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Harper and Martin - Vision challenged PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 11 December 2005 04:29

Harper and Martin - Vision challenged

It does appear something the majority of Canadians have accepted and have no wish to change will be the undoing of of Stephen Harper and his posse of Nancy boy hunters. Bill Tieleman columnist for 24 Hours in Vancouver reports that Conservative MP Paul Forseth has written to constituents of the ungodly path Canada is on and our economy is at risk as a result.

Rick Barnes

But Forseth doesn't stop there. Oh no. Giving people the right to legally marry whoever they love is not only causing a moral meltdown, it is also threatening to destroy our economy!

"The family has always been the backbone of prosperity of any country ... we need only look at history to prove that. Does the breakdown of the family in Canada concern me? Yes - greatly!" Forseth writes.

"Traditionally, Canadians are God-loving, family people with traditional values," he continues, apparently believing that only straight folks can create jobs, hold religious beliefs or even have families. - Bill Tieleman, 24 Hours

You may recall Harper in the last election attempted to use "duct" tape on his candidates. They were to say nothing at all on social issues like gay marriage or abortion. It fell apart for Harper in the last 10 days as word got out of a veteran Conservative MP and his words in a documentary on the issue of Gay Marriage. From then Paul Martin frightened Canadians with the specter of Stephen Harper having the Charter of Rights and Freedoms within his dirty little fingers.

That said Martin is no friend of the gay community ether. He would just as soon as left the gay marriage debate alone. He had no real willingness or desire to seek equality for all Canadians. You may recall Martins speech on the issue in the house. He was far more concerned about religious freedom that equality for gays and lesbians.

It was an opportunity in the last election to show there was something behind the bland, what is my agenda, Prime Minister. Can any of you think of one reason Paul Martin wanted to be Prime Minister other than his Daddy did not quite make it there? I expect some Liberal folks will say I am being too harsh. And it is true Martin is better than Harper. But is that a reason to vote for him?

Voting for Martin because you don't want Harper is like kissing your cousin because its more taboo to kiss your sister.

Canada has not had a Prime Minister with less vision since Bennett. In fact if you look at Martin's record as Finance Minister, you would have to admit he was much more right wing and conservative than the dreaded Bennett or heavens above don't strike me down, but with Martin in charge I wonder if having Brian Mulroney wouldn't be better.

So as the Liberals sold us all on the concept of we get rid of the deficit we can reap the rewards. If that was the case why did it take Jack Layton and the NDP MP's to get the first significant dollars into the budget for affordable housing. Martin eliminated funding in 1993. It took to 2004 to start getting it back and then it took Layton to make a budget amendment to get 1.5 billion dollars added this year.

Paul Martin has no vision, a couple of days ago he chastised the Americans for failing on the environment. What a life it must be in Paul Martin's bubble of Liberal ad men. He is drinking his own bath water. Canada has a much worse situation on green house gases vs the United States. While the US is still making more pollutution every year, Canada's green house gas emissions are climbing at twice the rate of growth to the USA.

Martin fired the one Liberal determined to keep the embargo on oil exploration off BC's coast. Why would he do that if he were not set to ease us into drilling for oil. He and BC Premier Gordon Campbell will be out there sipping french Champagne on a German made BC Ferry as they drill the first hole.

No it is convenient for Martin to beat up on the the US bogeyman. It was convenient for Martin to embrace (not too tightly) gay marriage, It is convenient for Martin to sound off on the environment.

It would seem its convenient for Paul Martin. Canadians have a chance this time out to do something different. Choose someone even if you think they cannot win, send a message to both Harper whom many of us agree should never have the job and to Paul Martin, that we are sure your Daddy is proud, now go back to your shipping empire.

That would be convenient for those wanting to end child poverty, increase our commitment to the third world, save Medicare from privatization and clean up the environment.

Rick Barnes works in communications and planning for non-profits and progressive companies.  He lives in the Okanagan.
Last Updated on Sunday, 11 December 2005 04:29

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