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Another Left Coast Municipal Election Bulletin PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Monday, 14 November 2005 05:25
Another Left Coast Municipal Election Bulletin

1. All Candidates meetings
2. Downtown Social Service Providers Committee All Councillor Candidates Forum - Nov 15th
3. Elect Paul Manly for Nanaimo City Council Campaign
4. Join the Green Municipal Team - Vote Green on November 19
5. Poverty-Related Questions for Candidates
6. Asking Candidates to Put Citizens in Charge of BC's City Elections
7. About Rose Henry
8. the progressive slate - school trustees!
9. Rose Henry - the first aboriginal person on council?
10. Council of Canadians chair Maude Barlow concerned Wal-Mart interfering in Vancouver election.
11. VOTE RAYMOND KOEHLER - November 19th

contributions, considerations, concerns:

* From: ariel lade

The rumours are true. Mr. Floatie is back, and this time he's on video, and he's joined forces with Victoria Green Party candidates Philippe Lucas and Sonya Chandler. Check it out now at:

* From: "rose henry"

My campaign is going kind of okay. I am still struggling with the issues of how to get enough money to gather to pay for a decent adverstising with the news group. They are offering a special deal with all canadiates to have their advertisment and bios published in the news paper for a mere $460.00 plus tax. This is something that I do not have because I don't have any major support groups, unions or political bodies endorsing me. In fact I have been running a little bit in the red with money coming out out what ever Street Newz magazine I can sell by donations and with only a small hand full of cheques being sent my way. In fact I can still count on one hand who who has supported me finicially.

Excercise Your Democratic Right and Get Out and Vote for the Person who Cares enough to raise your issues the office that can make changes in your community.
Get Out and Vote on Nov. 19/05 Every Municipalities throughtout BC will be electing new Communiy Representatives.
check out my blog at www.rosehenry.blogspot.com

* From: Mia Shinbrot

I was given this reassuring response from someone I forwarded the link to
the Globe and Mail poll to. (At the time it was leaning heavily towards
the right, and I said I really hoped politicians would *not* base anything
on it.)

As a professional pollster, one thing I can assure you of is that
politicians do not make policy based on self-selected polls on newspaper
websites. If they find such a poll that they can use to support a policy
they have already decided on, they might use it - but something like this
is not going to influence policy decisions. Self-selected polls of this
nature mean absolutely nothing, and political advisors know that, even if
politicians don't. You might want to pass that information on.

* From: Maura Parte

I was shocked to receive this and discover no mention of the VCE candidates for Council. Is this an oversight? VCE councilors have contributed so much to city hall - the affordable housing trust, support for the Dockside Land redevelopment, more funding for community and seniors' centres, and much more. Is there a reason why they haven't been included?

From: janine bandcroft

i publish whatever i receive, maura. there was some stuff about them, that had been forwarded to me, in last week's email. i don't have time to do all the research, too, so i rely on folks to send me stuff. i'll look forward to publishing it next time!


1. All Candidates meetings

Make sure to ask your candidates:

1. Do you support public management of water and wastewater systems?

2. Will you vote against proposals to privatize or contract out water and wastewater systems?

3. Will you support public hearings on proposals to privatize or contract out water and wastewater systems?


Monday November 14th
S. J. Willis School
923 Topaz Ave
7:00 pm

Friday November 18th
Fairfield New Horizons
380 Cook Street
10:00 am


Tuesday November 15, 2005
Metchosin Community Hall
4430 Happy Valley Road


Tuesday November 15th
Saanich Fairgrounds. Stellys X Rd

Tuesday November 15th
Strawberry Vale Residents Association
Strawberry Vale Community Hall - 11 High Street
7:00 pm

Wednesday November 16th
Church of the Nazarene
4277 Quadra Street

Thursday November 17th
Broadmead Area Residents Association
Lochside Elementary School - 1145 Royal Oak Drive
7:30 pm

Island Water Watch Campaign
Canadian Union of Public Employees, BC Division
ldickout (at) cupe.bc.ca

From: Phil Lyons


2. All Councillor Candidates Forum

You are cordially invited to attend an All Candidates Forum that will focus on health and safety issues along with other questions from the downtown residents and agencies.

