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LEFT COAST - Lower Mainland - December 17th, 2004 PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Friday, 17 December 2004 02:41
1. About John Graham - weekday mornings
2. A Chamber Choir Christmas - caroling - Dec 17th
3. Latin Cafe - concert - Dec 17th
4. Rally to Save Wild Salmon - Dec 18th
5. Coop Radio News - Dec 20th broadcast info
6. Free Seminar for Non-Profits - Jan 10th
7. Candlelight Vigil - for torture victims - Jan 12th
8. Cdn Refugee Camp - Feb 6th
9. Stephen Lewis - CCPA fundraiser - Feb 17th
10. The Work Less Party and the Fraser Institute
11. DTES - employment opportunity
12. UBCIC - employment opportunity
13. A Message from some of the NDP
14. PREDA Newsletter - from the Philippines

contributions, considerations, concerns:

* Happy Solstice ... Channukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa ... Season's Greetings!

* From: "Allan Dane" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

Subject: Rumsfeld, et. al. Charged with War Crimes in Germany

* From: "Ecosource Paper Inc." < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

Thanks to Bill Warren for this website. It's pretty neat.

* From: "Susan Stroud" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

Go here to sign the petition read the bill and help Jack Layton win another one for working people.

* From: "Phil Lyons" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

UN backs 'extermination' of Lavalas in Haiti
Flashpoints Interviews Kevin Pina

* From: Victoria Peace Coalition < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

CFUV 101.9 FM, 104.3 cable, cfuv.uvic.ca

Hidden News 9 -10 am Fridays

For the next three Fridays, Hidden News will run a taped presentation "The Hidden History of Zionism and The Road Map: A Dead End for the Palestinian People" given by Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone at College of Marin, San Francisco July 18, 2003. It has been broadcast on Radio Pacifica News KPFA (Berkeley) and WBAI (N.Y.) and is being broadcast from CFUV with permission.

If you have any questions for Ralph or Mya about their presentation, please contact host Mehdi Najari. You will be invited to come to the studio one Friday in January to ask your questions in a live radio interview.

We will resume regular programming in January.

* From: < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

DEMO THE LEGISLATURE! Febuary 15th Victoria

Preparations for a coordinated political disruption of that day have begun.

Fundraising will be essential to finance the trip across the Straight. We call on financially able supporters to pitch in some money to pay for busses, boat and food. We will work on raising enough funds to be able to provide free transportation for those who can not afford the trip on their own. We estimate the cost of one person to be fifty dollars. Please contact APC to make a financial contribution in solidarity.

To contact APC call our office at 604.682.2726. E-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or go to our website at http://apc.resist.ca



Below is updated information on ways to support John Graham from the John
Graham Defense Committee: www.grahamdefense.org.

The website includes updated information, including the recent Peltier
Statement on Graham's extradition.

In solidarity
No One is Illegal Vancouver

==> Support John in Court (in Vancouver)
Weekdays 9:30 AM
Fifth floor of the Supreme Court building at 800 Smithe Street

==> There is also an online petition at

==> Participate in the letter-writing campaign immediately
(Sample letter provided by John Graham Defense Committee)

The Honourable Irwin Cotler
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1A 0H8
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs
Honourable Bill Graham: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


John Graham is a Canadian aboriginal man from Whitehorse, Yukon. He is a
father to eight children, a community organizer, and an advocate for
aboriginal issues. John Graham was arrested on a U.S. indictment in
Vancouver on December 1, 2003, and is currently awaiting an extradition

John Graham is charged with the murder of Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash, who was
his friend and colleague in the American Indian Movement during the
mid-1970s. John has always maintained his innocence of this crime which
occurred in South Dakota 28 years ago.

Leonard Peltier, a fellow activist in the American Indian Movement,
suffered an extradition from Canada based on fabricated evidence and false
affidavits presented by the FBI. The former justice minister and judge who
allowed the extradition, Warren Allmand, has since said that he would
never have agreed to the extradition had he known some affidavits and
evidence presented by the U.S. were false.

In a recent statement of support, Leonard Peltier himself said, "I fear
that John will not receive a fair trial in the U.S. anymore than I did. I
must remind you, it is court record that the FBI lied to extradite me back
to the U.S."

Leonard Peltier's subsequent trial has been widely recognized as a
travesty of justice, attracting criticism from human rights organizations
and activists including Amnesty International, Nelson Mandela and Jesse

For these reasons, and because John Graham is an indigenous person, Canada
must intervene in this extradition immediately.

In the wake of Leonard Peltier and Maher Arar, we cannot allow the
Canadian government to facilitate - either knowingly or otherwise -
another human rights tragedy.

If you would like more information about the matter of John Graham, please
visit the John Graham Defense Committee website at www.grahamdefense.org.

I look forward to your reply.



