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Action Alert: Stop them from drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge PDF Print E-mail
Earth News
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 16:21
Action Alert: Stop them from drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

July 20/05,  World Wildlife Fund of Canada.
WWF photo

Why we need to say NO to drilling in the Arctic: 

Once again the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is at risk from oil drilling. Over the past 25 years conservation groups have won the fight against Arctic drilling more than a dozen times. This latest challenge may prove to be different. Embedded in the Budget Reconciliation Act, which only needs the support of 51 of the 100 senators to pass, new Arctic development legislation would open the door for invasive drilling along the Refuge?s vulnerable coastal plain.

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This is potentially disastrous for a number of reasons:

Putting a global treasure at risk Oil drilling will undoubtedly have a tremendous negative impact on the wildlife that live and migrate to the Refuge. Approximately 130,000 Porcupine Caribou arrive every spring to give birth to 40,000 calves, and drilling poses a very real threat to their reproductive cycle. The Refuge is also essential to polar bears, musk oxen, wolves, grizzly bears and millions of birds that nest and raise young there every summer.

Oil drilling would quickly disturb this delicate ecosystem to the point where it could no longer be used by caribou and other wildlife.

Canada?s connection: 

As Canadians, we have a vested interest in the outcome of the Budget Reconciliation bill. The Porcupine caribou herd winters in Canada, providing an essential resource to the Gwitch?in people of north Yukon who rely on caribou for food, their livelihoods and their very survival.

This herd is supposed to be managed and conserved through a Canada/U.S. agreement that dates back to 1987.

Do the ends justify the means? Drilling in the Refuge is not a quick fix to the United States? energy issues. It will take 10-30 years to get oil flowing from the Refuge. Even then, it will only make up 3% of U.S. oil consumption, which would supply total U.S. demand for less than a year.

Take a stand for Alaska?s wildlife This critical vote takes place in mid-September. We must act now!

Sign our petition now ?

Our goal is to have one signature for every caribou calf expected to be born each spring in the Refuge. That?s 40,000 names in only two months! Forward it to your friends ? Every voice counts and is critical for defeating this bill in Congress. Donate to WWF-Canada ? We plan to fight for the Refuge until it is protected as wilderness. What World Wildlife Fund is doing to stop this bill WWF-Canada and the entire WWF global network are doing everything we can to prevent drilling in the Refuge. We are working with local Arctic communities, mobilizing organizations to work together and creating greater public awareness of this important issue.

We are also working hard to persuade the Canadian government to take quick and decisive action - informing their U.S. counterparts that Canadians do not approve of drilling in the Refuge.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 July 2005 16:21

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