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Left Coast Events - Lower Mainland - Nov 27 05 PDF Print E-mail
PEJ Events
Sunday, 27 November 2005 10:07
Left Coast Events - Lower Mainland - Nov 27 05

1. MONEY MONEY MONEY - november
2. consultation on revisions to Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating - december
3. Next meeting of the Greater Victoria Water Watch Coalition: Tuesday December 13th, 7PM, Location TBA & Call for Steering Committee members!
5. BC Parks' Cathedral Grove Bogus Public Meeting Unacceptable
7. Multicultural Coalition Against Gambling Expansion
8. Wanted: 1000 Democracy Activists
9. The B.C. Teachers Strike
10. Two myths that keep the world poor - Vandana Shiva


* From: wcwcaction-bounces (at) envirolink.org

National Week of Action for an Oil Free Pacific Coast

Starting Monday there will be a week of action across Canada to maintain the 30 year old moratorium on oil and gas development off BC's wild Pacific Coast. It's the one year anniversary of the federal public input process (the Priddle Process) results, where 75% of 3700 respondents wanted to maintain the moratorium off the Pacific coast. As well, we all know a federal election is coming up, and the government must listen to the will of the people. Please watch for a call next week to flood federal politicians with letters and phone calls.


(it was officially last week, the aerial photo is on the wcwc website, but let's have another week of it, shall we!?!!)

* From: Farmers Market

Market dates: December 4, Feb 5, March 5, April 2, May 7, June 4
10am-1pm at the Elks Hall 1469 George St
For more info: www.whiterockfarmersmarket.ca

* From: "Calvin Woida"


Please send to any women you know who work, live or hang out in the Commercial Drive area.

(From a description provided by women in the community):

-in his 40's
-grey shoulder length hair
-5'8" and heavy set
-wears a bandana
-missing front teeth
-scar on his forearm

He claims to be an "Energy Worker" and invites young women to his house or tries to convince women to let him in to their homes for a "healing session." This is when he sexually assaults women.

* From: ICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space

Was the historical Jesus an Extraterrestrial/UFO contactee?

* From: "SunWolf"

Have you checked out Green food from ocean, marine plankton. I emailed you a few days ago
Watch www.whyplankton.com. It's right in your back yard. Amazing food, The Planet's perfect food

* From: "Barbara Laird"

I had a request from a friend who lives outside the Lower Mainland. She has a son, in elementary school who has just been diagnosed...as in her question that follows :

"Are you aware of any other parents of young boys with Down Syndrome, that are dealing with the same issues as I am. ADHD, OCD,and ODD (Oppostional Defiant Disorder). I would love to chat with someone if there is such a person." If you know of anyone who might help support her please pass this message onto them and then please do have them contact me and I will
forward her email address to you or to them. www.beyondtheboxbasics.com

* From: BCENnews

The British Columbia Environmental Network (BCEN) would like to invite you ...
and others from your organization to participate in a 'Community Conversation' focused on the very interesting topic of raising awareness about the role and contribution of the voluntary sector in Canada. Your input will help to shape a new national public relations campaign to promote our work and better safeguard the interests of conservation ngos in the voluntary sector.
MS WORD Document:
ADOBE PDF Document:

* Van: LAMBERT Jean [mailto:jelambert (at) europarl.eu.int]

Mrs. Lambert is very committed to ending this cruel practice of bile farming and hopes to gain the support of fellow MEPs in Brussels. Jean and her fellow Green/EFA MEP Caroline Lucas have written a letter in support of the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA) which you can also find on Jean's personal website, and you may find useful as a sample when addressing similar letters to the CWCA. You can find all press releases following this conference on Mrs. Lambert's personal website at: http://www.jeanlambertmep.org.uk/.



We need to know more about Money - who creates it - who controls it. The
manipulation of the form and power of money - it's various forms from the
primary concept of a standard unit of exchange to ease barter and trade
in goods - to the philosophical definition as a currency or scrip issued
by a government for the common good, based on trust and confidence, and
acceptable at par for the payment of taxes - to the present day
bastardised commodity bought and sold in its own right, - is a subject
deliberately concealed and obfuscated through false economic doctrines by
those who profit from peoples ignorance. It is time to take the covers
off and shine some light on the critically important and darkly hidden
secret life of Money.

Come hear international authority and speaker Bill Krehm, Editor of the
COMER Journal, speak on this vital subject. Bring your questions.

- Why do we pay some 26% of Federal Tax revenue as interest to
the private banks and agencies when we could be using our own Government
owned Bank of Canada to hold our federal debt virtually interest free?

- Who is controlling or even looking at the gambling in derivatives by the banks, trust companies, mutual funds and stock market operators which then create massive debts and losses which we have to bail out by taxes?

- Is your pension secure?

- Do you know that the cure lies sleeping, in the Bank of Canada Act?




Nov 27/05 Sunday, Victoria
Fisher Building, Room 100
Camosun College
Foul Bay Road and Lansdown
2:00 pm. to 5:00 pm

Admission by donation to cover room rental, insurance and P.A. system
(suggested $5, students $1.)

