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Thursday, 28 April 2005 12:38

If I were playing golf the number of holes in our social net would make for the most challenging course in history.   While the rich consider tax relief better than golf and the social net is the party they were at last night, the people in the street doubles from about 1,100 to more than 2,100 in the past three years.

Michael Goldberg of the Social Planning and Resource Council said ?Something is wrong with the social net if numbers are doubling. "Terribly wrong."

We all knew this would happen when the Liberals tossed 114,000 into the streets. The numbers don?t include those leaving the province to live elsewhere in Canada, those already dead, or those living with relatives.

You may be surprised to learn that the social net was not implemented for humanitarian reasons. The reasons were purely about protecting the countries economic buttress.

It turns out that when credit vanishes that having people being able to spend enough to live on is what softens a depression and allows a nation to get back on its feet. The banks have supplanted this somewhat by giving credit to the poor. However as debt increases there becomes a point where credit is like vanishing cream. When that happens, capital which is mostly in the form of credit is gone and the ability of anyone to invest is also gone.

The main vehicle driving the capitalist system needs a tow truck . The only tow truck around is trust. Trust is credit. I give you money and trust you will pay it back. The system cannot run without trust. When crime runs the country and everyone is a target to be scammed, trust vanishes along with credit and the economy stops

--Scoop with reference to
--CBC News article "Many more homeless people on the street
---Apr 28 2005
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