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Monday, 19 December 2005 16:41

Paul Martin - Silence is appeasement

December 18/05 -- Bill Henderson

In the midst of our present winter election, Canada's Prime Minister, Paul Martin is being undeservingly aided by Bush Administration. The American ambassador's attempts to muzzle Martin's comments about the US and Kyoto (and also about US trade policies) were a great boost for the encumbent Martin. The ambassador, who criticized Martin on Bush's behalf, would have been more effective from a Bush point of view if he would have given Mr. Martin a great big sloppy kiss.

Bill (at) www.pacificfringe.net

Mr. Martin deserves to lose the election - but he might not thanks to his US opponents - because he has proven to be a waffling, indecisive politician instead of the competent leader he promised to be as finance minister.

Much more importantly for Canadians, Americans and everybody else on this planet, Mr. Martin deserves to be castigated as the Canadian PM who witnessed a crime which endangers international law and cooperation and all our futures but who didn't speak out, who didn't say anything. Mr. Martin deserves to be known as an appeaser, as one who could have, should have spoken out about Bush Administration aggression in Iraq.

Mr. Martin is the leader of a country that will always be kin and close neighbour; he's a close friend and decidedly not anti-American. Canada's PM is one of only a few world leaders that could have insisted upon examination of Bush Administration criminality in Iraq - Bush Administration criminality, not American criminality. Martin has easy access to American media. He could have been heard in America, someone who could speak out about this crime and the accumulating evidence of premeditation, illegal war planning, lies and deceit about WMDs and terrorism; someone who could have put the question of illegal war and respect for the rule of law on the table for debate.

He could have focused attention upon the many tempting motives for attacking Iraq - how Iraq was ultimately about control of oil, control of the oil rich Middle East - and how danger from Saddam's supposed WMDs was exaggerated, is still being exaggerated as a self-defense rationale for a blatant and cynical war of self-interest.

Canadians are firm supporters of multilateralism and the rule of international law. Canadian PMs have always been strong advocates of the UN and emergent multilateral global organization. Paul Martin has said nothing as the present US administration has corroded multilateralism by succumbing to Iraq's many temptations as part of a radical new unilateralist, imperial foreign policy.

If as PM he hadn't personified Canada as the good man who lets evil happen by witnessing a crime and doing nothing, Mr. Martin could stand Bush up today merely remarking that elections in Canada, everywhere, elections globally, are less free now because the world's supposed leading democracy is occupying Iraq and endeavoring to set up a client state for American ends. He could laugh out loud each time Bush continues to tell the big lie about how the war was to nurture freedom and democracy in the Middle East.

But he can't and he's already yesterday's man. Leadership has responsibilities. Mr. Martin is no coward - he did fight his way to PM - but he had a moment to step up and he appeased. We all could be in the run up to a final world war down the resource war path chosen with illegal war in Iraq.- Mr. Martin didn't/won't say anything because he is a dithering politician not a strong leader.

Canada's PM didn't speak up - who can stand up to Bush and tell the true story of Iraq to Americans?

Bill (at) www.pacificfringe.net

Last Updated on Monday, 19 December 2005 16:41

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