Organizer: Derek Skinner , COMER member, and former CAP candidate, e
mail: dj76is (at) shaw.ca tel: 250 381 7553


Nov 28,2005, Monday evening , Gabriola Island

Connie Fogal and Bill Krehm will present immediately following a short
Film produced by Paul Grignon and United Financial Consumers, ufc.ca, Money As Debt

tentative details : AGI Hall or Community Centre or Women's Institute
7:00 pm

Organizers: Paul Grignon, videographer and internet reporter, Tel: 250
247 8350; Jeff Warr, candidate Nanaimo Cowichan , CAP/PAC, e-mail:
jeffwarr1 (at) hotmail.com, mobile tel: 250 739 8863; and Marc Bombois, CAP
Vice President, former candidate.


Nov 29/05 Tuesday Port Alberni BC
Hansen Hall
3940 Johnston St.

Organizers: Stephen Bradley and Jen Bradley, mayoralty candidate, Port
ALberni, e mail: Jen and Stephen Bradley


Nov 30/05 Wednesday Nanaimo BC

Connie Fogal and Bill Krehm will present immediately following
a short film produced by Paul Grignon and United Financial Consumers, ufc.ca, Money As Debt

St. Pauls Church
100 Chapel St.
7-9 pm.

Organizer: Jeff Warr CAP candidate, Nanaimo- Cowichan, e mail :
jeffwarr1 (at) hotmail.com, mobile tel: 250 739 8863


Dec 01 /05 Thursday , Duncan ,B.C.

Connie Fogal and Bill Krehm will present immediately following a short film produced by Paul Grignon and United Financial Consumers, ufc.ca, Money As Debt

Venue and time to be determined

Organizers: Bill and Celia Abrams, COMER , E mail: wmabram (at) uniserve.com, Tel: (250) 748-8992



Canadian Action Party/ Parti Action Canadienne

Leader, Constance (Connie) Fogal
Telephone (604) 872 2128 home; Fax: (604) 872 1504
E-mail: conniefogal (at) telus.net

Head Office #385- 916 West Broadway, Vancouver B.C. V5Z1K7
Tel: (604) 708-3372;Fax: (604) 872 1504; e- mail: info (at) canadianactionparty.ca

Connie Fogal, leader of CAP writes:

Did you know we are losing our capacity to utilize our own Bank of Canada
as a result of a trilateral arrangement in process that will strip
Canada, USA ,and Mexico of their respective sovereign capacities over
their money supply?

"Did you know our three levels of government in Canada are facilitating
the creation of a North American Union of Canada, USA, andMexico
Under the Direction of 150 of Canada's leading Corporations, the CCCE?"

"Did you know: That the enforcement mechanism for the North American
Union is a police([search]) state? That its tools are "anti-terrorist" laws?
That anti terrorist laws strip the citizens of civil liberties?

Do you know why? Did you know it is to prevent dissent against the new

Did you know that the camouflage is 'security', 'safety'?"

I would like to talk to you about these matters. I would like to discuss
the facts of how our own government is facilitating the metamorphosis of
Canada into a North American Union which sabotages the independence and
sovereignty of Canada, and tears asunder the core of our constitutional
protections and rights. I would like to present to you information that
shows that the chief executive officers of 150 of the largest corporations
of Canada pull the strings in Ottawa from which dangle all the
representative parties, and especially the Liberals and the Conservatives.

On the website of the the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, the CCCE,
posted or updated November2, 2005 as News and Information, there is a
discussion paper released April 2004. There you can see that the chief
executives of the 150 leading corporations of Canada are the puppet-masters
manipulating the strings of the politicians to dance to the tune of the
corporations. The choice of words of the puppet-masters discloses their
attitude that corporations do indeed rule the continent, and certainly that
the 150 from the CCCE are shaping and directing the decisions for Canada-
not in the people's interest, but in the interest of the corporations.

The CCCE spearheaded the FTA and NAFTA. Their current project is called The
North American Security and Prosperity Initiative (NASPI). They are
developing a strategy for shaping Canada's future within North America and
Beyond. They announced the project in January 2003.
See: http://www.ceocouncil.ca/en/view/?document_id=365&area_id=7

In April of 2004 the CCCE disclosed that both the Martin Liberals and the
Harper Conservatives support the CCCE initiative for a North American
structure that will serve the corporate agenda. . The CCCE paper states:

"While 2004 will bring elections in both Canada and the United States,
political interest in new approaches to North America crosses partisan
boundaries. Prime Minister Paul Martin has made clear his intention to
reinvigorate Canada's relationship with the United States as part of a
broader strategy for strengthening Canada's influence in the world. Stephen
Harper, the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, has called for
a continental "strategic partnership", one that would link freer flows of
goods, services, labour, capital and technology with improvements in
continental security."

Martin (Canada) , Bush([search]) (USA) and Fox ( Mexico) signed The Security and
Prosperity Partnership of North America in March 2005.

In June 2005 the top ministers of the three countries reported to their
leaders in a document called The Report of Ministers to the Leaders -SPP-
North America June 2005

See: http://www.fac-aec.gc.ca/SPP-report.PDF

It is signed by three ministers from each of Canada USA and Mexico. For
Canada they are : Anne McLellan, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness; David Emerson, Minister of
Industry; and Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of Foreign Affairs. They begin
their report by saying that the leaders on March 23, 2005 asked their
Ministers to create an architecture to enhance the security of North
America. This report shows how these Ministers are emasculating Canada to
make it a gravy train for corporations and a sweat shop for the people.
Every single discontent you have about the loss of benefits for Canadians
and the erosion of our way of life is rooted here- from the dismantling and
de-funding of our Medicare and hospitalization to the funding of a war
economy . It is not true that we have no money for our cherished way of
life and social programs. The truth is the Liberals and the Conservatives
have the will to dismantle it, not to protect, preserve and deliver it.
The NDP have some will, but have no spirit, no fire in the belly. The Bloq
Quebecois appears to welcome any movement that would facilitate Quebec's
separation from Canada.