From: "No One is Illegal-Vancouver" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >



Vancouver Chamber Choir & Harpist Heidi Krutzen
Offer an Intimate Entertainment of Christmas Music

CAROLING! A Chamber Choir Christmas

Dates: Friday, December 17, 2004 at 8 pm
Sunday, December 19, 2004 at 3 pm
Venue: Ryerson United Church (45th Ave & Yew), Vancouver

Tickets: $10 - $23 at TicketMaster. Call 604.280.3311 or visit ticketmaster.ca

Vancouver, BC... The Vancouver Chamber Choir offers a collection of Christmas songs for voices and harp, with special guest harpist Heidi Krutzen, December 17th & 19th at Ryerson United Church. CAROLING! A CHAMBER CHOIR CHRISTMAS includes many traditional favourites and special treats from England, Canada, France, Germany, the United States and Spain in special renditions by distinguished composers and arrangers:

Five Carols
Richard Rodney Bennett
* There is no rose
* Out of your sleep
*That younge child
*Sweet was the song

Three Christmas Songs
Derek Healey
* Hark, how the voice is echoed 'round
* Sleep, holy babe
* From our happy home

Carols New-Fashioned
Michael Fink, et. al
* What sweeter music
* Lullay; litel child
* The Angel Gabriel

Four Kinder-Carols
Jon Washburn
* Leise rieselt der Schnee
* Ihr Kinderlein, kommet
* S??er die Glocken nie klingen
* Morgen, Kinder, wird's was geben

Seven Joys of Christmas
Kirke Mechem
* This is the truth
* Din don! merrily on high
* Joseph dearest, Joseph mine
* Patapan
* New Year Song
* Fum, fum, fum!
* God bless the master of this house

And more?

Heidi Krutzen, harp
A Vancouver native, Heidi Krutzen graduated from the Eastman School of Music with a Bachelor of Music degree (1991), a Master's of Performance and Literature degree (1992) and the Performer's Certificate in harp. Subsequently she was awarded a grant from the Vancouver Foundation and sponsorship from Sony Canada for advanced study in Paris with renowned pedagogue Jacqueline Borot. Upon returning from France, Krutzen placed second in the Young Professional Division of the American Harp Society National Competition. Currently, Krutzen is Principal Harp for the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, substitutes regularly with the Vancouver Symphony and has a busy freelance career. As well as teaching at the Vancouver Academy of Music, she is pursuing a solo career and will be performing in several international competitions.

Vancouver Chamber Choir
The Vancouver Chamber Choir is Canada's outstanding professional vocal ensemble. Based on the Pacific Coast in British Columbia, conductor Jon Washburn and his twenty singers are noted for diverse repertoire and performing excellence. Their concerts can include music from chant to folksong, traditional to avant-garde, a cappella to orchestra or jazz trio. The singers delight in acquiring foreign language skills and have sung in over 35 languages.

For further information about the Vancouver Chamber Choir, its 34th concert season, educational programs, group bookings and subscription offers call 604.738.6822 or visit www.vancouverchamberchoir.com.

From: Vancouver Chamber Choir < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >



Latin cultural production presents: Caf? Concert, "Other world is
possible.. and another song is necessary.."

Maria Tejada, Jair Machado and Jason, Amahete Luna, Pablo Oyarzo, Rafael
Tejada, Leoncio Ventura, Sandro, Beto and Rolo, Javier and Eduardo,
special appearance of Antu.

Community Speakers

Dec. 17, 04. at 8:00 pm
Caf? Deux Soleil
2096 Commercial Drive

Donation: $5.00
Organized by: Latin Vision Production,
more info. 604 322 1764

From: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Salmon Farming has serious negative impacts on wild salmon stocks, the environment, peoples' health, and First Nations Culture.

Saturday, Dec 18th
11 am - 1 pm
Safeway - 4th and Vine in Kitsilano

Carry a Wild Santa Salmon or hand out flyers or ask people to sign the petition to stop open-net salmon farming on the B.C. coast.

Info: 604-683-8220

From: "Don Bain" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >



Victoria Indymedia: http://victoria.indymedia.org/news/2004/12/35681.php

"Human extinction within 100 years warns scientist"

Monday December 20, 2004 - Noon-1 PM PT
COOP RADIO ? CFRO ? 102.7 FM Vancouver, B.C.
LISTEN ONLINE TO COOP RADIO: http://www.coopradio.org/
PROGRAMME SERIES: ?New Energy: The Courage to Change?

GUEST: Professor Peter Barrett, Director of Victoria, NZ University's Antarctic Research Centre
Website: http://www.geo.vuw.ac.nz/antarctic/ARCMarsdenNotes.html

HOST: Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

Abrupt Climate Change Report:

Human extinction within 100 years warns scientist


A top New Zealand researcher is using a prestigious award ceremony in Christchurch to warn that humans face extinction by the end of the century.
Professor Peter Barrett will be presented with the Marsden Medal tonight for his 40-year contribution to Antarctic research, latterly focusing on climate change.
The director of Victoria University's Antarctic Research Centre expects to use his acceptance speech to warn climate change was a major threat to the planet.
"After 40 years, I'm part of a huge community of scientists who have become alarmed with our discovery, that we know from our knowledge of the ancient past, that if we continue our present growth path, we are facing extinction," Barrett said. "Not in millions of years, or even millennia, but by the end of this century."
Barrett won the award ? designed to mark lifetime achievement in the sciences ? for his research into Antarctica, which began with helping prove New Zealand was once part of the Gondwanaland supercontinent.
He then changed disciplines, to predicting the impact of climate change. The result was a body of research on Antarctic ice sheets "which to our surprise is becoming increasingly relevant to the world as a consequence of global warming".
Barrett's warning underlines comments he made last year that even the Kyoto Protocol on global warming would not be enough to avert a climate disaster. The United States and Australia have refused to adopt Kyoto protocol measures.
"Research on the past Antarctic climate has an ominous warning for the future ..." he said.
"We need an international commitment to an effective solution, if we are to survive the worst consequences of this grandest of all human experiments."


