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Justice News
Thursday, 24 March 2005 03:02
Misinformation on Health in Cuba

Letter to Times Colonist:
Mike Milke has written an interesting colum on lousy health in Cuba.  Investigative journalism, a longer trip by him (if he has gone at all) to Cuba, would disclose that contrary to Mr. Milke's beliefs we can  indeed look to Castro for ways to improve Health care.

Misinformation on Health in Cuba
Ron MacIsaac
March 25, '05

For starters prevention is the reason that Cubans are so healthy. Mr. Milke writes about patients needing to bring own sheets and food when they go to hospital.  This may be true, and its worth checking, but the health system gets its worldwide high marks for preventing the Cubans from having to go to the hospital.  I have seen few or no obese people and no fat fast food restaurants there. 
He would also learn that there is a doctor for every 300 people and that Cuba send doctors free of charge to South America and Africa.  Far more foreign aid of this nature than is given by iCuba than its US opponent. If longevity is a test of the health system, Cubans are the longest living of all 3rd world peoples, and in the same range of life expectancy as the 1st world countries, e.g. the US which blocades them from health care products. 
Mr. Milke also reports a Forbes story that Castro has $550million in control of Medicuba pharmacy.  Interesting....the last US press release re his wealth had a different story he has  money stashed in Europe. Needs checking. one or the other, both, or neither may be true or false. The fact of the matter is that dictator Castro controls the whole country, ergo, while he lives, he is a billionaire many times over. 
Investigative journalism will probably show the abuses of his dictatorship.  One abuse he is not responsible for is the jailing without trial of prisoners in Guetenanamo, the US leased section of Cuba. When Castro goes, libertarian abuses  may or may not end.  Hopefully it will not bring back Mafia control, which the Mafia had to give up when Castro took over. Hopefully organized crime and offshore land ownership will not again be the lot of the Cubans.
Ron MacIsaac

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