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BC Election News: Letter to Carol James, and reply.. PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Monday, 28 February 2005 17:57

BC Election News: Letter to Carol James, and reply..

(PEJ Earth Editor Commentary: Darreld, the author of the letter below, is a personal friend. His story about the dismantling of Lake Cowichan's underpinning econmy is precisely correct. It is a story that has been repeated at least 100 times across our once beautiful and prosperous province during the last four years. It is a story that deserves to be heard and addressed. dani rubin)  

Dear Carol

Having worked in the forest industry for 30 years, (1971, 2001) I've seen a lot of change. As I think back I remember thriving towns, booming businesses (family run businesses), and communities that were community minded.. I remember a time when communities were happy, free spirited,and when a deal was made a handshake was all that was necessary.. A mans word was a sealed contract. Not so, anymore

I've lived through a Socred way, NDP change, and now we are stuck with the "Social Credit Liberal party". A party that takes care of business. "Big Business!!" A party that is run by multinationals. It's the plutocratic way, or the highway. This is the message I get..

In the last four years mills have closed, contracts have been ripped up and corporate profits are still climbing.. At the same time the common man struggles to survive. In the last four years I've seen families split, neighbors fighting, crime rising, and the list goes on.. The average income, middle class, has fallen to half of what it used to be...Taxes, for the common man, have gone up,in turn multinationals recieve tax breaks and incentives. This is just part of the story from where I come from.

I live in the town of LakeCowichan, Carol.. Born and raised in this area. In 2001 I, as well as 200 others, got the rug pulled out from under me... By the NDP. NDP is a big scar in our neck of the woods because of this. (Lets not forget Duncan, Ladysmith). Our area used to be one of the biggest NDP strongholds, at one time.(Along with the IWA.)

People in town say, "Why should I vote NDP!!" "Especially after what they did to Youbou!!" My reply. "We have a whole new gang now, the old boys are gone." It's the best I can do, Carol.

We have an issue in our area,Carol... Actually a couple, but the one that bothers most people is the "Exporting of our logs" Everybody is against it.. A survey was done a while back.. 90% of British Columbians are against raw log exports. I call this "A message to you"

In ending, I do have two questions.. "What is your government willing to do about log exports?" Does the NDP have some sort of platform on this?? This is important in our area.. No platform, no votes.. This is the town message I get.... Take care, Carol.. Thanks for your time.

Darreld Rayner

Dear Darreld Rayner,

Thank you for your recent email. I apologize for the delay in my reply.

Your email struck a chord with me - talking of the times when deals were made with a handshake and community values were important. It is my nature to reduce conflict and to provide leadership that listens -- and your comments help remind me of this.

On the issue of resource dependent communities, we must maintain the Forest Practices Code. Weakening the Code puts our markets and jobs in jeopardy - not to mention the environmental health of our forests. Instead, we can build on the Code's strength by working with the forest industry as they seek certification of their environmental practices. And we can begin applying the Code to private lands over 20 hectares as well. We need to keep offering training and transition assistance to communities and workers affected by swings in the world lumber and pulp markets. And we have to work harder to build a value-added forest industry, to ensure more of the jobs from B.C. forests go to B.C. workers.

I have advocated strict new rules to limit the export of raw logs. Resource dependent communities need jobs and support and we do not believe in exporting jobs by exporting raw logs.

Our platform will be releaed later this Spring and I can assure that limiting raw log exports will be included. Thank you for taking the time to write. All the best.


Carole James, Leader BC New Democratic Party

Last Updated on Monday, 28 February 2005 17:57

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