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God, Father, and George: The Kennebunkport Corleone's Mark their Turf PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Thursday, 20 January 2005 10:43
God, Father, and George: The Kennbunkport Corleone's Mark their Turf

The Bush Cartel has its own form of Omerta, and every one of its appointees is in office because Bush has the goods on them -- and they have the goods on Bush. The only three groups of people capable of exposing Bush Cartel wrong doings and prosecuting the Bush "perps" are controlled by Bush or are long-term Republican hacks: The Congress, the Attorney General's Office and the Federal Judiciary (with the Supreme Court as the back-up).

The Kennebunkport Corleone WASPs Seize Firm Control of America Inc. on Inauguration Day, 2005

Note: This marks the 20th of 20 consecutive editorials BuzzFlash published through January 20th.

With Bush's Second Coronation, He is the Law

January, 20th, 2005

We are no longer a nation of laws to which the president is held accountable. Alberto Gonzales, who will ensure that no significant Bush figure is indicted or seriously investigated for the multiple crimes that have already been committed -- and will inevitably occur -- has stated that the President alone can decide when to break the law and have people tortured, and when to thumb his nose at treaties. Remember that is was Gonzales, who as Bush's personal lawyer in his Texas days, got Bush off serving on a jury so that he wouldn't have to admit that he had been arrested for drunken driving.

Gonzales's job is simple: do what Bush wants and protect anyone else who does it at a senior level. Ignore the Constitution, because Bush is the sole decision maker of divinely inspired "law," even if it places us, as a nation, at the level of savages.

The Democrats will mostly vote for Gonzales and seal their own legal political death warrant. After eight years of a Republican Circus that hijacked our legal process to try and unseat Clinton over a blow job, the Republicans will get away with the darkest violations of the law, because Gonzales is a loyal court servant -- and if he were to bring Bush down, Gonzales knows that he will end up in the docket, too.

What is true for Gonzales is true for all the lead players in this organized crime political family that uses its decadent bloodline as its armor of integrity whenever confronted with the illegality, lies and barbarity of its actions.

Condi Rice got all indignant when Barbara Boxer held her accountable for her actions, accusing the Senator of attacking her "integrity." Oh, Condi learned well from her mentor. When your only success is failure, play the "integrity" card.

In August of 2001, as BuzzFlash has often written, Rice and Bush were warned that Al Qaeda was planning to hijack planes in the United States in the near future. Bush went off to drink a few brews down in Texas (along with a few of those faux "I cut the brush like a Marlboro Man" photo-ops) and Condi ignored the warning. She said that they weren't warned of planes being flown into buildings, so she didn't need to do anything special.

As BuzzFlash has repeated again and again, without making any impression on the brain dead mainstream press, the way you prevent a hijacking that results in planes being flown into buildings is the same way you prevent hijackings: You send out an alert and make it a high priority White House crisis management situation to prevent hijackings. But those were apparently two dots too difficult for the National Security Advisor of the United States to connect, let alone our "Pet Goat" President. What we needed was a second grader as our NSA and a third grader as our President. Then maybe 9/11 wouldn't have occurred.

And now "Ms. Integrity," the one who was at the center of the White House wing of the pre-Iraq War deception campaign, coordinating it with the Defense Department, and leaving Dick Cheney to pressure the CIA to go along with the bogus fear hype, will be our Secretary of State. Like the Bushes, she's an individual whose ambition has far exceeded her ability -- and were she to turn on the Bushes, they would leak her illegal deeds to the press so fast it would make you forget Valerie Plame, whom you probably already have.

Yes, if anything symbolized how the Bush Kennebunkport Corleone family cares about itself before our national security, it was the exposing of a CIA analyst who specialized in the tracking of illicit sales of WMDs. Rove and Bush wanted to let any American intelligence analyst know that loyalty to the Bush Cartel came before loyalty to the country -- and they would make us less secure to prove their point. In short, "we don't give a sh** if it harms the country, your first loyalty is to George, not the nation."

If this sounds a bit like how the mafia works, you're right.

Do you really think that Michael Chertoff is the best person in America to head the Department of Homeland Security? Of course not, he's another loyal senior "made man" in the Bush Kennebunkport Cartel, having proved his bonafides in working for Ken Starr and also arguing, while working for Ashcroft, for the illegal detention of people based on ethnic background. The guy is going to make decisions that are in the interest of the Kennebunkport Cartel first and foremost. What about America, the Constitution, and our personal safety? Oh, how naive you are!

As Rick Perlstein, a Village Voice journalist who inspired this editorial, noted:

At that pass, reflects John Dean, Richard Nixon's legal counsel, who served time for Watergate, "only the attorney general can select a special counsel to prosecute." Which takes us back to the beginning, and last week's hearings. "As attorney general," Dean says, "Gonzales can resist any and all efforts to prosecute high officials of the Bush administration, absent photographs of Dick Cheney choking Condi Rice and dangling her off the Memorial Bridge for messing with his policies."

The Godfather, the King: They both see themselves as THE law, not just above it.

Such it is with the Kennebunkport Political Crime Cartel. Their loyalty is to themselves.

We are just the innocent bystanders and bankers of their wasteful, failed endeavors.

It's not our money.

It's not our media

It's not our law.

Those have been seized and usurped by a failed bloodline that has mistaken its incompetence for divine indulgence.

Over such violations of human rights a revolution was started in 1776.

If democracy in America has had its peaks and valleys over this nation's history, surely this time we have reached the nadir.


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