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Friday, 22 April 2005 17:11
Fancy a more lively vacation in bonnie Scotland this summer?
A week of actions and events is planned around the G8
Summit in Scotland this July including marches,
rallies, an alternative summit, cultural events, and
much more. A week of actions and events is planned around the G8
Summit in Scotland this July including marches,
rallies, an alternative summit, cultural events, and
much more.

Thursday 30 June - Friday 1 July
`Black Sun Over Genoa`
Community Play at the Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

With `Black Sun Over Genoa` Theatre Workshop will
challenge and articulate protest in a powerful,
politically charged account of the 2001 demonstrations
against the G8 Summit in Genoa.

The Genoa demonstrations are shown through the eyes of
six characters constructed from accounts of those who
were really there. The play looks at the right to
protest peacefully and how the police used violence to
repress the demonstrations.

Presented by the
Edinburgh Theatre Workshop
For more info or tickets www.theatre-workshop.com
0044 (0)131 2265 425

Saturday, 2 July
"Make Poverty History" Demonstration, Edinburgh.

This promises to be the largest demonstration in the
history of the Scotland. A diverse group of Churches,
NGOs, Trade Unions, environmentalists, and ordinary
citizens will march to end poverty in the UK and
around the world.
For more information see www.makepovertyhistory.org

Sunday, 3 July
G8 Alternatives Summit, Edinburgh
"Ideas to Change the World"

Usher Hall, Queens Hall & Edinburgh University
Will feature prominent speakers from around the world
in eight plenary sessions and more than 36
workshop/seminars. The purpose of the Alternatives
Summit is to present a serious ideological challenge
to the corrupt policies and ideology of the G8.

Plenary Sessions will focus on
War & Imperialism
The Attack on Civil Liberties
Climate Change
Asylum & Immigration
Corporate Globalisation & Privatisation
Aid, Trade & Debt

Speakers will include:
Mark Curtis- Author- Web of Deceit & Unpeople
Susan George- Vice-president ATTAC France
George Monbiot- Radical journalist & author
Trevor Ngwane- Anti-Privatisation Forum South Africa
Dita Sari- President, National Workers' Struggle
Scott Ritter- Former UN Weapons Inspector
Ken Wiwa- Son of Ken Saro Wiwa- executed by Nigerian
and many others

For more information including a list of confirmed
speakers visit www.g8alternatives.org.uk
Tickets ?10/5
Contact Usher Hall for tickets 0131 228 1155

Monday, 4 July
Faslane Nuclear Base Blockade
Faslane- 30 miles west of Glasgow, Scotland
"You can't end poverty unless you end war"

Faslane is home to the UK's own WMD Programme.
The G8 use massive military power, war and occupation
to pursue profit and power. Nuclear weapons are the
ultimate expression of that militarism. We cannot make
poverty history unless we make war and militarism

Join us to block all gates into the base - shutting it
down for a day.

Organised by Trident Ploughshares, Campaign for
Nuclear Disarmament(CND) and Scottish CND in
collaboration with G8 Alternatives
For more info see www.faslaneg8.com

Tuesday, 5 July
Dungavel Detention Centre Mass Protest
"Close Dungavel, No-one is Illegal!"

Dungavel is where Scotland imprisons hundreds of
people, including families and children who have
committed no crime. They have merely crosses borders
fleeing persecution and poverty, seeking safety and

Around the world millions of migrants are displaced by
G8 economic and military policies and demonised as
illegals. We demonstrate to show solidarity with those
behind the razor wire and demand equal rights, free
movement for all, and an end to detention and

Coaches leave in the morning from Edinburgh
Shuttle-bus service from Glasgow
For more info contact Glasgow Campaign to Welcome
Refugees at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Wednesday, 6 July
Gleneagles Hotel
Gleneagles, Perthshire
"Another World is Possible"

Assemble 12noon at Gleneagles Train Station for a
march to the gates of the Gleneagles Hotel on the
opening day of the G8 Summit.

The G8 countries have appointed themselves rulers of
the world. This group of 8 white men have brought war,
occupation, neoliberal corporate globalisation,
poverty and environmental devastation.

The G8 is not welcome here.

Join the global movement when it comes to Scotland to
oppose the G8. Anti-war groups, trade unions, left
parties, students, anti-capitalists, environmentalists
and community organisations will march side by side to
the gates of Gleneagles Hotel to let the G8 rulers
know what we think of them. The march will be followed
by a massive rally. Another world is possible.
They are G8, but we are six billion!

For more information visit G8 Alternatives at

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