The Forum will be moderated and each candidate will have 1-2 minutes for an introductory statement followed by questions from the audience. An opportunity for a short closing statement will be provided.

The Downtown Social Service Providers Committee has organized this All Candidates meeting.

We hope to see you there on November 15, 2005
Location: Downtown community Activity Centre Auditorium
755 Pandora Street

Note: We will post direction signs to the Gymnasium

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Coffee and treats will be provided.



3. Elect Paul Manly for Nanaimo City Council Campaign

As you may know our son Paul is running for election to Nanaimo City Council on Nov. 19th! If you would like to support Paul's campaign here are a few possibilities, depending on where you live:

1. Please help us to spread the word! Phone your Nanaimo friends! Please COPY message below and forward.
2. Volunteer to do some phoning or help with a leaflet drop.
3.come to the RabbleBerries Benefit Concert, Nov. 17th (see Poster & Paul's letter)
4. make a donation to the auction (silent & live) or to the baked goodies table, or
5. make a financial contribution. See details below in Paul's letter.
6. Don't forget to vote!
Thank you for considering any of these! It would be great to see you at the concert!

Jim and Eva Manly ........................................................

Dear Friends and Neighbors.
As many of you may now know I am running for a seat on city council. I am doing so because I have a strong bond with this community and I have a vision for Nanaimo that I know many of you share with me. I have posted my platform on my website at www.paulmanly.ca please take a look for yourself and see what I stand for and how I will serve you on council.
This election is crucial because it will decide the shape of Nanaimo for decades to come!

I can't win this election alone, I need your help! This is a grassroots campaign so I am counting on you to spread the good word and send this email to all your contacts in the City of Nanaimo. My campaign is not financed by big business or developers so I can't afford glossy ads, mail-outs or billboards with photo's etc. Donations can be mailed to the Paul Manly Election Campaign 990 Highview Terrace Nanaimo V9R 6K5. If you are able to pass out brochures in your neighborhood contact me at 754-9254 or Eva & Jim Manly at 758-0966.

Please come to A BENEFIT CONCERT being organized for my campaign
featuring music by the RabbleBerries: Sharon Hazelwood, Karen Gillmore Ken Orchard & Alan O'Dean from Victoria plus Sue Irwin and Seamas Manly

on November 17th at 7:30 PM. Doors open at 7PM
at Hope Lutheran Church at 2174 Departure Bay Road (behind Brooks Landing Mall)

Ample Parking below/behind the church.

Admission by Donation: suggested donation $10
Fair Trade Coffee, Tea & goodies
Donations for a silent auction or goodies for the food table would also be welcome

I am a small business owner and I understand the needs of the business community. I have been endorsed by a number of individuals and organizations in Nanaimo. I am endorsed by The Nanaimo, Duncan and District Labour Council because I stand with the working people of Nanaimo and stand against the privatization of public services and infrastructure like water and sewage systems. I am endorsed by the Friends of Plan Nanaimo because I stand for the principles of protecting Nanaimo's heritage values and park land, promoting sound urban planning, and supporting broadly-based citizen participation in the city's growth and development. To find out more about Friends of Plan Nanaimo and the candidates they have endorsed please visit www.friendsofplannanaimo.net www.friendsofplannanaimo.net and see the positive alternatives we are proposing for the City of Nanaimo. There are some excellent progressive candidates running in this election so there is no excuse not to fill your ballot!

Thank you for your time and attention.
Don't forget to Vote - Make your Vote count!
Paul Manly
paulmanly (at) shaw.ca

From: Eva Manly


4. Join the Green Municipal Team - Vote Green on November 19

Two municipal Green Parties are in full gear in BC:

- The Green Party of Vancouver http://www.vangreens.bc.ca/

- The Greater Victoria Green Party http://www.greatervictoriagreenparty.com/

Almost 20 Green Party members are running as independents:

All our candidates need your help. You could:

- Donate money
- Deliver leaflets
- Host a coffee party
- Support or organize meetings
and much more . . .

