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Destroying the City to Save It: Hurricane Cassandra PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Wednesday, 07 September 2005 14:59
Destroying the City to Save It: Hurricane Cassandra

PEJ News - C. L. Cook - News descending at this hour, fuelled by the relentless wind of CNN, and the rest of the elements comprising the agit-prop pretending to journalism (and serving the public weal) in that Untied State of America, currently relating the grim realities of the "graveyard that is New Orleans," exemplified best by five-star reporter and favoured hand-maiden to orchestrated calamity everywhere, Christiane Amanpour, would have the world believe, there is little option left for the beleagured government forces massed ready to pounce on the funereal remains inconveniently still assembled in New Orleans, but to massacre the remnants, witnesses of the Great Flood and its aftermath. The long awaited saviours must now  'Destroy the City in Order to Save It.'


Hurricane Cassandra
C. L. Cook

PEJ News
September 7, 2005

The problem is: The talking points are consistently belied by the inconvenient numbers of survivors, miraculously managing to get themselves on-camera. Tonight, while Larry King incessantly pushed the talking point, police on the scene, and movie star Sean Penn insisted: There are vast numbers of living people yet, despite the best efforts of George W. Bush and the morons he appointed at FEMA and Homeland Security, ready, willing, and able to be "rescued," if only someone would.

But, that doesn't wash with the "crazy Cajun gun-totin', Medi-vac sniping dead-enders" inhabiting the disaster zone. What the war majorettes prefer to pitch is the need for the neo-robo-nazi emblems of modern order, those wrap-around sun-glassed, Kevlor knights, to eradicate entirely recalcitrant "pockets" of Refusniks.

And, it's just for their own good.

The too dumb beasts just don't seem to see things the way the doyens of D.C. do. The dusky Indigenise, deprived of the electricity demanded to deliver the daily dose of FOX wisdom are ignorant of the, only now, discovered poisons they live amidst.

Lead Poisoning!

Agog, CNN reports of the dank waters of the deluge being polluted by heavy metals, threatening to poison the people. Metals, they reveal, created by industries in the neighbourhood. Imagine, the poor threatened by industrial pollutants!

I expect the Pulitzer for that bit of investigative journalism. 

There's another angle to this story though, one Anderson Cooper, the earnest and Christian-name challenged anchor-head of tomorrow is eager to dismiss: Tropical Storms Ophelia, Maria, and Nate are churning their way towards Florida, and though currently not tracking towards the Gulf, will bring rain.

The infamous seven day, and counting, rescue delay may yet prove further disaster.

Chris Cook
hosts Gorilla Radio, broad/webcast from the University of Victoria, Canada. He also serves as a contributing editor to PEJ News. You can check out the GR Blog here.


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