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Another Krakatoa? Quake-Rocked Java Evacuates Volcano Zone PDF Print E-mail
Earth News
Saturday, 16 April 2005 06:29
Another Krakatoa? Quake-Rocked Java Evacuates Volcano Zone

PEJ News:
Javanese confidence is shaken in the wake of a series of major earthquakes since the Boxing Day killer tsunami. Two more 6.5 Richter scale temblors today, and the lively activity of a dozen volcanoes, prompted Indonesian officials to issue an evacuation order. - {lex}  


Krakatoa II?
C. L. Cook
PEJ News
April 16th, 2005

Indonesia is on Volcano Watch today, as two significant earthquakes rattled the country's most populace island, Java. Accelerated volcanic activity since the massive December tsunami-triggering sub-seabed earthquake is not the only cause for concern. 

On Sumatra, the island repeatedly rocked since Boxing Day, an eruption of Mount Talang, one of hundreds of live volcanoes within the equatorial nation, is creating so much seismic activity, scientists recommended the government issue evacuation orders to tens of thousands. The Indonesian military, and foreign aid agencies are now struggling to erect tent cities to house the displaced until the threat passes.

Today's quake was centred in the narrow stretch of water separating Java and Sumatra, the Sunda Strait. A second quake of undetermined magnitute also struck, its epicenter lying within twenty kilometers of West Java's capital city, Bandung. There have been to date no official reports of casualties.

Vulcanologist, Syamsul Rizal says he believes the increased activity is attributable to the December earthquake, so powerful it effected the planet's rotation.

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