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What's Happening To The Weather? letter PDF Print E-mail
Earth News
Written by Sue Hiscocks
Monday, 05 July 2021 14:45


The following is a letter sent to the PM
Dear Justin Trudeau PM
'Unprecedented heat waves, high pressure, thermal troughs' - terms from the weather channel, don't quite describe the total picture.  The 2021 documentary "The Dimming; Exposing the Geo-Engineering Cover-up" (on YouTube) reveals an ongoing covert manipulation of weather by the military-industrial complex and 'Deep Pockets'.  The SRM solar radiation program to deflect UV rays uses harmful toxic particles in a complex process which alters the ionosphere, the weather and affects human and plant life.
This is a highly secretive project with meteorologists issued 'gag orders' based on the premise "Whoever controls the weather controls the world". The film discloses patents and scientific evidence, together with several prominent witnesses, retired military personnel, concerned about the outcomes of this life-altering program.
Dear Justin could you please regulate or terminate this program to spray these chemicals in the atmosphere to protect our health.  These nanoparticles are absorbed in the bloodstream causing harmful effects.
Sue Hiscocks 
Victoria BC
The documentary by Dane Wigington ( http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org )
Further Information:
book - "Under an Ionized Sky" - Elana Freeland Feral House 2018
If you are Media receiving this as bcc you are welcome to republish.
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