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LEFT COAST EVENTS (pt i) - Lower Mainland - October 23rd, 2005 PDF Print E-mail
PEJ Events
Sunday, 23 October 2005 00:30
LEFT COAST EVENTS (pt i) - Lower Mainland - October 23rd, 2005
1. Have your say on the BC Budget 2006! - by Oct 23rd
2. ART OF THE CITY - to Nov 6th
3. The next Left Film Night in Vancouver - Oct 23rd
4. Report on the Public Banning and Boycott Campaign against the Churches Responsble for Mass Murder in Canada - Oct 24th
6. Greater Victoria Water Watch Coalition meeting - Oct 25th
7. Measuring Security Measures - Oct 27th
8. Murray Dobbin and Ben Meisner to speak in Prince George on sale of Terasen Gas
to Kinder Morgan - Oct 27th
9. Unthinkable, undrinkable: Coca Cola in India - Oct 29th
11. APC General Meeting - Nov 1st
12. Tim Stevenson and Ellen Woodsworth host GLBT election benefit - Nov 1st
13. A FREE PUBLIC TALK: "Of Race and Rust: What We Can Learn from Urban Inequality in the United States" - Nov 2nd
14. A Film about Revolutionary Women and their Dangerous Pursuit of Justice - Nov 3, 5th


1. Have your say on the BC Budget 2006!

The BC Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services is holding public consultations.


Please forward this widely!

What can you do?

You can participate in the Online Consultation, write your own submission, or submit the Submission of the BC Coalition of Women's Centres as your own.

Go Now to Send a Submission!! HURRY!!

You don't have to write a thing if you don't want to! You can send the BC Coalition of Women's Centres recommendations. Here they are below:


After more than four years of cutbacks to programs and services, as well as policy and legislative changes, it is time for the Government of British Columbia to not only acknowledge the impact these cuts and changes have had on women and their families, but to address the inequities that have been perpetuated in our province.

Martin Luther King Jr. said that, ?Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.?

It is therefore that we, women and taxpayers of British Columbia, demand, and not request or recommend, that future British Columbia budgets will include the following:

~ that the Government of British Columbia abide by the recommendations of the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination, and in future respect all International Human Rights Treaties to which Canada, and therefore British Columbia, are legal signatories;

~ that the Government of British Columbia will increase its outreach to public interest advocacy groups, and provide the resources necessary to ensure that a diversity of voices are heard at all future budget and policy consultations;

~ that the Government of British Columbia respect and acknowledge the hard work of public interest advocates and advocacy organizations, and the role they have played in shaping a more inclusive British Columbia, by providing adequate and appropriate resources, including financial support, to advocates and advocacy organizations in British Columbia;

~ that the Government of British Columbia restore and enhance funding to the Legal Services Society of BC for the purpose of providing family law, poverty law, and immigration law assistance to those in need;

~ that the Government of British Columbia restore and enhance funding to Women?s Centres across BC, so that Women?s Centres can continue to advocate for and on behalf of women and girls as citizens of this province;

~ that the Government of British Columbia restore the BC Human Rights Commission, the Provincial Mental Health Advocate, and the Minister?s Advocacy Council on Women?s Health, or create their equivalents; and,

~ that the Government of British Columbia restore the BC Ministry of Women's Equality, or create a new and equitable body, expressly for the purpose of working towards women's equality in BC.

Read the entire submission here:
Please forward this widely!
BC Coalition of Women's Centres
bcwomen (at) telus.net
Alternative Link:

From: "BC Coalition of Women's Centres"



Contemporary Activist Posters from the Downtown Eastside

29 West Hastings to Nov 6

Artists include:
Murray Bush([search])
Anton Pilipa
Diane Wood
Irwin Oostindie
Carel Moiseiwitch

A DTES Community Arts Intiative and Heart of The City Festival event www.heartofthecityfestival.com

From: fluxdesign (at) shaw.ca


3. The next Left Film Night in Vancouver

7 pm, Sunday, October 23
706 Clark Drive (corner of Clark & E. Georgia)

Haiti: Harvest of Hope

(USA, 1998, 57 minutes)

Haiti: Harvest of Hope has been called the quintessential primer for understanding the roots of the crisis in Haiti. The film dramatically captures seminal moments in the history of Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the Lavalas movement that swept him into the presidency in December 1990. Haiti: Harvest of Hope was originally planned as a documentary about democracy coming to Haiti with the election of Aristide in December 1990. During the final editing of the original (late September 1991) Haiti was struck by yet another military coup. Editing of the first version came to a halt as Kevin Pina (the filmmaker) returned to Haiti and spent three weeks chronicling the brutality and machinations of Haiti's new military leaders and their supporters. Pina returned to Haiti in late July 1993 just after the negotiation of the Governor's Island Accord between the Haitian Government in exile and General Raoul Cedras. He returned again in 1994 to film Aristide's return to Haiti. The world television premiere of Harvest of Hope was in Haiti on Mother's Day, March 28, 1994. The broadcast was dedicated to the mothers of Haiti who sacrificed so much during the years of the coup to restore democracy to Haiti. Harvest of Hope is a rare film that few have had the opportunity to experience. The final director's cut was completed in 1998.

