they talk a better game, they seldom seem to transform their progressive talk into action. Where the Conservatives would march brazenly into "deep integration" they are sneaking in. Where the Conservatives would have marched into Iraq, they just supplied naval support and relieved American troops in Afghanistan. Despite their words, they have done almost nothing about global warming, or preparing for the end of cheap oil. They have also come to feel entitled to run the country. At the very least, they need to regroup, change leadership and get their act together.

The Greens and NDP present much more difficult problems for me, largely because of our dysfunctional electoral system. If we had STV, I could vote for all the candidates I like in greater Victoria ridings, and they are many. I would probably even include a Liberal or two (well down my ballot). As it is, I have only one vote, and can vote only for people running in Victoria. I would like to vote Green. The Greens have much the best platform, and they have important things to say that are just not being heard by the other politicians or the media. And I like and respect Ariel Lade.

But I will be voting for Denise Savoie. She is a fine person who has a proven track record of taking effective action for Green initiatives, often by working with people who would never have supported them otherwise. That is a skill that will be invaluable in Ottawa. She is also on the "right" side of other issues that are important to me, such as providing affordable housing, resisting integration with Bush's USA, opposing aggressive wars, etc.

Moreover, much as I dislike it, strategic voting must be a consideration. Denise has a very good chance of winning this election, while Ariel has almost none. It is tremendously important to defeat the Conservatives or at worst to hold them to a minority. I believe that a majority Conservative government would destroy much - perhaps most - of the things that make Canada important to me. It is considerable comfort to me that my strategic vote will go to a person for whom I have the greatest respect and who will, I believe, be one of the brightest lights in Ottawa. Even if we seldom see her on the news, I know that she will be doing the difficult, important, and often unseen work of building relationships with MPs of all stripes for the betterment of everyone.

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 January 2006 04:52

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