Marsden Medal 2004 - Background comments by Peter Barrett

The basis for the claim that "we are facing the end of civilisation as we know it ... by the end of the century" follows:

The rise in global temperature over the last few decades (thus far just 0.6?C) is already being felt through increased storminess, loss of species, spread of deserts and tropical diseases, and disturbed ecological balance from excess CO2, an example being the Amazon rain forest. The effects will vary widely from place to place, with some areas little affected but others much more so. Why do most scientists see this as human-induced, and with huge consequences for the insurance, transport and agricultural sectors of every economy, not to mention massive loss of life and property, if this trend continues?

The scientific basis for the earth?s climate warming beyond the variations of the last 1,000 years is set out in the assessment reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, Cambridge University Press). See also the IPCC website for the 2001 report, especially its 20 page plain-language Executive Summary on the science from Working Party I). IPCC is a joint UNEP-World Meteorological Organisation body that involves over 1000 climate scientists from 100 countries and has based its 3 reports (1990, 1995 and 2001) solely on data from peer-reviewed scientific publications. It reaches its conclusions by debate and consensus, noting the level of uncertainty in its key statements. It is therefore the most authoritative source of information on earth on global warming.

A key finding of IPCC 2001 was that by the end of this century if we continue our present path CO2 levels will have doubled and global average temperature will have risen between 1.4 and 5.8?C (95% probability). Or put another way there is roughly a 50:50 chance that global average temperature will have risen by more than 3.4?C. A more recent study, published in Nature in August, narrowed the uncertainty and upped the figure to ~4?C.This represents a huge shift in climate - the earth last had this temperature was around 35 million years ago, before big ice sheets formed on Antarctica.

Recent scientific articles on climate change published in leading scientific journals, even in the last 3 months, show that the effects of global warming are likely to be worse, not better, than predicted. For example:

the Arctic is warming faster than previously predicted (Journal of Climate, October)
acidity of the oceans (already more acid than 100 years ago by 0.1 Ph units) is projected to increase by >0.3 overall (and by >0.5 in the surface layers) by the end of this century, making carbonate-secreting marine life increasingly more difficult (EOS, September)
West Antarctic ice streams have begun to speed up, increasing sea level rise (Science, September)
On top of these projections there are two more risk elements with catastrophic consequences:
Runaway release of gigatonnes of methane from the huge reservoir of solid methane hydrate beneath the ocean floor (and this has triggered super-warmings in the ancient past) ? read Professor Jim Kennett?s Methane Hydrates in Quaternary Climate Change: The Clathrate Gun Hypothesis, published by the American Geophysical Union.
Sudden lurches in temperature in the North Atlantic region, which in the prehistoric past have dropped temperatures in Western Europe and the east coast of North America by 6?C in a few years. These are documented in US National Academy of Sciences 2001 report ?Abrupt Climate Change ? inevitable surprises?, and are summarized in Professor Richard Alley?s article in the November issue of Scientific American.

What progress is being made in New Zealand?

The government?s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol and the work of the NZ Government?s Climate Change Office, and as well as recent meetings in Christchurch and Wellington on sustainable energy (use Google) are a good start in addressing the problem, but not enough.
Our National Institute of Atmosphere and Water has a special responsibility for climate research and the results of this are reported on their website, along with an explanation of how the climate system works and the changes to expect in NZ from future warming. To fully understand our present climate system, which includes the southwest Pacific Ocean and Antarctica, we also need to understand its history through paleoclimate studies and modeling, work being carried out by GNS and NIWA, and Canterbury, Otago and Victoria Universities. In particular we are leading research in Antarctic climate history based on our drilling technology and experience and through alliances with overseas colleagues (such as ANDRILL and the Antarctic Climate Evolution project). This leadership gives New Zealand both knowledge and credibility in international forums on climate change issues.

What to do?