A collection will be taken for Haiti solidarity work. Left Film Nights are co-sponsored by the Centre for Socialist Education, the Vancouver East Club CPC, and Young Communist League-BC. For information on this event, call Kimball, 604-255-2041, email pvoice (at) telus.net.

From: Kimball Cariou


4. Report on the Public Banning and Boycott Campaign against the Churches Responsble for Mass Murder in Canada

"Active non-cooperation with evil is as necessary as cooperation with good."
Mohandas K. Gandhi, 1929

On April 30, 2005, after years of petitioning, protesting, and politely attempting to speak the truth to a blind and deaf "white" world, indigenous survivors of mass murder in Canada took the step of declaring a Public Banning and Boycott of the Christian churches responsible for the deaths of over 50,000 aboriginal children in their "residential schools": the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and United Churches of Canada.

This Boycott was also issued against the Government of Canada, as an accomplice in the planned extermination of non-Christian aboriginal peoples.

This Banning and Boycott was declared, specifically, because of the systematic refusal by these churches and the government of Canada to reveal the location of the remains of the more than 50,000 children who died in church-run "Indian residential schools" between 1886 and 1984, despite repeated public requests to do so.

The original Declaration of this Banning and Boycott was made by thirty elders of indigenous Nations across "Canada", and was sent to other aboriginal groups and nations across the world, and to the United Nations.

In essence, this Declaration called for active non-cooperation with the government of Canada and the aforementioned churches by all people and governments, in Canada and abroad, until these institutions revealed the cause of death and buried location of the children who died in residential schools.

It was urged by the Declaration for all people to engage in such active non-cooperation through the following specific methods, aimed at the government of Canada and the aforementioned churches:

1. Refusing to attend their functions, services, and other activities, and to use their facilities,

2. Refusing to cooperate in, fund or otherwise subsidize their operations, including by denying them all taxes, tithes and other payments,

3. Refusing to obey their laws, rulings or officers,

4. Refusing to grant them any public, legal or moral legitimacy by considering them to be pariah organizations in the world community, and, consequently,

5. Actively participating in an international trade and tourism boycott of Canada and these Churches, including by boycotting the 2010 Olympics in "British Columbia".

Because of the continued refusal by these churches and government to abide by international law and morality, and acknowledge the fate and location of the children who died at the hands of their employees, the network of indigenous survivors of genocide grouped under the umbrella of The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada has decided to escalate this Banning and Boycott into a campaign of active, non-violent, public civil disobedience against these criminal bodies.

This Campaign will commence on Sunday, November 13, 2005, and will continue indefinitely. It will include sit-ins, demonstrations, tax resistance, and other deliberate disruptions of the activites of the churches and government responsible for genocide in Canada. This Campaign will be coordinated by local groups of aboriginal people and their supporters.

We urge all people to take action on and after November 13, 2005 in order to win justice for the survivors and continued victims of genocide in Canada, and to contact the Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada for literature, organizers and other assistance in this Campaign.

We also urge people to listen to the radio program "Hidden from History" for updates on the Campaign, every Monday from 1-2 pm on CFRO 102.7 FM (Vancouver), archived at www.hiddenfromhistory.org and at www.coopradio.org.

An organizing meeting to plan this Campaign will be held this Monday, October 24 at 7 pm on the second floor of Gordon Neighbourhood House, 1019 Broughton street (off and north of Davie) in Vancouver's west end. All are welcome.

Please share this Report throughout your networks and with your local media.

For background information, see the websites below.

Yours in solidarity,

Wilfred Price, elder, Haida Nation
Kevin Annett, M.A., M.Div., Secretary, The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada


NOTE: The crimes of genocide committed against generations of indigenous people in Canada are carefully documented in the just-released second edition of "Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust" by Kevin Annett. This 500 page reference book is available from the author for $40 ($50 for libraries and institutions). Make payments to Lori O'Rorke and mail to:

260 Kennedy St.
Nanaimo, British Columbia
Canada V9R 2H8

From: "Kevin Annett"



in Vancouver Oct 25th 2005

Victoria, BC (12th October 2005) - On Tuesday October 25th 2005, OPEN CINEMA (OC) and Charter for Public Education Network (CPEN) will host a 'Public Education Special' at the WISE Club (1882 Adanac, at Victoria Drive), with a screening of award-winning filmmaker Jill Freidberg's inspiring documentary Granito de Arena (Grain of Sand, USA 2004). The film will be followed by an open forum panel discussion about public education in Mexico and in British Columbia. The distinguished panel includes Larry Kuehn, BC Teachers' Federation Director of Research; Debbie Desroches-Fulton, Chair of the Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council & BCCPAC Board member; Kevin Millsip, Trustee, Vancouver School Board; John C. Moss, Executive Director, CPEN; and moderator Linda Coyle, VP Emeritus, Kwantlen University-College and President of CPEN.