All of them refuse to utilize our hidden jewel, our own Bank of Canada.
Why? Because to do so would be to emasculate the corporate agenda.

I would like to share with you my conviction that contrary to the
corporate view, it does not have to be that way. Ignorance is our enemy.The
path out of this mess is not just knowledge and information; not just more
exposure of the lies and deception of our reigning political parties . The
route out is via a legitimate political vehicle- an action plan- The
Canadian Action Party.

From: Connie Fogal (by way of Alan Rycroft )


2. consultation on revisions to Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating

The Western Region of the Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada would like to invite you and any interested colleagues to participate in a consultation on revisions to Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating. This consultation is open to all Canadians and builds on earlier Dietary Guidance Regional Meetings held in May 2005. A report on those preliminary meetings is expected to be available on-line before November 24th.

As part of Health Canada's ongoing efforts to consult Canadians on the proposed content of the Food Guide, the following activities are scheduled to take place beginning in November 2005.

1. On-line consultation An on-line consultation will be conducted from November 24, 2005 to January
12, 2006. The questionnaire is intended to present and seek feedback on draft design elements and proposed directions for the main content areas of the revised Food Guide. It will be accessible as of November 24 on the Health Canada website's consultation page at: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ahc-asc/public-consult/consultation/index_e.html

2. Consultation Meeting: Burnaby A half day meeting will be offered in Burnaby on December 9, 2005 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm (registration beginning at 8:30 am). The purpose of the meeting is to present some of the key design elements and proposed directions featured in the on-line consultation. The meeting will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to ask questions and take part in a dialogue on specific content issues related to the revised Food Guide. It will be important for participants to review the contents of the revised Food Guide on-line after November 24, ( http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ahc-asc/public-consult/consultation/index_e.html) prior to attending the in-person consultation in Burnaby. Please note that the meeting will concentrate on aspects of the Food Guide and will not address issues related to Nutrition Labelling. Registration for the meeting is required as space is limited.

To register for the Burnaby meeting, please complete the attached form and return it by fax to (604) 666-3149 or respond by email with your full contact and organization information (if applicable) to david_wu (at) hc-sc.gc.ca by December 2, 2005. (See attached file: CFG Registration - Burnaby.pdf)

For more information about the Burnaby meeting, please contact David Wu by telephone at 604-666-7160 or by email at david_wu (at) hc-sc.gc.ca
To follow the progress of the revision of the Food Guide, please refer to the Health Canada website at: www.hc-sc.gc.ca/nutrition
Please feel free to pass this invitation to any interested colleagues, and, where appropriate, members of your association. In addition to the national launch on November 24th in Ottawa and the session in Burnaby there are other regional consultations planned in the following cities in Canada. Refer to the appropriate contact below for more information:
Toronto: December 6: Contact: Odette Dubois Telephone: (416)
973-1447 email: odette_dubois (at) hc-sc.gc.ca

Regina: December 7: Contact: Candice Biggar Telephone: (204)
984-6680 email: candice_biggar (at) hc-sc.gc.ca

Calgary: December 8: Contact: Hina Laeeque Telephone: (780) 495-7437 email: hina_laeeque (at) hc-sc.gc.ca

Montreal: December 13: Contact: Francine Patenaude Telephone: (450)
646-1353 email: francine_patenaude (at) hc-sc.gc.ca

Thank you for your attention, Western Region Health Products and Food Branch, Health Canada

Nous nous excusons pour toute duplication dans l'envoi de ce message. Nous pilotons pr?sentement un nouveau syst?me pour l'envoi de nos invitations mais nous utilisons aussi notre ancien syst?me afin de s'assurer que nous rejoignons tous nos partenaires

La Direction des produits de sant? et des aliments de la R?gion de l'Ouest aimerait vous inviter, vous et vos coll?gues int?ress?s ? participer ? une consultation sur la r?vision du Guide alimentaire canadian. Cette consultation est ouverte ? tous et fait suite aux pr?c?dentes r?unions r?gionales portant sur les lignes directrices en mati?re d'alimentation tenues en mai 2005. Un rapport sur ces r?unions sera disponible sur notre site WEB avantle 24 novembre 2005.

Les activit?s suivantes, pr?vues ? l'intention de tous les Canadiens et Canadiennes, se tiendront ? partir du 24 novembre 2005. Elles s'inscrivent dans le cadre des efforts d?ploy?s actuellement par Sant? Canada en vue de consulter les Canadiens et les Canadiennes sur le contenu du Guide alimentaire r?vis?.

1. Consultation en ligne Une consultation en ligne se tiendra ? partir du 24 novembre 2005 jusqu'au
12 janvier 2006. Le questionnaire de consultation pr?sente les ?l?ments de l'?bauche de pr?sentation graphique ainsi que les orientations propos?es par rapport aux principaux ?l?ments de contenu du Guide alimentaire r?vis?, dans le but de recueillir des commentaires ? cet ?gard. Le questionnaire sera accessible ? partir du 24 novembre ? la page de consultation ( http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ahc-asc/public-consult/consultation/index_f.html) du site Web de Sant? Canada.

