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Canada Action Party Christmas 2005 Report and Plea PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Saturday, 24 December 2005 15:44
Canada Action Party Christmas 2005 Report and Plea

Connie Fogal
 -  It is only our party that is willing to dare to raise those issues that threaten our survival as a nation and even as a democracy. That is not an exaggeration. I am shocked to learn details of the many dealings our government has entered that push us further and further out of sovereignty and into a weak submissive colony with no significant status or independent power. We have a Constitution and we have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms all of which is not just eroded  but dismantled under the mantle of Security.

We have a jewel of a tool in our  Bank of Canada created by the Bank of Canada Act . It empowers Canadians to meet our needs in a  a just, humane, and fair social system and infrastructure, from medicare to education, to environment, to housing, to bridges, to highways, to power plants, etc.  Our Bank of Canada  has been hidden and ignored deliberately by those who prefer to dismantle Canada.


Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 13:00:38 -0800
From: Connie Fogal < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Subject: Our Christmas 2005 report and plea
December 20, 2005         REPORT

A Merry Christmas to all of you . I hope we can have a Happy New Year.

For  all of us who have become a part of CAP, there is an instinct in our
gut that has driven us to contribute to the CAP political vehicle as a
means of saving not just our country, but our values and our very freedom.
Because we exist we are a legal, valid, democratic force. It is called "the
opposition". We are part of that very necessary component for democracy.
Never forget that. If any party in Parliament were taking our issues
forward, we would not have to be here.

 The power given to our Bank of Canada by statute puts great control into
the hands of Canadians via our government, but successive governments since
the mid 1970's have refused to use it. In their ideology, it will not do,
you see, to leave that kind of power in the people. It has been repeated
for centuries by  numerous significant thinkers and leaders of the world,
especially American Presidents and world bankers,  that money creation and
control  is the real force. Put that power outside the control of the
government and it then does not matter who is elected because government
then  will be powerless on all that  really matters. Only CAP dares to talk
of this fact.

Today the world, and in our case, Canada is at great risk by uncontrolled
and unfettered money power. As much as  any time in the past wherein
Leaders warned about the misuse of this power by uncontrolled financial
elites, Canada is facing the brink, politically, and economically. And no
one but CAP is willing to talk about it.

This abuse of power is manifested by "trade" agreements (which are really
investment agreements, not trade agreements),  that go beyond NAFTA into
arrangements Paul Martin already has signed in fact and/or in principle.
Our government already has begun processes that cripple Canadian
sovereignty and tie us to the bootstraps of the United States.  In
particular, Prime Minister Martin signed an agreement in March of 2005
called the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement with President
Bush and President Fox wherein the three of them agreed to implement the
grand design  of the Chief Executive Officers of the most influential
corporations of North America to make this continent theirs.

The series of arrangements and agreements I have looked at include:

1. The Canada -U.S. Smart Border Declaration with a 30 point action plan
signed Dec 12,2001(In this agreement , Canada promised to bring in
anti-terrorist laws that mirrored the US laws and  to start the process of
dismantling our borders to accommodate the US policies and plans, not
Canadian. )
2. The Public Safety Act, 2002  with despotic powers to certain Cabinet
3. The Anti Terrorism Act currently under review
4. The North American Security and Prosperity Initiative- a report of a
project launched January 2003 by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives
to develop a Strategy for Shaping Canada's Future Within North America and
5. The Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement signed by Bush and
Martin in March of 2005
6. 40 Point Smart Regulation Action Plan announced March 2005
7. The Report of Ministers to the Leaders-SPP- North America June 2005
(Emerson, Pettigrew, and MacLellan are the Canadian Ministers involved who
have been assigned the job to make the transformation  happen by
facilitating structural changes in the national apparatus.)

The goal is to change the region from being  three nations, independent and
free, ruled by their respective Constitutions, to an investment area under
the rule of military /financial/ industrial corporations free from any
National rules that slow down or in any way  impede their profits and power
and greed as they compete for world domination.