Granito de Arena is an important and compelling documentary that gives an in-depth view of the 25-year long struggle to defend public education in Mexico. Made with partial support from the BC Teachers Federation and the Trinational Coalition for the Defence of Public Education, the film features interviews with Maude Barlow and Eduardo Galeano, and a driving soundtrack by DJ Foo, PlanB and Los Mocosos. Granito de Arena fuels indignation, inspires action and raises important questions about democracy, sovereignty and the universal right to public education.

"This provocative documentary will be an interesting starting point for a discussion about teacher union and government relationships here in British Columbia." comments John C. Moss, Executive Director and Founder of CPEN, a non-profit, non-partisan organization promoting the importance of universal, free and accessible education (www.charter.publiced.ca). CPEN and OPEN CINEMA are co-hosting a similar event in Victoria on October 18th 2005.

This marks OPEN CINEMA's long-awaited launch onto the Mainland. The popular monthly community screening event explores the innovative use of film as a tool for social engagement in non-traditional venues. Please visit www.opencinema.ca for further information about this small non-profit society with a big vision. OC gratefully receives support from VanCity, the Spirit of BC Arts Fund, CRD Arts Development Program, the City of Victoria, CineVic, MediaNet and Hollyhock.

What: Granito de Arena (Grain of Sand) followed by discussion
When: 7pm, Tuesday, October 25th 2005 (Doors open at 6.30pm)
Where: WISE Club, 1882 Adanac (at Victoria Drive)
Who: Larry Kuehn, BCTF; Kim Howland, BCCPAC; Kevin Millsip, Trustee, Vancouver
School Board; John C. Moss, ED, CPEN; moderator Linda Coyle, President, CPEN.

Cost: $5 donation

OPEN CINEMA contact: CPEN Contact:
Mandy Leith John C. Moss
opencinema (at) shaw.ca johncmoss (at) shaw.ca
(250) 882-7441 (250) 240-0724

Backgrounder for OPEN CINEMA 'Public Education Special'

About Granito de Arena (2004, USA):

Recently nominated for the International Documentary Association's 2005 Pare Lorentz Award!

"An essential, resounding, overwhelming story. The film is a cry of outrage; the message, a cry of hope." Pablo Gentili, University of Rio de Janeiro

"An inspiring glimpse into the power of collective action...one that's certainly relevant to people in this country as well." City Pages, Minneapolis, MN

For more information, visit www.corrugate.org

About Director Jill Freidberg:

Jill Freidberg co-produced the award-winning documentary, This is What Democracy Looks Like, which won numerous festival awards, screened in over 50 countries, and received national, prime-time television broadcast in Canada and Mexico. Freidberg was a founding member of the Seattle Independent Media Center and the worldwide indymedia network, and currently works with several independent media collectives and indigenous community radio stations in Mexico, and with community radio station, KBCS, in Seattle.

Contact Corrugated Films for interview or review copies:
info (at) corrugate.org

Documentary, Debate, Democracy!

OPEN CINEMA (OC) is a Victoria based non-profit Society with a mission to explore the innovative use of film as a tool for social engagement. Since 2003, OC has been screening thought-provoking social issue documentaries in restaurants, cafes and other non-traditional venues, followed by discussion and community networking on the issues of our time. OC has an ambitious ten-year vision which includes developing a network of multi-media 21st century town-hall events and spaces featuring film, food and focus across the country and beyond.

For more information, please visit www.opencinema or call (250) 882-7441.

About the Charter for Public Education Network
The Charter was sponsored by the B.C. Teachers' Federation and an independent panel of members of the community committed to public education. From October 2002 until February 2003, the panel members visited 42 communities, listening to formal presentations and holding discussions. The result was a consensus about the important values and principles that British Columbians share regarding public education. This has become The Charter for Public Education, and the follow up Charter Report. On March 10th 2004, the inaugural membership meeting for the Charter for Public Education Network was held at the Vancouver School Board. Within the first week of forming the organization the Network had over 200 new members from around the province.