Contact your local Greens now through the websites listed above!
AGM 2005
The Green Party of British Columbia AGM was held in Kelowna from October 14-16, 2005.

A recent news release summarizes the key decisions at that meeting:

Members will soon be able to see the draft AGM minutes in the members area of the website:

If you don't know how to access that area, contact the provincial office:
mailto:office (at) greenparty.bc.ca)

Green Party in the News

- Supporting bid to protect forests and jobs

- Backing teachers and classroom sizes in Prince George

- Adriane Carr touring the north

From: Green Party of BC


5. Poverty-Related Questions for Candidates

The following questions have been compiled by members of the Victoria Make Poverty History Coaltion. We encourage you to attend all-candidates meetings in your area and ask the questions that are most meaningful to you.

In 1989, the House of Commons unanimously resolved to eliminate poverty among Canadian children by the year 2000. At the start of 2005, one million Canadian children, or nearly one in six, are still poor. Aboriginal people are disproportionately affected. In a rich country such as Canada this is abhorrent. We must end child poverty?and all poverty?in Canada. We must make key investments in social development that will make a difference: More money for low-income families, affordable housing and the creation of decent jobs with a higher minimum wage, and universal, affordable early learning and child care.

As the Federal and the Provincial governments cut social spending, many problems are downloaded onto Municipal governments which do not have the resources to deal with them. For example, in 1995 the Federal government eliminated the Canada Assistance Plan and now there is no standard that the provinces have to meet on social spending. Poverty has grown since then. Municipalities must take the lead in pushing the Federal government into bringing back national standards on income assistance, housing, health, and harm reduction strategies, as well as working toward a guaranteed liveable income for all Canadians.

How will you negotiate with other levels of government for the reinstatement of national standards to meet people?s basic needs?

What is your perspective on implementing a ?liveable? minimum wage?

Will you lobby the federal government for extra funds to support homeless people in Victoria who are fleeing the cold weather in other parts of Canada?

What will you do to address the issue of housing affordability in your municipality? Will you encourage measures such as relaxing zoning laws to allow multi-family occupancy and sleeping in cars and camping trailers?

Will you set aside an area accessible to downtown where homeless people will have access to land for camping, toilet/shower facilities and safe lockers until such time as housing can be provided??

What do you propose?to do about the lack of detox centers and safe injection sites?? Although lack of affordable housing allowed these problems to get rolling on a grand scale, it will take more than that to solve them.?

Currently the public library is serving as a de facto drop-in centre for homeless people to spend their days?during bad?weather. While libraries should remain accessible, can you suggest?alternative City-sponsored safe and warm drop in spaces?

Accessible and convenient transportation is a necessity for low-income Victoria residents. What will you do to expand bus coverage, particularly from the Fairfield/Cook Street Village area where service is minimal outside of rush hours (and sometimes even then)?

Do you?feel it is appropriate to have?Victoria?s school meal breakfast program?provided by the Salvation Army, along with ?food for the soul? (prayers), considering that many families and taxpayers do not subscribe to that belief system? How will you work to ensure that children in Victoria do not go to school hungry?

What is your stand on decriminalization and/or unionization of prostitution?

Will you fight to keep Victoria's water supply in public hands so that water does not become a commodity for those who can afford it?

What will you do to make legal aid and dental care accessible to the poor?

What measures will you take to?halt the spread of epidemic diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis and TB, which are all on the increase in our province and are directly linked to poverty??

Will you make licenses required for busking and craft sales more accessible to the poor, or, better yet, eliminate them altogether?

What do you see as a viable as well as socially and ecologically sustainable direction for Victoria's economy?

The Victoria Make Poverty History Coalition (VMPHC) is a group of individuals and organisations in the Victoria, BC area committed to the ?Make Poverty History? campaign. Our aim is to raise awareness around poverty in Victoria and around the world through a variety of public education events. We have been meeting since July 2005.