Begin by living sustainably ourselves. It?s not so hard! It includes
saving electricity
replace tungsten with fluorescent light
switch off lights/appliances not being used
saving petrol
walk (not drive) for trips less than a km
bus/train to work weekdays (less stressful)
have a car that is only as big as you need
reducing waste - recycle/compost
Read about it. For example see:
BusinessWeek Aug 23 cover ?Global warming?why business is taking it so seriously?
National Geographic Sep cover ?Global warnings ? bulletins from a warmer world?
?Our Final Century? Penguin, 2003, by Sir Martin Rees, Royal Society Research Professor at Cambridge University. He writes ?I think the odds are no better than 50-50 that our present civilization on Earth will survive to the end of the present century?. His book concerns much more than just the effects of global warming, with his main concern being the misuse of scientific knowledge. He concludes ?In the 21st century, humanity is more at risk than ever before from misapplication of science. And the environmental pressures induced by collective human actions could trigger catastrophes more threatening than any natural hazards?.
Articles in major US and European newpapers are also useful sources, along with magazines like NewScientist and Scientific American, and there are many websites.
Take a course:
Many school and University courses include topics on climate and climate change in their curriculum. Here at Victoria University we have developed a 3 week course on Climate Change and NZ?s Future, involving scientists and policy makers from in and out of the University, and starting January 18, 2005.
Persuade government and business to do more.
The Kyoto Protocol does aim at a sensible target - reducing atmospheric greenhouse gases to their 1990 levels (around 350 ppm, up just 25% from pre-industrial times). Getting mechanisms for doing this right and making them work is everybody?s business.

LISTEN ONLINE: http://www.coopradio.org/

LISTENER-SPONSORED CO-OP RADIO is broadcast across Canada on the Star Choice satellite system on channel 845. Co-op radio, CFRO fm is located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Its frequency in the Vancouver area is 102.7 MHz and we are also found on various cable frequencies in most major cities throughout British Columbia.

RealAudio and Program information for radio station CFRO can be found on the internet at http://www.coopradio.org

Listener phone-in: Call Coop Radio on-air with your questions and comments at (604) 684-7561.

Here is a list of available cable TV frequencies to receive Coop Radio in British Columbia:

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From: ICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >



How to Increase Ticket Sales While
Reducing your Marketing Budget

Now you can learn the step by step process used by other non-profit organizations across Canada who grow their audiences AND reduce their marketing budgets by developing their knowledge of their audience! This FREE and easy to follow seminar will help you answer questions such as; Who is your audience? Where are they? What do they want? How do you get them to buy from you more often? How do you get more of them?

Does your organization advertise on bus shelters, in the newspaper, on radio and maybe on television? If so we can prove to you that you are wasting at least half of your marketing budget - come and see why and what you can do to make sure that all your spending is focussed on generating sales!

Following a brief introduction by Duncan Low, Executive Director of the Cultch, this workshop will present full case studies demonstrating how non-profit arts organizations increased their single and subscription ticket sales while reducing their marketing budget.

FREE Offer
All attendees will receive a complimentary profile of their customer list of up to 1,000 names normally valued at $750! This will define your audience and explain how you can effectively change your current marketing activities to increase your sales. Details will be given at the seminar on how to get your profile.

Workshop Presenters
Mike Callaghan is President of Canadian Marketing Manoeuvres Inc. a company that specializes in developing strategic marketing programs for non-profit organizations to develop their audience.

Paul Hollas, Sales Manager Western Canada, MapInfo Canada Ltd. He has served as President for the Canadian Marketing Association's BC Chapter and was on the British Columbia Direct Marketing Association's Board of Directors for nine years.

He was a Direct Marketing Manager for Canada Post Corporation, Marketing Manager at both the Vancouver General Hospital Foundation and The Canadian Red Cross, where he was accountable for donor acquisition, retention and loyalty.

Register Today
Seating is limited and complimentary refreshments will be provided.

Cost: FREE

Where: Vancouver East Cultural Centre
When: Monday, January 10, 2005, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

RSVP: Web: click here to register http://marketingmanoeuvres.com/seminar.htm
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone: 604 924 9127

From: Marketing Manoeuvres < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >


for Victims of American Torture Camps

Next: Wednesday, January 12, 2005.
Goes from Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Running from 7:30PM to 9:30PM



* * * * * * * * Special Guest Speakers * * * * * * *
WHERE?: US CONSULATE - 1075 West Pender St. Vancouver
WHEN?: Wed. JAN. 12 / 7:30 pm ? 9:30 pm

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We are planning to RE-CREATE some of the horrors of the American
Torture Camps at Guantanamo , Abu Graib, and dozens of other

. We are looking for Volunteers to wear orange suits, face masks,
ear muffs, plastic handcuffs, blacked out goggles, sandbag over the
head, , etc for the Guantanamo Simulation, and someone to stand on
the box with wires on their arms with the cape over your head like
Abu Graib.

We will also have a ?Guantanamo Experience? booth where anyone can
try on the torture and sensory deprivation gear for a few minutes
and tell the news media how it feels.


1075 West Pender St
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Norm Siefken
Phone: 604 824 7513
Phone: 604 997 7333
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Wheelchair accessible.
Smoking is permitted.
Cost: Free.
Age Restriction: All ages.
No childcare.


dress warm and bring a candle


From: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



The resistance within Fortress North America

Vancouver Art Gallery from Noon- 5pm
Rally at 1 pm

No One is Illegal will be coordinating a "Canadian Refugee Camp" on Feb 6
2005. The camp will involve the participation from various community
groups and organizations involved in historical and present struggle
against Immigration Canada and racist border and immigration policies,
while making the links to Canadian policies of corporate globalization and
imperialism that result in mass displacement from lands in the Third

The refugee camp is more than symbolic as it shatters the myth of Canadian
mulitcultarism, humanitarianism, and tolerance. Migrants are typically
permitted into Canada as domestic labour, as live in caregivers, as
farmers and berry pickers, as disposable labour to build the railway. The
exclusion of Chinese migrants after Confederation, the internment of
Japanese-Canadians during World War II and the refusal of Jewish refugees
in the ?None is too Many? policy after World War II are three well-known
examples of Canada?s immigration history. The War on Terrorism has
wrought terror onto the lives of South Asian, Muslim and Arab migrants
being interrogated, profiled, detained, targeted through secret trials,
and deported.