The Charter for Public Education Network aims to:
* advocate for strong, stable public education in BC
* lobby, communicate and speak out for learners
* promote fully-funded, equitable, accessible public education
* work with colleges and universities to carry out research that illustrates
the value of public education
* sponsor respectful debates and discussions on the issues facing public
* develop and present workshops on topical issues concerning advocacy and
* organize conferences where supporters of public education can learn from
their diverse experiences and share their knowledge and wisdom
* publish articles and studies and intervene in the media to defend the
principles of public education
* model participatory democracy, accessibility and equity in all of its activities and projects

About Larry Kuehn
Director of Research and Technology, BC Teachers' Federation (BCTF)

Larry Kuehn is a member of the Coordinating Committee, and also represents the BCTF in many capacities to outside groups, including the Ministry of Education. He has particular interests in education policy, technology, and social issues. He has taught English in Kitimat, Kettle Valley, and Kamloops, and was president of the BCTF, 1981-84. Larry is the co-author of the book, Pandora's Box: Free trade, corporate power, and Canadian education. He has written extensively on issues related to education and globalization and trade agreements.

The BC Teachers' Federation supported the making of the film Granito de Arena.

Mandy Leith
Executive Director and Founder

(250) 882-7441
opencinema (at) shaw.ca

OPEN CINEMA is a non-profit society dedicated to screening socially relevant thought-provoking films and cross-platform programming in non-traditional venues, inspiring community dialogue and grassroots action, furthering the role of filmmaking as a tool for social innovation.

OC would like to thank its sponsors: VanCity, Spirit of BC Arts Fund, Capital Regional District Arts Development, City of Victoria, National Film Board of Canada, CineVic, MediaNet, Victoria Film Producers' Association and Hollyhock

From: Mandy Leith


6. Greater Victoria Water Watch Coalition meeting

Tuesday October 25th
7pm ? 9pm
Centennial United Church
649 Gorge Road E.
(large red brick building)

We will be formulating plans around a municipal election and media strategy,
as well as planning for a Nov 5th community information event, and a Nov 10th community water forum.


From: Phil Lyons


7. Measuring Security Measures

The NFB's CitizenShift and ?berculture present "Measuring Security
Measures," a ten-city, cross-Canada series of film screenings and panel

"Measuring Security Measures" is intended to provide an open forum for
debate on the issues of immigration, media, law, and post 9/11 national
security/civil liberties in our country.

Changes in Canadian laws and policies since September 11, 2001 and the consequences of these laws for many immigrants and refugees will be examined, analyzed and discussed through new short films and panels. The media's role in framing and covering such debate will also be discussed.

Following one hour of film screenings, audiences will hear from the panelists, then be invited to join in a discussion.

Does protecting national security interfere with Canadians' civil liberties and fundamental human rights? These questions will be at the centre of this public forum.

The events, occurring from coast to coast are free and open to all.
For more information, see http://citizenshift.nfb.ca/msm


When: October 27th, 7pm
Where: Vancouver International Film Centre , 1181 Seymour St . Vancouver, BC V6B 3M7

Tom Sandorn is a poet, activist, Board Member of BC Civil Liberties Association
Naava Smolash is a media researcher focused on newspaper racializations of bodies deemed the "enemy within" in Canada. She gives regular workshops on media, nationalism, and race. She is also involved in the campaign to end secret trials through work with No One Is Illegal in Victoria and Vancouver. Her previous work touches on two films shown in the CitizenShift series: her Master's thesis at the University of Guelph analyzed coverage of the Project Thread detentions in Canada's national newspapers, and her spoken word piece " War Measures "was written in response to the film "Security Consciousness" and was performed at that film's opening event.

Zool Suleman is an immigration lawyer/activist ( www.sulemanco.com ) based in Vancouver . He is the coordinator of a national campaign to stop racial profiling ( www.stopracialprofiling.ca ). Zool has been involved with a variety of projects, on a national and regional level, related to race politics, art, migrant rights, and constitutional/civil liberties issues. (Legal)

Moderator :Harsha Walia is a local activist and writer. Her writings have appeared in many alternative and mainstream newspapers and journals. She has been heavily involved in organizing for migrant rights in the post 9/11 climate through community-based groups including No One is Illegal, South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy and Vancouver Status of Women.

Principle Organizers:
Zool Suleman, MARU, Kris Anderson, DOXA, Jonathan Orr, NFB j.orr (at) nfb.ca


When: October 27th, 7pm
Where: Vertigo, Student Union Building at University of Victoria on Ring Road


Professor Donald Galloway, served as a member of the Refugee Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board. In 2001 was the Southern Director of the Akitsiraq Law School for about 18 months at UVIC. Recently he participated in teaching a course on refugee law organized by the International Institute of Humanitarian Law in San Remo, Italy.

Dr. Annalee Lepp ,Chair and Associate Professor in Women Studies. Main research areas include Canadian legal history as well as globalization, transnational migration, trafficking in women, and human rights. She is also the Canadian representative of the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, which is comprised of about 200 organizations worldwide, a member of the Vancouver Anti-Trafficking Coalition, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Fernwood Community Centre.

Principle Organizer :jude jude (at) uvic.ca

From: angela bischoff
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