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Mel Hurtig endorses Layton and NDP PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Thursday, 08 April 2004 11:30
Canadian nationalist and author Mel Hurtig told a crowd in Victoria Thursday that he is endorsing the NDP and its leader Jack Layton in the federal election. Hurtig, who led the National Party of Canada in the 1993 federal election, said he supports the NDP because Layton is the o­nly national political party leader who has shown the wisdom to speak out against Canada's participation in George W. Bush's "Star Wars" missile program.

"Signing o­n to this dangerous and destabilizing program means that our government will be repudiating over 30 years of Canadian leadership in the worldwide campaign for peace and disarmament." Hurtig said. "Only Jack Layton and the NDP are speaking out against the dangers of Star Wars."

Hurtig said Prime Minister Paul Martin, Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham, and Defence Minister David Pratt are all intentionally misleading Canadians about the American missile "defence" plans, which are really a well-documented plan to put weapons, including nuclear missiles and powerful lasers, in space.

"Rather than offering Canadians any security, a decision to take part in Star Wars will ensure that Canadian cities will become targets in any future apocalyptic nuclear confrontation between Russia or China and the United States," said Hurtig, who today is an Edmonton-based author.

"Canada's decision o­n missile 'defence' is pivotal, o­ne that at the very least could well determine our future ability to have any kind of independent foreign or defence policies," Hurtig said.

Victoria NDP candidate David Turner welcomed Hurtig's endorsement. "We cannot allow ourselves to be trapped in dangerous schemes like Star Wars. o­nly the NDP is standing up against Paul Martin and George W. Bush," Turner said.

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