For more information please contact Elizabeth Wallace c/o VIDEA
385-2333 or ewallace (at) videa.ca
Or visit: http://www.makepovertyhistory.ca/

From: Catherine Etmanski


6. Asking Candidates to Put Citizens in Charge of BC's City Elections

The at-large block voting system dominates city elections throughout BC. It has been criticized because it allows a minority of voters to sweep city council elections, it minimizes the diversity of views on council, and it does not link councillors to particular neighbourhoods.

Alternative voting processes exist (e.g., wards, proportional representation, etc.; see below). Since many jurisdictions both in Canada and worldwide are giving their voters an opportunity to decide how they wish to elect their representatives, we've asked candidates for city office in the 2005 elections a series of questions to find out where they stand on reviewing the electoral process for BC's cities - we invite you to follow the links to the right to see what your candidates have said or to contact your city's CityVote representative for more details.

Electoral Reform News

PEI referendum November 28 on proportional representation vs first-past-the-post (more...)

New Zealand gives cities choice between STV and at-large block voting (more...)

BC voters will choose again between STV and first-past-the-post in November 2008 (more...)

Scotland adopts STV for local assembly elections in 2007 (more...)

San Francisco uses Ranked Choice Voting to elect city officials (more...)

Learn About Other Ways of Voting

Vancouver Electoral Reform Commission 2004

Vancouver City Council established this commision, chaired by Justice Thomas Berger, to consider changes to the at-large system. In Berger's report, a ward system was recommended because of the emphasis Council placed on neighbourhood representation, but Justice Berger noted that "Council may [in future] determine that wards are a first step towards a more sophisticated form of civic election" (p85) - namely, proportional representation systems.

Berger also said that "of the various PR-based systems that [were] reviewed by the Commission, the single transferable vote (STV) might well provide the fairest system of voting. If it were employed in multi-member wards, it might also go some way towards redressing the problem of low turnout in certain areas of the city, and thus provide, overall, a fairer election outcome" (p101). CityVote partner Demochoice BC aims to educate voters about STV because the Citizens' Assembly recommended it for BC and there will be a referendum on it in 2008.

CityVote Partner Demochoice BC Invites You to Try STV

Unfamiliar With STV? The best way to learn about STV is to try it in action. To see what November's elections in your city would look like under STV, vote in Demochoice's mock election.

Quick Comparison: At-Large & STV

At-Large Block Voting: Each voter gets one vote for every open seat. This makes it easy for a party or slate to get every seat on council, even if only a minority of voters vote for each of them. Those who voted for the other candidates get no representation and often feel their vote was wasted.

Single Transferable Vote: Each voter gets one vote and can rank the candidates according to their preference (1, 2, 3, etc). If their top choice doesn't get elected, their vote gets transferred to their second choice. If their top-ranked candidate gets more support than is needed, a portion of their vote can help lower-ranked candidates get elected. All parties with enough support can elect representatives, so city councils tend to be more diverse and representative of the voters.

Want to get involved? Tell us how you'd like to help:

CityVote is an initiative co-sponsored by Fair Voting BC, Fair Vote Canada (Vancouver and Victoria chapters), and Demochoice BC. We support citizen-driven initiatives to determine how our governments at all levels are elected. We applaud the BC Citizens? Assembly on Electoral Reform for its recent work and hope to extend this model of citizen leadership to BC?s cities. We are not advocating STV for all cities - that is for each city to decide once a citizen-led process is in place - but we want to increase voters' familiarity with it both because it is well-suited to city elections and because BC will be voting on it again in three years.

For more information, you may contact your CityVote representative directly

From: Roy Ball


7. About Rose Henry

Mary Lowther here. I'd like to put in my two cents' worth regarding Rose Henry if I may:

I've known Rose Henry for about 10 years. Rose has been active in most rallies, protests and demonstrations I've attended and in many that I haven't. She's a well-spoken activist who knows how to get her message across. Rose is doggedly determined to help the less fortunate and never gives up. We need her. Personally, I'm fed up with our present milquetoast city council that rubber-stamps development proposals all over the place and has done precious liittle for our more vulnerable members. Surely they cannot imagine what it's like to be homeless or they would have done something by now.