Our own government deceives  us pretending our constitutional entitlements
are intact by leaving them technically on the books. But legally, they
emasculate them by overriding them under the mantle of "national security".
It is all a hoax . It is an overreaching of power that destroys democracy.
It has happened before in history. Only the Canadian Action Party is
willing to talk of these matters.

The Conservatives are more open about their desire to feed this appetite.
But let us be very clear. The Liberals and the Conservatives are the same
wolves in sheep's clothing. The NDP refuses still to abrogate NAFTA which
is the base  for the expanded super NAFTA overtaking all our sovereign
powers beyond  economic now bridged over to the military, policing, the
judicial and legal structures- the core of our national framework . The
Greens are split evenly about abrogation. Failure on this front means
catastrophe for Canada.

Canadians who fail to face this head on are complicit in permitting Canada
and our democracy to die.

I have detailed my research on these processes in a 3 part article called
the Metamorphosis and Sabotage of Canada by our own Government. It is very
long and can be viewed on the CAP website www.canadianactionparty.ca. We
could package and mail to you a copy for a cover charge of $10.00 or to be
included in any donation you make above $15.00 if you request it.

This is an extremely hectic time for CAP administration dealing with the
election 2006 demands. I do not know yet how many candidates we will
actually field. Over 70 people came to us willing  to run, but for various
reasons not all of them will make it. All candidates must post with the
Receiver General a $1000.00 deposit which is returnable upon their proper
reporting post election to Elections Canada of their financing during the
campaign, even if they raised no money. Many do not have $1000.00 so CAP is
lending it to as many of them as we can manage to help . They must  promise
to do all the proper reporting in order to get the money back and to return
it to us. This requires a lot of administration. To cover this loan, we
need to raise money for the deposits in addition to the money we need to
administer the party generally as well as fielding the candidates.

This election comes too soon for us, but we are managing despite ridiculous
odds. A number of people  are coming forward to help because of their deep
love of and concern for Canada and freedom, both of which we are losing. We
are building a good team but that too has its human problems. Just because
one is  dedicated and concerned and committed does not mean personality
differences, and egos, and fatigue levels etc. fail to surface. What it all
means is that  we are vital and growing.

I remind you that the election spanning the end of one year and the
beginning of another creates a technical anomaly permitting contributors to
give double the amount allowed under the new financing rules. Because the
campaign started in 2005, you can donate the maximum for 2005 in that
campaign and because  it ends in 2006 you can again donate the maximum for
2006 resulting in a  doubling of the intended limits for one campaign.
Maybe this is why the opposition forced the election at this time.
Individuals can donate up to $5,100.00 per year; corporations and unions
$1,000.00 per year. I notice the Conservatives are lying saying corporate
donations are no longer allowed. I suppose this is to get individuals to
feel sorry for them and open their wallets.

I remind you further that CAP leadership is being as frugal as possible.
Overhead is kept low. The Leader as well as your President, Catherine
-Whelan Costen, work endless hours of course with no remuneration. They
seem like 24 hour days. Many others are volunteering significant special
skills. Still there are necessary costs we have to meet just to be in this
election. We have part time staff who do require pay. We have much
technical work that requires pay. We should have 10 staff people but we
have two part-timers. Postage alone to meet communication with candidates
is high. I assure you there is absolutely no waste.

I am asking you to be as generous as possible because your country and your
freedom are at stake and no one else will raise these issues. Our voice
needs to be heard. We should do some advertising.

Most sincerely,

  Connie Fogal, Leader CAP/PAC


Canadian Action Party/ Parti Action Canadienne

Leader, Constance (Connie) Fogal
Telephone (604) 872 2128 home; Fax: (604) 872 1504
E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Head Office #385- 916 West Broadway, Vancouver B.C. V5Z1K7
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Last Updated on Saturday, 24 December 2005 15:44

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