2. Rencontres de consultation ? Burnaby Une demie r?union de jour sera offerte dans Burnaby le 9 d?cembre, 2005 de
9:00 sont ? 12:30 du soir (l'enregistrement commen?ant ? 8:30 suis). Le but de la r?union est de pr?senter les principaux ?l?ments de la pr?sentation graphique du Guide et les orientations propos?es, tels que mentionn?s dans le questionnaire de consultation en ligne. Les parties int?ress?es auront alors l'occasion de poser des questions et de participer ? des discussions sur les enjeux entourant certains ?l?ments de contenu du Guide alimentaire r?vis?. Il sera important que les participants aient eu l'occasion d'examiner les contenus du Guide alimentaire r?vis?, affich?s en ligne apr?s le 24 novembre ( http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ahc-asc/public-consult/consultation/index_f.html), avant de se pr?senter en personne ? la rencontre ? Burnaby. S'il vous pla?t prendre note que la r?union se concentrera sur les aspects du Guide alimentaire et n'adressera pas de probl?me apparent?s ? l'?tiquetage nutritionnel.

?tant donn? que les places sont limit?es, vous devez vous inscrire pour participer ? cette rencontre.

Pour vous enregistrer pour la r?union de Burnaby, s'il vous pla?t compl?ter le formulaire ci-joint et le retouner par fax au (604)
666-3149 oupar courriel avec vos coordonn?es compl?tes et l'information sur votre organisation (le cas ?ch?ant) ? david_wu (at) hc-sc.gc.ca avant le 2 d?cembre, 2005. (See attached file: CFG Registration - Burnaby (FR).pdf)

Pour obtenir de plus amples informations sur la rencontre ? Burnaby, veuillez communiquer avec David Wu par t?l?phone en composant le
604-666-7160 ou par courriel ? david_wu (at) hc-sc.gc.ca
Pour suivre l'avancement des travaux entourant la r?vision du Guide alimentaire, veuillez consulter le site Web de Sant? Canada : www.hc-sc.gc.ca/nutrition

S'il vous pla?t nous vous prions de faire suivre cette invitation ? vos coll?gues et les membres de votre association int?ress?s. En plus du lancement national le 24 novembre prochain et la s?ance ? Burnaby il y a d'autres consultations r?gionales planifi?es dans les villes suivantes au Canada. Pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez vous r?f?rer aux contacts identifi?s pour chaque ville:
Toronto: Le 6 d?cembre: Contact: Odette Dubois T?l?phone:
(416) 973-1447 email: odette_dubois (at) hc-sc.gc.ca

Regina: Le 7 d?cembre: Contact: Candice Biggar T?l?phone:
(204) 984-6680 email: candice_biggar (at) hc-sc.gc.ca

Calgary: Le 8 d?cembre: Contact: Hina Laeeque T?l?phone: (780)
495-7437 email: hina_laeeque (at) hc-sc.gc.ca

Montreal: Le 13 d?cembre: Contact: Francine Patenaude T?l?phone: (450)
646-1353 email: francine_patenaude (at) hc-sc.gc.ca

Merci pour votre attention,
R?gion de l'ouest Direction g?n?rale des produits de sant? et des aliments, Sant? Canada
To be added to this e-list, send a blank email to: coordinator (at) bchealthcoalition.ca
1) To unsubscribe from all mailings: type "remove all" in subject line
2) To subscribe only to the BCHC Digest: type "subscribe digest" in the subject line
3) To subscribe to all regular mailings: type "subscribe regular" in the subject line
BC Health Coalition Ph: 604.681.7945 Fx: 604.681.7947 Eml: coordinator (at) bchealthcoalition.ca Web: www.bchealthcoalition.ca

From: "BC Health Coalition"


3. Next meeting of the Greater Victoria Water Watch Coalition: Tuesday December 13th, 7PM, Location TBA & Call for Steering Committee members!

There will also be a meeting of the Steering Committee in the afternoon of Tuesday Dec 6th to plan the agenda for the Dec 13th meeting.

Presently, the Steering Committee consists of reps from the Council of Canadians, Kairos, CUPE 374 and CUPE Island Water Watch.

We would like to expand this group to reflect a more diverse representation of the coalition. If you are interested in attending, please contact

Leslie at: ldickout (at) cupe.bc.ca OR 250-616-2156.

From: Leslie Dickout





As the movement to Bring the Troops Home grows, more and more people of conscience are leaving the American military services and seeking refuge in Canada. They have left family and friends behind, refusing to be part of the illegal occupation of Iraq([search]).

Some came by themselves, others with partners and children, to take a stand for peace and justice. What better opportunity to show them they are welcome in Canada - that they have our support and are not alone, no matter how far from home they may be. Canada will be their new home, as it was for tens of thousands of Vietnam era war resisters. There will be music, merriment, refreshments and gifts.

Rumours are that Santa Claus may make an appearance to welcome Josh and Brandy Keys' four young children, and the other resisters as well. Everyone is welcome - in lieu of admission or gifts, donations to the War Resisters Support Campaign will be gratefully accepted.