Waiting for results from studies is such a cop-out! My husband, David, has a printout of many addresses owned by the city - properties which could be used to house or encamp the homeless. A community's strength can be measured by the state of it's most vulnerable and I suggest that our community needs major overhauling. We can afford a brand spanking new arena with expensive art but we let people freeze outside. This is appalling!

Who speaks up for the homeless? Who will work tirelessly until solutions are found? Rose Henry. Rose speaks for me and she speaks for the homeless, the folk who need an advocate because the city is not listening. She has a good head on her shoulders and understands many other city issues as well. I believe she would bring commons sense to the council table as she is not easily brainwashed. Vote for ROSE HENRY on November 19.

Just for the record, David and I have donated $200 for Rose's campaign. Who else can help out? We need signs and people who will do door-to-door and phoning campaigning as well.

Mary Lowther

You can reach Rose at Poenixstar62 (at) hotmail.com

From: David Lowther


8. the progressive slate - school trustees!

Hello, Community-Minded Allies, Colleagues, and Friends ...

For Progressive Voting Patterns on Our School Boards

How often, even in the politically active communities of the
Capital Region, do you hear Greater Victoria School Board
trustees' votes and policy decisions covered in the corporate
media? When they occasionally are, do you observe some eyes and
ears glazing over unless there's a strike? Yet, as you might
imagine, the policies that trustees vote for affect all of
Greater Victoria School District's thousands of children & youth,
thousands of workers who serve them, our neighbourhoods and
communities, and the public good everyday! School board
trustees' "voting patterns" matter!

While I am not speaking for the school district or anyone in it
here, I am a long-time employee in the Greater Victoria School
District, care about the well-being, school experience, and
potential of our children and youth in all their diversity, the
workers who serve them, our community, and therefore the "voting
patterns" of the school board's trustees. So I (like my union
local) am supporting only one of the school board slates:
because that slate's members have progressive voting patterns.

That slate is comprised of incumbent Peg Orcherton, incumbent Bev
Horsman, incumbent Charley Beresford, and Ruth MacIntosh. As
these progressively voting women have indicated, they share
values and find themselves on the same page in most areas so are
campaigning together on the same slate and sharing election

If you have just a little time to help put these 4 candidates,
the progressively voting slate, ahead of other candidates for
Election Day, Saturday, November 19th, please consider joining me
and other community-minded supporters in dropping election
leaflets off in your or other neighbourhoods, this week and next,
when and where it's convenient for you. Supporters are currently
dropping off these candidates' election leaflets between 5:30 pm
and 8:30 pm weekday evenings (except Friday, November 11th), and
also during a leafletting blitz on Saturday, November 12th.
Greater Victoria School District includes at least 5 of our
region's municipalities -- many households to cover.

A few dozen votes regularly determine which candidates are
elected or defeated here. So even if you have only an hour or
two to spare or have never leafletted before, you too can
actually make a difference for the next 3 years, this Election
Day: by helping ensure beforehand that as many citizens as
possible receive information about the candidates on the school
board slate that has the progressive voting pattern. Knowing we
as citizens got our communities' children and youth -- as well as
those workers who serve them, and those citizens who fund their
services -- school board trustees who actually have progressive
voting patterns will be our personal and collective

To sign up yourself or a group of neighbours or friends
for just an hour, two, or more of leafletting for the
progressively voting slate's members, please phone or email
---> Peg Orcherton: 382-1603 or sorcherton [at] telus.net.
---> Alternatively, you are welcome to voicemail or email me:
386-6255 or up130 [at] victoria.tc.ca .

If you would like to leaflet to re-elect progressively-voting
---> Denise Riley to the Sooke School District, please contact
me, and I shall be more than happy to pass your contact
information on to her, so she can contact you.

Progressives are so busy, and leafletting half a dozen
municipalities before Election Day is a challenge! But, perhaps
like you, I view the leafletting as an "investment" in especially
our children and youth, as well as those workers who serve them,
our communities, the public good, and our collective future.
With enough little progressive efforts from ordinary community
members, we will create more progress at a time when our children
and youth, as well as our public schools, have never faced a more
challenging future, so I hope you too are able to consider
contributing a little. Together we can do it!

