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The Next BC Election PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Friday, 20 May 2005 14:40
The Next BC Election 

The next BC election will be a repeat of this last one unless the left stops acting like enemies and starts figuring out how to win.    There are two kinds of win.   The left can win if the parties on the left don't split their vote.   They could have won this election if they wern't all so egotistical and thick headed.   I am copying a note from the Broad Coalition that illusltrates just how no-brainer we have been.   Comon lefties WAKE UP and start talking to each other.  "Get a plan Sam."

Broad Coalition
May 20, 2005

NDP strategy backfires: wins strong opposition, loses chance to govern

Victoria - The Broad Coalition says that the failure of the NDP and Greens to cooperate before the election cost the NDP the opportunity to form government.

"The strategy of competing instead of cooperating clearly backfired," says Susan Clarke, spokesperson for the Broad Coalition. "A cooperation strategy between the NDP and Green Party could have reduced the number of Liberal seats to 33 from 46, in a best case scenario.

"The number of constituencies that elected a Liberal MLA due to a split progressive vote increased from seven in 2001, to 13. Gordon Campbell's Vancouver-Point Grey constituency was one of these ridings."

"Progressive voters are again misrepresented by first-past-the post," says The Broad Coalition's Betty Muller. "Without electoral reform, cooperation as an interim strategy could have won the election for the NDP and won a few seats for the Green Party as well."

The Broad Coalition is a grassroots group of NDP, Green and nonpartisan voters that has worked for the past three years to promote cooperation between the NDP and Green Party to avoid splitting the progressive vote. Frustrated by the lack of party cooperation, The Broad Coalition launched a strategic voter cooperation campaign before the election.

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