From: "SPStout"


5. BC Parks' Cathedral Grove Bogus Public Meeting Unacceptable

We thought, optimistically, with Gillian Trumper out of the way, there might be a period of real public dialogue followed by a more enlightened solution coming from the Liberal's puppet management in BC Parks. But no.

We are going to be back in the protest camp soon. And there'll be a greater need than ever for support. Please be thinking about giving one morning a week to guard duty at the Grove. Rick and I did it last January/February. And so did others from the Friends of the Grove. Please join us.


Western Canada Wilderness Committee, Mid-Island Chapter
Box 442, Qualicum Beach, BC, V9K lS9, ph. 250 752-6585, fax: 250 752-7085
email: wcwcqb (at) shaw.ca

Nanaimo, British Columbia At a pre public meeting with BC Parks yesterday, to establish possible locations for additional parking lots in Cathedral Grove?s MacMillan Park, the Western Canada Wilderness Committee was appalled at the deliberate misrepresentation of facts, environmental options and lack of science to be presented to the public tonight in Port Alberni.

?The effort behind the presentation tonight is not enough to catch up to where we should be on this important issue,? explains Annette Tanner, WCWC Mid Island spokesperson. ?The presentation clearly misframes and dismisses arguments of options from third parties by creating the government?s own renditions and misrepresenting them intentionally.?

?With an inadequate period of three weeks to respond to the information that will be presented tonight, the government website should have been tested for problems of accessing and downloading the information,? continues Tanner.

?The rendition that the public will view tonight is a pathetic attempt to justify former plans that show incompetence and an unwillingness to deal with environmental facts and problems posed by issues The public will be subjected to the ?same old, same old? options that use a business model for creating mall sized parking lots,? recounts Tanner.

?The Wilderness Committee again calls for immediate traffic calming, rather than working to create a faster freeway through the park and is calling for an updated long term Park Master Plan for this Class A Provincial park which has now more than doubled in size,? says Tanner.

?The public process that addresses a long term Park Plan would ensure that all values of the park and all concerns of the community would be reflected,? she concludes.

- for more information phone Annette Tanner 250 752-6585 -

From: Rita



Update: Pain and Agony- Never Ends.

Frank Martins court case for "obstruction of a police officer" began on October 21, 2005, in the Abbotsford B.C. courthouse. Court began at 9:30 a.m. lunch 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm. Court began again at 1:30 pm to 4 pm. Two police officers were present to present their case: One was Roberts the other was Sokolowski. I don't know who Roberts was but the arresting officer of Frank Martin was, Cst. G. Sokolowski. Since this case began Sokolowski is now promoted to Corporal Sokolowski.

As I was also made as a witness for Frank Martin, I could not be present in the court room while these police officers made their presentation to the courts. I had to watch through the windows of the court room doors. The first police officers statement was very short, about a half an hour, than he was gone out of the court house, and never seen again.
The next police officer was Corporal Sokolowski, and he was on the stand throughout most of the day. On the night of the arrest this police officer never said one word, other than asking me, for my identification. The rest of the time he was like a "robot" cop. As I was watching him through the windows of the court room, his hands was moving left and right, up and down and everywhere. I was really wondering what he was saying. He had so much to say, in the court proceedings. According to Frank, this officer was saying, that Frank smelled of "Lysol", the night he was stopped for driving too slow. The officer did not mention that there was another small green van, in front of us, who was also driving slow. Frank was also stopped because of another mans records, a man from Ontario, who had a bad record, by the name of William Martin. A man we do not know of. During the time of this other mans bad records, Frank and I, were together. Frank was no where near Ontario. How in the world, could they charge Frank Martin under another mans court records?

During this court proceedings there was about two or three short breaks, as it was getting very tense for everyone involved towards the end. During the breaks I noticed that the prosecutor was very involved with the arresting police officer, as if the prosecutor was telling the police officer what to say for the trial. The police officer was not saying too much, as the prosecutor was doing all the talking.

Half way through the afternoon, it was my turn to be on the witness stand, as I was Franks witness. Our lawyer was asking all kinds of questions that I was to answer. I told the judge everything that happened on the night of the arrest. How Frank was demobolized by the arresting officer, Sokolowski, by the officer using the "strangle hold" on Frank. How Franks eyes were bulging out, and his face was really red, from the "strangle hold", than the police officer banging Franks head on the police car. Than there was no more noise from Frank, I thought that the police officer had killed Frank. As I could not see Frank in the police car, after he was arrested. The same police officer sped away with Frank, and not telling me why he arrested Frank or where he was taking him. How I phoned the Chilliwack police station in the wee hours of the morning and there was no answer. I phoned again the next morning, a woman answered, and she told me there was no one there by the name Frank Martin, there was no one there all night. That it was getting very scary for me, by than. I thought they killed Frank, during the night, and dumped his body somewhere.

The police officer that took my daughter and myself home that night in his police car, assured me that Frank was okey and they were taking him to the Chilliwack jail. Frank said that he was "out cold" that night and does not remember nothing. He had to be revived by the Chilliwack Ambulance, while he was in the chilliwack jail. Than he was transported to Vancouver police station, where he was released in the back alley of the police station, early the next day. This is not the first time that this has happened to Frank, as there has been many other incidences, similar to this.