Finally, even if you are unable to contribute through
leafletting, please remember how very low voter-turnout is for
school board and municipal elections and (1) VOTE, Saturday,
November 19th, (2) ENCOURAGE other informed progressives to get
to the polls, and (3) help put out the word to voters:

* that Peg Orcherton, Bev Horsman,
Charley Beresford, and Ruth MacIntosh
are the Greater Victoria School Board slate
who have a progressive "voting pattern," and

* that Sooke School Board's long-time incumbent,
Denise Riley, too, has a progressive voting pattern.

Thank you for your kind attention and for any consideration to
any little ways you are able to pitch in to elect the slate of
progressively voting candidates to our communities' public school
board! 'Because, as with other politicians, when it comes to
choosing our public school board trustees, their "voting
patterns" should most matter!

Cheer in progress,

Karin Hass
up130 [at] victoria.tc.ca

p.s. If you are unable to drop off leaflets but wish you could
contribute to electing any of these progressively voting
candidates to our public school boards, mailing them even
a small cheque would help them with their considerable
publicity costs.

TO SUBSCRIBE to my occasional progressive updates, please type
SUBSCRIBE in your subject line and send your email address, first
& last name, and if applicable or wished the name of your
organization, union, or local to .
Thank you for your interest. My emails do not contain
attachments: only low-volume (and virus-free) plain text. I
appreciate my email the same way.

subject line and send to . Thank you.

cope 15

From: "K. Hass"


9. Rose Henry - the first aboriginal person on council

As most of you would know, local social activist
Rose Henry has entered her second campaign to break
the cultural barrier at City Hall in becoming the
first aboriginal person on council.

Rose is an outstanding voice for the poor and the
homeless in our community, having devoted an
accumulated almost two decades of service at the
Native Friendship Centre, Sandy Merriman House shelter
for women, Victoria Street Commnity Association,
Together Against Poverty Association and the Vancouver
Human Rights Coalition. She stands up for the rights
of the most marginalized and dispossesed in our city.

She is herself a survivor of a racist colonial system
and the foster care system and who faces the multiple
barriers of being a First Nations woman, a visible
minority, who has lived in poverty her whole life and
who has the great strength of being able to
authentically represent the realtiy, issues and needs
of a whole segment of the population whose voices are
systematically excluded and ignored in the realms of
political power, privilege and decision-making.

City Hall has long been the domain of the privilege
and the comfortable, the educated and the middle
It is no coincidence that the issues affecting the
poor are year after year given short shrift. Class
interests on city council have almost unanimoulsy been
with those who stand for big development and private
profits before people's real needs, affordable
housing, public transit and poverty alleviation.

Rose is no newcomer to social justice struggles. She
operates on substance and not slick. She is one person
who will put the urgency of Victoria's pressing social
issues at the top (rather than the bottom) of the
agenda at City Hall. She is a compassionate and
hard-working advocate who will serve beyond the call
of duty to press for solutions to the growing problems
that our community faces: addiction, homelessness,
intolerance, housing affordability, public safety.

In the 10 days ahead I urge all of you to consider
what resources of time and/or finances you can devote
to helping Rose win a seat on council. She is in need
of canvassers and some funds to put up a few signs
around town.

Rose has stood with all of us in the social justice
community for a long time. It's time that we stood
with her now.

If you wish to vote in advance you can do so at Victoria City Hall on Nov. 9,

14,15,16 & 17 Hours start at 8am until at least 5pm

Rose can be reached at 812-0199 or at
pheonixstar62 (at) hotmail.com

Bobby Arbess
Rose Henry Campaign Team
garbanzobob (at) yahoo.ca

From: garbanzobob (at) yahoo.ca


10. Council of Canadians chair Maude Barlow concerned Wal-Mart interfering in Vancouver election.

Council of Canadians National Chairperson Maude Barlow is concerned Wal-Mart may be attempting to influence the outcome of Vancouver's civic election.

"I am appalled by what appears to be an attempt by Wal-Mart to get a council elected that will reverse an earlier decision that rejected their development," said Barlow. "This touches on the basic right of Canadians to make our own decisions about what happens in our communities."

