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An 11 year old perspective on canadian politics PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow
Monday, 12 June 2017 16:07

By Sophia Crabb Russow


The cartoon states that Canada could give marijuana to ISIS to cause the entire militant

insurgence to collapse because of the effects marijuana has on human behavior.

The cartoonist is saying that most other countries are using violence and that is bad because

they are killing innocent people but there is a better solution. The plane is a Hercules, one

of the biggest cargo planes ever. The plane can hold up to 45,000 pounds. The cartoon

shows how much marijuana Canada would have to give ISIS to affect the militant group.

Canada is in the process of legalizing marijuana so they could make this happen!


By Alfa Rikter






Test For Immigrants


Kellie Leitch was a candidate in the federal Conservative Party leadership race.

She was proposing to have a test for immigrants to see if they have her

undefined “Canadian values”. An Indigenous man is saying that aboriginal people

should have given a test to the first Europeans that came to Canada.

The test by aboriginal people would have been helpful to determine if they wanted

European people to stay in Canada. They could have asked questions such as

“Will you take our land?” or “Will you put us in residential schools?” or

“Will you control us?” or “Will you take our resources?” or

“Will you accept our cultures and religions without trying to force yours?”.  

The expression on the aboriginal man’s face shows how disgusted he is about

the idea that the non native people have a problem with immigrants coming into the country.


By Greg Perry



Technology Influencing Kid

Image result for political cartoon technology

The cartoon shows how much technology is influencing our society.

The kid is so distracted by his device that he does not pay any attention to his surroundings.

The sign depicts that cars are supposed to stop for kids that are addicted to their devices.

Usually school crossing signs are there to remind distracted drivers that there will be kids

crossing but in this image it is the kids who are distracted. In addition, the books show how

technology is influencing school work. The kid should really be focusing on his school work

or on the books in his bag instead of the device in his hand.


By Malcolm Mayes



Trans Mountain Pipeline

Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator Ð Thursday December 1, 2016 Liberals face flood of outrage in B.C. after approval of Trans Mountain pipeline The federal cabinetÕs decision to approve Kinder Morgan CanadaÕs Trans Mountain pipeline expansion has prompted a flood of outrage and promises of protests, court challenges and civil disobedience in British Columbia. Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said he was Òprofoundly disappointed,Ó calling the decision a Òbig step backwardsÓ for CanadaÕs environment and economy. ÒI Ñ along with the tens of thousands of residents, local First Nations, and other Metro Vancouver cities who told the federal government a resounding ÔnoÕ to this project Ñ will keep speaking out against this pipeline expansion that doesnÕt make sense for our economic or environmental future.Ó The $6.8-billion project would triple the capacity of the Trans Mountain pipeline, from 300,000 to 890,000 barrels a day, and would add 980 kilometres of new pipe along the route from near Edmonton to Burnaby, B.C. It would also increase the number of tankers leaving Vancouver-area waters seven-fold, from five to 34 per month, prompting fierce opposition from local mayors and First Nations who say any risk of a diluted-bitumen spill is unacceptable. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the project would be approved with 157 conditionsÊat a news conference Tuesday. He said he expects the decision to be Òbitterly disputedÓ by a number of people across the country, but said the project is in CanadaÕs best interests. (Source: Toronto Star)Êhttps://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2016/11/30/liberals-face-flood-of-outrage-in-bc-after-approval-of-trans-mountain-pipeline.html Kinder Morgan, Trans Mountain, pipeline, Justin Trudeau, energy, oil, BC, natives, first nations, environment, Elizabeth May, David Suzuki


The cartoon talks about how Prime Minister Trudeau has approved the Kinder Morgan

Trans Mountain Pipeline. Many people are against the pipeline including many First

Nations groups, for example, Tsleil-Waututh, Musqueam and Squamish, in addition

to environmental groups and politicians like David Suzuki and Elizabeth May. Obviously,

pipelines are underground but the cartoonist didn’t depict them that way because the

pipelines would look out of sight and out of mind when they are actually in the front

of everyone's mind. The trees in the background symbolise that the pipeline is on

pristine land. Trudeau is smiling and waving as if he is hiding something or trying to

act secretive. Trudeau is building the pipeline himself to represent the fact that he is

really involved in the project.


By Graeme MacKay


Trump LightImage result for trump lite cartoon now available in canada


Kevin O’Leary was a candidate in the federal Conservative Party leadership race.

Many people said that he was the Canadian Donald Trump. The cartoonist was

making the connection between the two businessmen and their platforms.

The cartoon is saying that if Trump was Budweiser, O’Leary would be Bud Light.

At the bottom of the can there is an advertisement saying that this is better than

a normal version. In this case, the cartoonist is saying that Trump and O’Leary

have the same amount of loud aggressiveness but O’Leary has less hair. Since

O’Leary is Canadian, the beverage is now sold in Canada. The bubbles on top

symbolise gas because they are both full of hot air. As of April 26th 2017, Kevin

O’Leary dropped out of the Canadian federal Conservative Party race.


by Greg Perry





Image result for brexit political cartoon


The cartoon shows the flag of the European Union (E.U.). The cartoonist is saying that the

E.U. is falling apart because United Kingdom is leaving. In this case, the stars represent

countries, and the one leaving is the United Kingdom. Most Brexit supporters say that

they want to leave because they think Germany is controlling the E.U. (the star at the top).

All of the other stars look very angry but amongst all the anger there is a small amount of

curiosity. The countries remaining in the E.U. may think that some other countries will follow.

The star is taking a suitcase to symbolise that the United Kingdom will take a lot with them.

The stars stand for the ideals of unity, solidarity and harmony among the peoples of Europe.

The number of stars has nothing to do with the number of member countries, though the

circle is a symbol of unity. Unfortunately, that unity is breaking.


By Daryl Cagle




Christy Clark


Cristy Clark's campaign promises are not always true to reality, some of Christy's statements are false like the one in

the cartoon. Clark always looks so cheery when she is on cacmera or with the press. In reality, she has done so many

skandals and falsehoods that she has probably grown devil ears and a tail. notice how on one side it is all blue and

happy and the other is red and mischievous. 


By Sophia Crabb Russsow

Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 July 2017 22:49

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