I told the judge about the beating that I took, on the night of the arrest. I was beaten up only because I wanted to take a pee. I was dragged off of my electric scooter and thrown onto the ground with my face squished onto the pavement, while a young officer had his knee jabbed into my upper back, and he was trying to pull my arm around my back. Another officer had to drag the young officer off my back. They would not pick me up, my daughter had to help me up onto my scooter. I still had to pee, so my daughter helped me pull my pants down and she had to help me squat down to pee. All this while all the police officers were standing around me, and watching me pee and they were smirking at me. It was so humiliating and I was hurt. Than I had to wait for an hour and a half on the side of the highway, in the cold and windy night, before the police officers decided what they were going to do with us. They finally decided to take us home in a police car while my scooter was to be taken home in the back of the police pickup truck.

I also told the judge about the car accident, five years ago, where we were runned off the highway, by an R.C.M.P. crusier. This car accident left me dead at the scene for a half an hour, and than I went into a coma for six week. I woke up and I was paralized and my eyes was crossed and I could not move. How many of our friends were killed on this same stretch of highway between Clinton and Cache Creek. One year before this car accident, we were also beaten up in the Oliver B.C. courthouse by a sheriff and an R.C.M.P, for not pleading guilty to being "illegal aliens" in Canada. How Frank had lost all his teeth to brutal police beatings, and how we both now have permanent brain damage as a result of police brutality. I told the judge that I wanted to see true justice here in this court room today. That we were not dogs, we were human beings, such as themselves. That I wanted to be treated much the same as they would be treated, while I was pointing at each one of them: the judge, prosecutor, police officer and the sheriff. I also showed the judge both of my hands, where the Oliver B.C. sheriff and R.C.M.P. officer had mangled both hands with the extra tight handcuffs. Than they slammed the sheriffs huge back doors onto the top of my head, where I now have a bone sticking up, and this gives me a bad headache. I also explained to the judge that Frank was so badly beaten up by ten police officer, and he now has brain damage as a result of the beating. As a result of police brutality, both Frank and I, are now disabled.

My time on the witness stand was very disturbing, as I burst out crying quit a few times, as I had to remember the many ugly times we had with police brutality. At one point we had to take a short break, so I could go outside for fresh air. This upset my whole family, who were present in the court room. By the time I was done, the judge stated that this was very serious allegations. How first nations suffer in this country and this province, under the hands of the authorities. The judge now wants the names of all the officers that was present, on the night of Franks arrest. The judge wants to put them on the stand also.
Instead of dealing with this case that day, the judge decided to take this case further. So another court day was set for November 2, 2005, and that Frank does not need to be present, and his lawyer can stand in for him on that day. This day is to set another trial day, so that all the other officers can be put on the stand.

Is it a coincidence that our van was confiscated on October 18, 2005, three days before trial day on October 21, 2005? Was our van confiscated so we could not make it to trail day? We are fortunate to have good friends, who drove us to our court day. Is it a coincidence that the police officer who confiscated our van, is himself another Corporal Robinon? This Corporal Robinon told us that our van was confiscated for a twenty four hour suspension, before the court began. Today, four days after trial day, I phoned the towing company, and he said that our van was again confiscated for thirty days.

The confiscation of our van, now leaves me without going anywhere, as I could only take my electric scooter in the van. I cannot go to the doctor, as my doctor is in Vancouver, as well as my eye doctor and my dentist. This also cuts me off of going to "indigenous family night" at the vancouver indian center, which is my only cultural night, every wednesday night.
The police actions and police brutalitys, of the past thirty or so years, against us, as indigenous people, is one of the main results of our living in poverty. To cure poverty, we need to clean up bad police actions. No more discrimination, no more racism, no more harrassment, no more racial profiling from the police. Treat us, indigneous people, as equals.

From: "helen michell"


7. Multicultural Coalition Against Gambling Expansion


During the years of resisting gambling expansion with the citizens of various cities, Multi-cultural Coalition Against Gambling Expansion has noted the voting pattern by municipal politicians on gambling issues. While the MCAGE polling results of over 5000 citizens in Richmond, Burnaby and Vancouver has consistently showed that most citizens (85%) are against gambling expansion, many mayors and councilors have strangely been voting yes to gambling expansion. As most citizens were not at council meetings monitoring how their civic politicians voted, MCAGE has compiled the MCAGE Hall of Shame to list the politicians who voted yes for gambling expansion. This will serve as a quick reminder to the general public whom they should not vote for in future elections, as well as a reminder to politicians that their voting against citizens' will are not forgotten but are recorded down for the public to shame and their own children and grandchildren to see.

Politicians who are included in the MCAGE Hall of Shame might have voted at another instance against gambling expansion. However their inclusion in this list would serve to warn future civic politicians from wavering on such an important issue affecting the peace of our cities. Furthermore in as much as we want to keep this current, there may well be politicians who switched over to voting yes to gambling expansion. We will have to rely on the general public to inform us of any such changes via emailing us at ccia (at) shaw.ca.

We fully recognize gambling expansion is not the only issue facing our city councils. However it is one that subjects the politicians to the acid test whether they will reject bribes and lures of various forms to the city. It is also one that tests whether they will agree to exploiting the most weak and vulnerable in exchange for receiving a tiny fraction of the money lost by the addicts. It will test both their compassion for the weak as well as their ability to create wealth in a less lazy way. It is also one test that reveals whether the politicians listen to the majority of the citizens or just one casino operator. In that sense, it is the ultimate indicator whether the politicians respects democracy, the very reason why he/she was elected in the first place. Thus anyone who failed this test is not worthy of democracy or our vote.