Perhaps the most draconian and exclusionary measure on the rights of
migrants in Canadian history is the Safe Third Country Agreement taking
effect by the end of 2004. The Safe Third Country Agreement would mean
asylum seekers who land in the US would no longer be allowed to make their
way to Canada, creating a fortress in North America similar to Fortress
Europe and reducing the number of refugee claims in Canada by an estimated

Rather than continuously being relegated to ?model minority? status,
immigrant and refugee communities will construct this camp as a public
testament to the struggles for justice and self-determination. The
solidarity and collective histories will be become the battleground for
our ongoing resistance.

There is much work to make all this happen and we invite anyone interested
to come meetings on Mondays at 7 pm at the Palestine Community Center
(1874 Kingsway).

Feel free to get in touch
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
website: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

From: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Fundraiser for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - BC Office

Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa and renowned humanitarian, speaks on globalization, poverty and the importance of public services.

Thursday, February 17, 2005
Tickets: $60 (includes buffet dinner)
Fraserview Hall
8240 Fraser Street, Vancouver
Doors at 6PM l Dinner at 6:30PM

Ticket options:
Individual tickets: $60
Patron table: $1,000
Group table: $460
To purchase tickets, or find to out about patron recognition, please contact Dianne Novlan at the CCPA, 604-801-5121 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

About Stephen Lewis

In 2001, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan appointed Stephen Lewis as his Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Mr. Lewis holds 20 honorary degrees from Canadian universities, as well as the Dean's Distinguished Service Award from Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. In 2003, Maclean's magazine honoured Mr. Lewis as their inaugural "Canadian of the Year." He has been appointed a Companion of the Order of Canada and was honoured by the United Nations Association in Canada with the Pearson Peace Medal.

Mr. Lewis recently created the Stephen Lewis Foundation (http://www.stephenlewisfoundation.org) to help ease the pain of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

About the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is an independent, non-partisan research institute concerned with issues of social and economic justice. Our research offers practical policy solutions to the issues Canadians face, and shows that a more hopeful society is possible. In addition to publishing reports and studies, the CCPA provides regular media commentary, organizes public events, and responds to policy changes at the provincial and national levels. http://www.policyalternatives.ca

From: Shannon Daub < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >



The Work Less Party will be giving away free 3 day weekend calendars to
members of the Fraser Institute. "The less work the Fraser Institute does,
the better off we all are" says Work Less Party candidate, Scott Nelson.
Over the past 30 years, the Fraser Institute has opposed the ratification of
the Kyoto protocol, encouraged the privatization of Medicare, and promoted
off shore drilling near the Queen Charlotte Islands.

"There is more to life than financial profits. We need to care more about
communities, health of the environment, quality of life, and education of
our children. The Fraser Institute, as the non-profit think tank, and, some
would argue, PR firm for big business, seems to more often than not, create
answers their sponsors want to hear. "

The interests of the Fraser Institute are not the interests of the average

The calendars will be delivered to the Fraser Institue offices; 4th Floor -
1770 Burrard Street; Monday the 20th of December at 3 pm.

Last month, the Work Less Party gave 3 day weekend calendars to Liberal
MLA's in Victoria. The party will continue to distribute calendars and
encourage organisations whose work is detrimental to the environment, to
work less

To view the calendar please visit

To view video footage of 3 day weekend calendars being delivered to
Liberal Party MLA's please visit

The Work Less Party will also be inviting members of the Fraser institute to
regularly attend an
afternoon cup of tea at our Leisurely Yours Day events.

For More information please phone Conrad Schmidt
604 - 537 - 2044

From: "Conrad Schmidt" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >



seeks a full-time Volunteer (Skills Development)/ Programming Coordinator

The Downtown Eastside Women?s Centre is a drop-in Centre offering a wide variety of services to a diverse community of women and children who live and/or work in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. The Skills Development Coordinator is responsible for the overall coordination and program development of the Skills Development Project. The Skills Development Project is comprised of Project participants who live/work in the Downtown Eastside area. Reporting to the Centre Coordinator, the Skills Development Project Coordinator will work with a core group of Project participants in supporting our services, programs and projects towards the vision of the organization. The DEWC is a union environment with a staff complement of eight full time and ten part-time/relief workers.

Aboriginal women and women of colour are strongly encouraged to apply.


