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Cathedral Grove: The Weyerhaeuser Vision: Another Stumpfield Addition PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Friday, 18 February 2005 16:25

Cathedral Grove: The Weyerhaeuser Vision: Another Stumpfield Addition

by Ingmar Lee •

Thursday February 17, 2005 at 01:42 AM

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Regarding the latest Weyerhaeuser effort to bilk the BC Public into purchasing another "steaming stumpfield" to add to Cathedral Grove

Dear Port Alberni Mayor and Council,

Thank you for your email letter to the Friends of Cathedral Grove datedJanuary 13th, 2005. This was in response to our January 5th 2005 press releasewhich exposed the secret deal being hatched between Weyerhaeuser and theprovincial government to add 140 hectares of mostly logged out stumpfield toCathedral Grove.

You will now have gotten a sense of the extreme frustration that the Friendsof Cathedral Grove have experienced over the secret backroom negotiating whichhas gone on over Cathedral Grove. The Park is in the UNESCO ArrowsmithBiosphere Reserve and the charter for these reserves requires communityinvolvement. Both the provincial, and regional governments should remember thecommitment they gave when the application was made to the UN to get thisdesignation. Cathedral Grove is in the Regional District of Nanaimo which isresponsibile for supporting the principles that should govern the functionsunder the biosphere "umbrella". The RDN board passed a motion calling forcommunity involvement in any consideration of the location of the parkinglots. The RDN and Qualicum Beach have been supportive of our efforts. To ourknowledge, Port Alberni and the Alberni-Clayquot Region have not.

One expects that major acquisition transactions should at very least involveconsultation with the City of Port Alberni which has such an enormous stake inthe future of the Grove. For a World-Class park with the international statureof Cathedral Grove, any provincial government not entirely bought by giantlogging companies would invite an thorough and credible public discussion overthe future of the park. Cathedral Grove is a priceless economic generator forthe mid-Vancouver Island region which will be enhanced by the addition of theremaining tract of old-growth, not logged out stump-fields.

The Friends of Cathedral Grove believe that a vastly expanded park in theCameron Valley, which would encompass ALL the magnificent ancient fir forestcontiguous to Cathedral Grove will offer a far greater revenue to theeconomies of the region than a once over clearcut pass by Weyerhaeuser. Weenvision such efforts as the creation of a bike/hike trail between QualicumBeach and Port Alberni through the Grove along the now abandoned RailAmerica/CN Railway line and the improvement of swimming access and camping atCameron Lake. Our vision includes respecting the amazing archaeologicalresources which can be immediately discovered throughout the remaining ancientforests of the Cameron Valley, in the form of Culturally Modified Trees. Theprotection of such resources will be a valuable way to demonstrate respect,and to maintain good relations between the City and local FirstNations.Weyerhaeuser has already destroyed countless CMT's in the CameronValley, perhaps illegally, including within the last 21 hectare stumpfieldaddition to the Grove, which they sold to BC tax-payers for the rip-off priceof $1.7 million in 1999. CMT stumps can be found in Weyerhaeuser clearcutsright to the park boundary. It was this logging incursion which has alsoexacerbated the wind-throw problem which is damaging Cathedral Grove.

The Friends of Cathedral Grove believe that the City of Port Alberni will befar more generously rewarded into the future if it would pursue actions tostop Weyerhaeuser and TimberWest from ripping off their community by thewanton plunder of raw-log exports. Each of these giant corporations arethumbing their nose at Port Alberni citizens while exporting more than1,000,000 cubic metres of raw logs each from the forests surrounding yourcity, so that Americans can saw up that timber. Additionally, Weyerhaeuser'slogging plan for the forests adjacent to the Grove was set-up by John Eden oftheir South Island Timberlands division which means all the work and woodwould probably go to the East coast of the Island. All Weyerhaeuser logging inthe Cameron Valley is covered by the South Island District meaning that it iscompletely out of Port Alberni's logging district, therefore NO LOCAL JOBS!

In 1999, after logging right up to the Cathedral Grove Park boundary,Weyerhaeuser ripped off the people of BC by selling them a 21 hectarestumpfield for $1.7 million. The land was useless to Weyerhaeuser and theysimply unloaded a tax-burden. The Gordon Campbell government now claims creditfor adding that stumpfield to the park. The people of BC don't wantWeyerhaeuser's cast-off wastelands added to the park. They want themagnificent ancient forests which are directly adjascent to the park to beadded.

Please use your powers to denounce that sleazy business, and push instead forthe expropriation of the 400+ hectares of unprotected old-growth forest nextto the Grove to add to the park. This will be a priceless pro-active actionand vision your grandchildren will thank you for.

Sincerely, The Friends of Cathedral Grove


From: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it To: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2005 8:31 AMSubject: Cathedral Grove

January 12, 2005

VIA Email

Friends of Cathedral Grove

Ingmar LeeKrista RoessinghRichard Boyce

At a regular meeting on January 10th, 2005, Port Alberni City Councilreceived your press release dated January 5, 2005 expressing concern thatadditional lands may be added to MacMillan Park.

City Council's belief is that if lands are added to the park then thereshould be an exchange for timber rights that will benefit the wholecommunity.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to Council's attention.


Russell DysonCity Clerk


Davina SparrowAdministrative AssistantCity of Port AlberniTel. (250) 720-2822Fax (250) 723-1003

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