From: CCIA


8. Wanted: 1000 Democracy Activists

What is the chance the upcoming federal election results will be wildly distorted? That millions of votes will be wasted? That we?ll see yet another record low turnout?

Close to 100 per cent.

What are the odds we can leverage the election results to help win the fight for fair voting and proportional representation?

Best in our lifetime ? if you can lend a hand to the Fair Vote Canada campaign.

Two months ago, the Martin Liberal government scuttled an all-party committee agreement to begin a nationwide electoral reform consultation. But the post-election environment may be radically different ? if the voices calling for electoral reform grow louder and louder.

If the upcoming election produces another minority Parliament, then an electoral reform process may very well be the centerpiece of a support agreement. If the election produces a phony majority and one party gains unfettered control of Parliament with 40 per cent of the vote or even less, look for a backlash and skyrocketing pressure for reform.

The key for us is to keep the issue of fair voting and proportional representation in front of politicians and the media to reach the largest possible audience throughout the upcoming election.

During the last federal election Fair Vote Canada mobilized an unprecedented national network of volunteers to do just that, and we made a serious impression. It?s time to do it again ? but bigger, better, and louder.

We need your help!

Can you volunteer to help Fair Vote Canada with JUST ONE of the following tasks during the upcoming election? Or more, if you have time? You don?t need to be an expert ? just a concerned citizen.

1) distribute flyers and ask a question to candidates at an all-candidates meeting;

2) distribute flyers at local conferences, forums or other public events during the election; or in your neighbourhood, community centres, local libraries, etc.;

3) write letters to the editor of your local papers during the election;

4) place an article (provided by Fair Vote Canada) in an organization or association newsletter; or submit an article (prepared by Fair Vote Canada) to your local community paper

5) call radio or TV phone-in shows during the election to talk about the need for voting reform;

6) get some of your friends to help with these tasks, and/or

7) send in a special donation to help fund our campaign activities.

Fair Vote Canada is a national multi-partisan citizens? campaign. If we raise our voices together we can make a difference.

Can we count on your support? Can you also forward this appeal to your friends and contacts? If you can help in any way, please reply to this email (info (at) fairvotecanada.org.)

Please provide your name, mailing address, phone and email. Tell us how you can help. You?ll become part of our election campaign action network. We?ll send the support materials you need and regular updates on the campaign during the election.

Let?s make this the last unfair election!

Yours for a strong democracy,
Wayne Smith

Fair Vote Canada
26 Maryland Blvd.
Toronto, ON M4C 5C9
Phone: 416-410-4034
Email: info (at) fairvotecanada.org
Web: www.fairvote.ca

From: Fair Vote Canada


9. The B.C. Teachers Strike

A Dress Rehearsal For The
General Strike Of 2006?

Last month?s illegal strike by 42,000 teachers may well have been a watershed for the B.C. labour movement. Despite a vicious campaign by the Liberal government, court rulings that included the largest fine against a union in Canadian history, and lukewarm support (at best) from much of the top leadership of the BC Fed, teachers seem to have emerged not only undefeated, but more militant and united than ever.

How did this happen? What went down in the back rooms? What impact is this having on the rest of the labour movement? How about community support? And of great importance for all activists fighting the Liberals? privatizing and union-busting, what does this mean for next spring?s looming public sector confrontations? Will there be a general strike, or a general demobilization? Will the spring sizzle, or fizzle?

To open a discussion and a debate on these burning issues, Left Turn is organizing a panel discussion on all the issues thrown into play by the courage and unity of the teachers. The panel includes:

Lisa Descary, school staff union rep, Richmond Teachers Association, BCTF activist and delegate to the 2006 B.C. Fed convention

Gretchen Dulmage, Hospital Employees Union vice-chair (Children and Women?s Hospital) and Solidarity Caucus candidate for the presidency of the B.C. Fed at the 2005 convention

Will Offley, B.C. Nurses? Union activist and Left Turn candidate for Vancouver-Hastings in the 2005 provincial election

Lawrence Boxall, member of Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Local 2000 and International Socialists.
(Organizations are listed for identification purposes only.)

Please consider yourself invited. The panel will take place on Tuesday, November 22, at 7:30 PM in Room 1900, SFU Harbour Centre, 555 Hastings Street West (between Richards and Seymour).

Left Turn www.leftturn.ca info (at) leftturn.ca

From: Phil Lyons


10. Two myths that keep the world poor
by Vandana Shiva


Global poverty is a hot topic right now. But anyone serious about ending it needs to understand the true causes, argues Indian environmentalist Vandana Shiva. From rock singer Bob Geldof to UK politician Gordon Brown, the world suddenly seems to be full of high-profile people with their own plans to end poverty. Jeffrey Sachs, however, is not a simply a do-gooder but one of the world's leading economists, head of the Earth Institute and in charge of a UN panel set up to promote rapid development. So when he launched his book The End of Poverty, people everywhere took notice. Time magazine even made in into a cover story. But, there is a problem with Sachs' how-to-end poverty prescriptions. He simply doesn't understand where poverty comes from. He seems to view it as the original sin. "A few generations ago, almost everybody was poor," he writes, then adding: "The Industrial Revolution led to new riches, but much of the world was left far behind."