Programming: planning and developing and implementing recreational, social and/or educational activities for women in the Centre.
Volunteer Coordination: includes the recruitment, training, skills development and management of approximately 30 Centre volunteers. Organize certification and training opportunities for volunteers.
Individual advocacy: refer internally to DEWC and to other agencies as required.
Outreach and Liaison: liaise with other agencies and community partners particularly regarding skills development programs. Foster positive work relationships with co-workers.
Crisis Intervention and Conflict Management: provide support on a daily basis to floor staff and members of the Centre.
Education and Resource Materials: maintain an up to date knowledge of activities, resources and culturally relevant materials.
Administration: compile contributions and produce monthly newsletter.
Reporting/Statistics: responsible for bi-monthly volunteer activity reporting as stipulated by Ministry of Human Resources contract requirements, maintain monthly programming statistics as required by funding contracts and provide annual staff report which should include narrative explanations.
Staff/Committee Meetings: attend weekly and monthly staff meetings as well as committee meetings as required.
Women?s Voice: attend when possible/necessary information sharing sessions with members at ?women?s vocie? meetings.
Program Budget: assist in the development and maintenance of program budget.


Post secondary training in human service or related field or a combination of education and experience.
Two years relevant work experience preferably in a non-profit organization.
Experience working with multi-barriered women with a strong anti-oppression analysis.
Direct program delivery experience in community social services sector with a demonstrated working knowledge of community based programs.
Experience living or working in the Downtown Eastside and/or an inner city context.
Language skills in Mandarin or Cantonese an asset.
Excellent communication, written and verbal skills.
Excellent interpersonal behaviour skills.
Conflict resolution/crisis intervention skills.
Good organizational, time and general management skills.
Ability to work under pressure.
Ability to have/obtain a class IV license.
Ability to work as part of a collective.
Ability to work outside the Centre as required, may include evenings/weekends.

This is a unionized position within the BCGEU. Wage: $20.40/hour with benefits.

CLOSING DATE: Tuesday, December 29th, 2004 at 5 pm

Please send cover letter and resume to
Skills Development Project Coordinator Hiring Committee
by fax to 604-681-8470 attention Michelle Hehewerth or by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

No phone calls please. Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. Interviews will be scheduled January 3rd-7th.

Benita Bunjun
Women and Welfare Project Coordinator
Vancouver Status of Women
2652 E. Hastings St., Van., BC, V5K 1Z6
Tel: 604-255-6554
Website: www.vsw.ca

From: Benita Bunjun < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >



Posting: Part time, Short term contract: Education Consultant


Based on historical narratives and a digital collection of historical records, consultant will develop learning materials and aid in the incorporation of them into the project website. Relevant areas of the grades 10 through 12 curricula across Canada have been identified; the learning materials will support some of these curricula.

Salary is $25/hour. Delivery deadline is February 25, 2005. Schedule to be negotiated.

Consultant will be required to:

- develop learning materials for both students and teachers.
- develop three suggested lesson plans; at the grades 10, 11 and 12 level
- with the project team and narrative writers, help ensure that the writing on the website is appropriate for youth as well as for curriculum requirements
- Work with project manager and web designer to translate website storyboard into web interface
- review index terminology used in the digital collections for age appropriate wording


- Education degree at Bachelor's level or higher
- Ability to manage multiple tasks, set priorities and manage workload
- Strong knowledge of classroom and educational requirements
- Experience with youth in an educational setting
- Knowledge of aboriginal land policy and concerns in British Columbia and Canada is an asset
- Knowledge of McKenna McBride land commission and creation of reserves in British Columbia is an asset
- Knowledge of library indexing is an asset
- Developing educational websites and/ or educational use of digital collections are assets

Application Deadline: Wednesday, January 5th, 2005

Interviews will be scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, January 10th and 11th, 2005.

Hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The office is wheelchair accessible, (Cordova Street entrance beside Brioche Cafe).

Aboriginal persons are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please send a cover letter, resume and to the attention of Kim Lawson, Librarian/Archivist, at 5th Floor, 342 Water Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1B6; by fax at 604-684-5726; or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We thank all candidates for their interest and regret that only those candidates who are short listed for interviews will be contacted. Closing date for applications is Wednesday January 5, 2005 at 1:00 p.m.

From: Don Bain < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >



The Vancouver Kingsway NDP Constituency
strongly urges
the Government of Canada and the Government of British
to take such immediate action as is necessary
to return Ms Haleh Sabha to her family and her home of three
years in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It is a matter
of urgent concern that Ms Sabha return to Canada on
humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

The removal of Ms Haleh Sahba from her family and her
home in Canada is not a proud moment in Canadian Immigration

To deport a woman to Iran in the present
climate of oppression, and, most especially a woman
who is a known activist in that country is inhumane.

Haleh Sahba's safety is at risk.

Canada must review
its deportation order and represent all Canadians
in acting to preempt human rights violations in countries
with as lengthy and atrocious a record as Iran.

From: Alan Ward < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >



December 2004

Dear friends and defenders of human rights,

This is to tell you that all of us at the Preda Center are remembering you in our thoughts and prayers and wish you a very happy Christmas season and a great New Year.

By the time you get this, the seventy or more children and youth at the two Preda recovery centers are enjoying a Christmas and New year celebrations they never had before. They enjoy freedom from fear of punishment and abuse, the joy of being well-fed and respected, affirmed, encouraged and empowered to ask control of their own lives.