Barlow was commenting on revelations that Allen Langdon and Wayne Hartrick of Reputations Corp, Wal-Mart's public relations firm, are also managing the campaigns of Vancouver NPA mayoral hopeful Sam Sullivan and NPA Councilor Peter Ladner.

Last June, Vancouver's COPE Council rejected Wal-Mart's proposal for a big-box in Vancouver after hundreds of local residents were concerned that Wal-Mart would destroy local business, increase air pollution and damage their neighborhoods.

Sullivan and Ladner backed Wal-Mart's failed bid. Sullivan now says he will support Wal-Mart if it makes another attempt to get a big-box in Vancouver.

Wal-Mart public affairs director Andrew Pelletier says his company is planning on submitting another development proposal after the next election. Pelletier also confirmed Wal-Mart looked at "coalition building" with other businesses as a way of influencing council to get the proposal passed.

"If Wal-Mart, the largest corporation in the US, gets away with this in Vancouver, they will try in other Canadian cities," said COPE Councillor Anne Roberts. "I am encouraged by Maude's support in making sure that a Canadian election process is not influenced by Wal-Mart."

The Council of Canadians has chapters and members across Canada and works to protect Canadian independence by promoting progressive policies on fair trade, clean water, safe food, public health care, and other issues of social and economic concern.

Barlow is in BC to speak about her new book Too Close for Comfort that examines the role of large corporations in influencing Canada's public policy and its relationship with the U.S.

Information: COPE 604-288-9777, www.cope.bc.ca
. Meera Karunananthan, Media Officer, Council of Canadians
1.800.387.7177, Ext234 (Cell phone) 613.795.8685

From: Ivan Bulic


11. VOTE RAYMOND KOEHLER - November 19th

Hello Sister Janine,

Thanks so much for wveryhting you continue to do!
I hope you can help me by forwarding this message out to your contact list(s).

Best regards,
Raymond Koehler


Greetings Friends & Allies.

Please FORWARD this message to your provincial lists, with THIS REQUEST: that your Contacts direct it on to Progressive Folks in the West Kootenays, and from there to Allies in Castlegar.


RAYMOND KOEHLER, BC Social Justice Activist, is the ONLY Municipal Candidate in the City of Castlegar to be endorsed by the WEST KOOTENAY LABOUR COUNCIL.

RAYMOND KOEHLER has 'taken on' a moribund, right-wing City Council, dominated by card-carrying Provincial Liberals.

RAYMOND KOEHLER has introduced 'revolutionary' concepts to Castlegar politics --- such as 'ASKING QUESTION' and 'DEMANDING ANSWERS & PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY'!

RAYMOND KOEHLER's campaign message "WORKING TOGETHER FOR A SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY" is resonating throughout the City of Castlegar


Check our the Web Site: www.raymondkoehler.ca www.raymondkoehler.ca

{PLEASE NOTE: If you have sound on your computer, our Radio Ad plays during the first 30 seconds that the Site is open.

Also, our Campaign Team invites you to share in some of the Inspiration that is driving our efforts here in Castlegar, by visiting our CAMPAIGN SONGBOOK link, on the Web Page Menu.}

Newspaper Ad: http://www.raymondkoehler.ca/didtheyaskyou.jpg


Radio Ad: http://www.raymondkoehler.ca/electraymond1.swf


Your Support of The Campaign to Elect Raymond Koehler WILL make a difference!

Thank you!

In Solidarity,

Raymond Koehler
Social Justice Activist
Candidate, Castlegar City Council,
Associate Member, BCGEU, Local 303
619 - 9th Avenue,
Castlegar, BC V1N 1M5
Telephone: 250.304.2157
Cell: 604.313.3166

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can
change the world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret
Mead, Anthropologist (1901 ? 1978)


From: "raymond"



It is impossible to simultaneously protect, and print on, ancient forests.
Victoria Street Newz - http://streetnewz.communitypipe.org


"Mercy to animals means mercy to [hu]mankind."

Henry Bergh, 1866 - founder, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


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