This is a totally false history of poverty. The poor are not those who have been "left behind"; they are the ones who have been robbed. The wealth accumulated by Europe and North America are largely based on riches taken from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Without the destruction of India's rich textile industry, without the takeover of the spice trade, without the genocide of the native American tribes, without African slavery, the Industrial Revolution would not have resulted in new riches for Europe or North America. It was this violent takeover of Third World resources and markets that created wealth in the North and poverty in the South.

Two of the great economic myths of our time allow people to deny this intimate link, and spread misconceptions about what poverty is:
First, the destruction of nature and of people's ability to look after themselves are blamed not on industrial growth and economic colonialism, but on poor people themselves. Poverty, it is stated, causes environmental destruction. The disease is then offered as a cure: further economic growth is supposed to solve the very problems of poverty and ecological decline that it gave rise to in the first place. This is the message at the heart of Sachs' analysis.

The second myth is an assumption that if you consume what you produce, you do not really produce, at least not economically speaking. If I grow my own food, and do not sell it, then it doesn't contribute to GDP, and therefore does not contribute towards "growth".

People are perceived as "poor" if they eat food they have grown rather than commercially distributed junk foods sold by global agri-business. They are seen as poor if they live in self-built housing made from ecologically well-adapted materials like bamboo and mud rather than in cinder block or cement houses. They are seen as poor if they wear garments manufactured from handmade natural fibres rather than synthetics.

Yet sustenance living, which the wealthy West perceives as poverty, does not necessarily mean a low quality of life. On the contrary, by their very nature economies based on sustenance ensure a high quality of life-when measured in terms of access to good food and water, opportunities for sustainable livelihoods, robust social and cultural identity, and a sense of meaning in people's lives . Because these poor don't share in the perceived benefits of economic growth, however, they are portrayed as those "left behind". This false distinction between the factors that create affluence and those that create poverty is at the core of Sachs' analysis. And because of this, his prescriptions will aggravate and deepen poverty instead of ending it.

Modern concepts of economic development, which Sachs sees as the "cure" for poverty, have been in place for only a tiny portion of human history. For centuries, the principles of sustenance allowed societies all over the planet to survive and even thrive. Limits in nature were respected in these societies and guided the limits of human consumption. When society's relationship with nature is based on sustenance, nature exists as a form of common wealth. It is redefined as a "resource" only when profit becomes the organising principle of society and sets off a financial imperative for the development and destruction of these resources for the market.

However much we choose to forget or deny it, all people in all societies still depend on nature. Without clean water, fertile soils and genetic diversity, human survival is not possible. Today, economic development is destroying these onetime commons, resulting in the creation of a new contradiction: development deprives the very people it professes to help of their traditional land and means of sustenance, forcing them to survive in an increasingly eroded natural world.

A system like the economic growth model we know today creates trillions of dollars of super profits for corporations while condemning billions of people to poverty. Poverty is not, as Sachs suggests, an initial state of human progress from which to escape. It is a final state people fall into when one-sided development destroys the ecological and social systems that have maintained the life, health and sustenance of people and the planet for ages. The reality is that people do not die for lack of income. They die for lack of access to the wealth of the commons.

Here, too, Sachs is wrong when he says: "In a world of plenty, 1 billion people are so poor their lives are in danger." The indigenous people in the Amazon, the mountain communities in the Himalayas, peasants anywhere whose land has not been appropriated and whose water and biodiversity have not been destroyed by debt-creating industrial agriculture are ecologically rich, even though they earn less than a dollar a day.

On the other hand, people are poor if they have to purchase their basic needs at high prices no matter how much income they make. Take the case of India. Because of cheap food and fibre being dumped by developed nations and lessened trade protections enacted by the government, farm prices in India are tumbling, which means that the country's peasants are losing $26 billion U.S. each year. Unable to survive under these new economic conditions, many peasants are now poverty-stricken and thousands commit suicide each year.

Elsewhere in the world, drinking water is privatised so that corporations can now profit to the tune of $1 trillion U.S. a year by selling an essential resource to the poor that was once free. And the $50 billion U.S. of "aid" trickling North to South is but a tenth of the $500 billion being sucked in the other direction due to interest payments and other unjust mechanisms in the global economy imposed by the World Bank and the IMF. If we are serious about ending poverty, we have to be serious about ending the systems that create poverty by robbing the poor of their common wealth, livelihoods and incomes. Before we can make poverty history, we need to get the history of poverty right. It's not about how much wealthy nations can give, so much as how much less they can take.

Taken and adapted with kind permission from The Ecologist (July/August 2005), a British monthly devoted to discussion of environmental issues, international politics and globalization. More information: The Ecologist, Unit 18 Chelsea Wharf, 15 Lots Road, London, SW10 0XJ, England, theecologist (at) galleon.co.uk, www.theecologist.org

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a physicist and prominent Indian environmental activist. She founded Navdanya, a movement for biodiversity conservation and farmers' rights. She directs the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy. Her most recent books are Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge and Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply.

From: Phil Lyons



concentration of power is not a feminist principle.
Victoria Street Newz - http://streetnewz.communitypipe.org


"Of all the injuries inflicted by racism on people of colour, the most corrosive is the wound within, the internalized racism that leads some victims, at unspeakable cost to their own sense of self, to embrace the values of their oppressors."

H. Jack Geiger, Civil Rights Worker


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