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David Anderson waffles on weapons in space PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Friday, 30 April 2004 06:18
I would like to encourage folks to consider writing a letter to the Times Colonist in response to David Anderson's letter below. o­ne easy thing to point out is that David Turner and the NDP unequivally oppose Star Wars missile defence-- the Liberals, Conservatives and Anderson are still "listening", and basically hiding their true intentions. After the election, the Liberals and Conservatives will jump o­nboard Star Wars.

Here is a letter which you may find helpful:

> Re: "Listening to U.S. is not agreeing with them," April 28.
> David Anderson's attempt to cover his tracks o­n voting in favour of joining
> the dangerous, expensive, and useless U.S. missile defence program is an
> example of Liberal spin at its worst.
> Mr. Anderson is attempting to compare talking to the U.S. about missile
> defence to window shopping. But a government does not sit down and negotiate
> things like missile defence unless it has already decided to buy in.
> These talks are simply Paul Martin's attempt to signal the Americans that we
> want to join George W. Bush's Star Wars moondoggle while keeping the issue
> out of the spotlight until the federal election is over.
> Will David Anderson promise that he will work to keep Canada out of this
> program? I doubt it.
> (signed)


> David Anderson had the following letter published in today's Times Colonist:
> Listening to US is not agreeing with them
> Re "Weapons in space; Bad for people, bad for space," April 26
> The letter writer's statement of my position and her description of my vote
> o­n the Bloc Quebecois motion is incorrect.
> The resolution of the Bloc demanded that Ottawa refuse to participate in
> talks related to the US missile defence proposals. My vote reflected my
> belief that we should be at the table for discussions with the US o­n issues
> that affect Canadian sovereignty and defence. Hearing what the Americans
> have to say does not mean we agree with them.
> A recent example is the Iraq war. The Canadian government made up its mind
> not to take part after the US explained its position.
> Incidentally, while the government was not persuaded that Canada should
> take part, the official Opposition took the position we should support our
> friends and take part regardless of the merits of the evidence put forward
> by the US.
> David Anderson, MP
> Minister of the Environment

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