This is the dignity of God's children made in God's image and likeness. This is at the heart of the work of Preda- to restore the broken lives of the victims of human rights violations and sexual and physical abuse. These past months since the last newsletter, we have not rested from promoting and defending human rights. You will be glad to hear that we are expanding our work in preventing abuse and human rights violations.

Rescuing children from abuse in prisons
In the past three months, many more young people have been released from prisons as a result of Preda's intervention. There are now 45 boys living in the new children's home, it is almost full to capacity. Many more were released to the custody of their parent or relatives. We have written to the judges and asked them to send only youth 15 years and younger until there is a new facility ready.

Preda is also lobbying the Supreme Court to appoint more court social workers and social work trainees so as to speed up the release of young children. Many children are imprisoned because the single court social worker cannot cope with the huge number of cases. A social case study and recommendation by the social worker is required by law to release the children.

However, the Office of the Court Administrator has replied and said that appointing additional court social workers would be a deviation from the staffing pattern of the Office of the Clerk of Court and appointing social work trainees is not feasible due to budgetary constraints.

Former German minister of justice visits the children's home
Last October 9 and 10, Prof. Herta Daubler-Gmelin MP, the former minister of justice of Germany came to visit the Preda Homes for Boys and Girls and pledged her support for their rights and all legal actions to bring criminals in the sex industry wherever they may be.

A life-long advocate of human rights especially for sexually abused girls, Prof. Herta Daubler-Gmelin was a keynote speaker at the Manila international conference to promote the ratification of and support for the International Criminal Court in Asia. Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. was also a speaker. He has shown his deep concern for children victimized in the sex industry and in prison. The chief justice has been the moving force to promote a more compassionate and human application of the law for children in conflict with the law.

Combating child pornography on the Internet
Last September, the Preda child protection team presented evidence during a Senate hearing on child pornography on the Internet. They advocated that the Senate consider legislation to compel internet service providers (ISPs) to use blocking technology to stop the passage of child pornography through their server machines like British Telecoms is doing.

On October 22, Fr. Shay was invited to Hong Kong by Microsoft to join a round-table discussion on the same subject. Leading law enforcement people were there, including the US ambassador to Cambodia and other prestigious participants. Fr. Shay pointed out that considering Microsoft has its windows operating system on 90% of the world's computers, it could bundle an active blocking software that the user could activate among other ideas.

He suggested that Microsoft offer a prize for the creation of computer play station video game that would teach the users the rights of the child and how the exploitation and abduction of children could be prevented. This would be more beneficial than games that teach young people how to kill, maim and abuse human beings.

Global awareness tour
Also in September, Mr. Alex Hermoso traveled on a similar mission in Germany where he presented the fair trade aspect of the work of Preda and researched with Dritte Welt Partners (DWP), our partner in Ravensberg, the possibilities of getting an international organic certificate for Philippine mango farmers. Preda hopes to export fresh organic mangoes to Germany in the coming years.

Last October 15 to 17, Fr. Shay was invited by Masao Tagaya of the Kofu Sheltered Workshop on a global awareness seminar in Japan. He visited the Japanese cities of Kofu and Matsumoto.

During the recent visit the situation of Japanese sex tourists going to the Philippines was raised by the audience and Fr. Shay gave an explanation of the current situation. His main talk was on the sexual abuse of children in the international sex tourism industry and the imprisonment of street children in sub-human conditions with adult criminals in Philippines jails.

The brief but very successful visit of Fr. Shay in Japan was also made possible by the help of Mrs. Hashimoto of Kofu City, Mr. Oykawa of Matsumoto City and Mr. Yoshioka Shiro of Tokyo.

After his successful trip in Japan, Fr. Shay then went to Germany in October and continued the mission of Mr. Hermoso and helped launch and promote new mango drinks in tetra packs with DWP in Austria. He gave presentations on the work of Preda to 200 higher level students in Heidelberg about the child rescue work of Preda. He also spoke at the annual conference of Vom Fass, the franchise that creates and distributes high quality wines, vinegar and liqueurs. They have agreed to take on the Preda mango liqueur and use the mango puree in their products. They will support the Preda project to indigenous people and environmental protection.

Environmental Concerns
Last month, hundreds of people were killed and properties and crops worth millions were destroyed by three successive typhoons that hit the Philippines and brought mud slides and floods. These are a direct result of the rich political families logging the forests with impunity. There is only 13% of the Philippine rain forests remaining. In 1909, the island nation was 80% covered. This is the greatest single lost to the nation. Rich families who control the political process and are working with the International global corporations are responsible for the environmental disasters.

Preda is working with the Indigenous people to help them protect themselves from the rich land grabbers getting their ancestral lands and forest domain. Organizing and facilitating meeting between the tribal leaders and the military that harass them on behalf of the land grabbers is a frequent activity of Preda .

The wealthy elite want to cut and sell the trees and turn the land into cattle farms to supply the fast food industry that is causing so many health problems among children and adults. Every year, Preda through its Fair Trade Department, works with small farmers and the indigenous people to plant as many as 2000 trees.

