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Monday, 28 February 2005 11:41
would you like to Donate to PEJ News?

The Peace, Earth & Justice News publishes a small electronic "newspaper" every day, five to 15 interesting news, analysis and opinion pieces from around the world, with many articles you simply can't find anywhere else. Every article we have ever published online (over 10,00 since 2004 can be searched, providing a valuable research tool for everyone from academics and researchers, to librarians, newshounds and activists.


On the web, PEJ News is always free. Our Editors and Correspondents are  independent and care deeply about critical global issues. They believe that the solutions to the world's problems lie in the creative application of peace, a healthy environment, and justice for all. Not war, waste and greed.

The  PEJ News team volunteers their time-- and in many cases give several hours each day.
If you would like to  donate,   please send  a cheque today for PEJ News to the non-profit Prometheus Institute:  c/o joan Russow  at 1230 st Patrick St Victoria bc v8s 4y4. the funds will be used to cover costs of running the site.

Join us as we work together to create a better tomorrow through peace, earth and justice initiatives. Together we will succeed.

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