Caring for street children, Preda presents at the Vatican
A new bishop, Very Reverend Florentino Lavarias, was recently installed in the Diocese of Iba, Zambales. Last October 22, Preda helped organize an exhibit of the works of non-government and people's organizations in Olongapo and Zambales. Preda looks forward to a close working relationship with the Diocese to promote the rights of children and youth, women and indigenous people.

Following this, Fr. Shay was invited to the Vatican by the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People to the First European Meeting for the Pastoral Care of Street Children. Fr. Shay presented the Philippine national situation on street children and the problem of sexually abused children in sex tourism. The gathering included experts from all continents and representatives from the European dioceses to assist their pastoral planning.

This followed the participation of Preda in the Bangkok World Congress on Tourism where Fr. Shay presented a paper on sex tourism and children and facilitated the round table discussion. The Preda recommendations were warmly received and nine out of 12 were eventually adopted by the congress as reported on the Vatican web site (www.vatican.va).

Education as a means of empowerment
The Public Education Team of Preda has continued non-stop its urgent and important preventive education work on child rights, drug abuse and HIV-AIDS. They facilitated over 130 seminars and workshops and reached 13,500 participants in schools, colleges and communities throughout the nearby provinces in 2004.

In order to assist the vocational training for the older girls in the Preda Home for Girls, the team is now presenting seminars on environmental protection and waste management to the schools together with their seminars on children's rights. The colorful foil drink bags popular in the school canteens are an environmental hazard but can be turned into attractive carrier bags by the girls in the Preda Home, by their un-employed mother and by the women's livelihood sewing groups. The making of the bags and marketing them to the World Shops in Europe is the work of the Fair Trade Department. The project is giving good earnings to the senior girls at Preda and income for the women.

The Preda-Akbay Theater Group participated in this work and conducted youth training seminars in social theater to many groups of youth including former youth prisoners from the Baguio city Jail who traveled to Preda for a three-day workshop. They are now making their own social awareness presentations in Baguio City.

The Preda-Akbay Theater Group was invited this year to Australia where they stayed from November 6th to 20th and performed during a conference organized by Fr. Chris Riley's Youth Off the Streets. Mr. Hermoso led the tour. He and Fr. Shay who also went to Australia made a joint presentation at the conference.

While in Germany and Austria, Fr. Shay also discussed the possibility that the Preda-Akbay Theatre Group would go on tour in Germany and Austria in June. The special celebration of DWP in Ravensberg is on June 11th. They will open a new office and warehouse for fair trade. The theater group was also invited to Ireland in May.

International Human Rights Day
On the 56th anniversary of International Human Rights Day last December 10, over one hundred youth, children and staff of Preda hired buses and went to Manila and joined hundreds more to hold a rally to promote the respect for human rights especially the rights of children. The children carried banners, flags and placards demanding an end to child abuse and exploitation.

On this same day in Germany, officials of the city of Weimar celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Weimar Human Rights Award by inviting past recipients of the award, including Fr. Shay who received the award in 2000, to a human rights conference. Fr. Shay presented a speech on globalisation and children which is on the Preda website (www.preda.org). Ms. Claudia Roth MP of the German Commission on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid and Dr. Eckart Klein were the main speakers.

German sex mafia suspect to be arrested and tried
It was announced that a German Court near Bremen has issued an international arrest warrant for a German national living in Olongapo City and his two Swiss cronies. He is closely linked to the sex mafia exploiting children and women in the Philippines and is accused of framing with false charges innocent people for kidnapping and extortion. The German authorities are determined to bring this gang to justice.

He tried and failed to block the awarding of the Weimar Human Rights Award to Fr. Shay in 2000 by making false accusations that have been categorically proven false and fabricated. It is hoped that the arrest warrant for criminal activities and human rights violations will be served soon and he and his cronies will be arrested in the Philippines and brought to trial in Germany.

International solidarity
Volunteers and interns from Europe and Canada are a big help to the Preda work. Erik Van Ness of the Dutch organisation Kapatiran Foundation was with us for five weeks. Anita Ronnqvist and Therese Blomback, social work students from a Swedish University were with us for a few weeks to learn about the programs and projects of Preda. They joined the Preda social and outreach workers in their jail visits, went with the social workers to the street children and brought them to the beach and out for a meal. All these to give them respect, attention and to show them and the local community that they are valuable and important. The volunteers also joined the various activities of the girls and joined them going to swimming pool, the beach and to the market. Mathias Klasen from Germany is active in the Home for Boys, organizing various activities with them especially a basketball league. Martha Grace Archibald from Canada, Linda Dommelen from The Netherlands, Mathias Klasen and Jana Monica Schrempp from Germany will be with us for the next several months and are actively participating in the on-going work of Preda.

With Christmas fast approaching, we appeal once again to your kindness and generosity to reach out with us and help many more children. This we believe is what Christmas is all about.

When Jesus told us to find him in the prison, he said we will find him in the innocent children behind bars. Jesus said, "As long as you did it to one of these little ones, you did it to me."

We wish you a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

Fr. Shay, the staff and children at Preda

We welcome comments and suggestions. Write to us at Upper Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Philippines 2200 or send your e-mails to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

From: PREDA Information Office < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >


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