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What Now Canada PDF Print E-mail
Posted by Dragonslayer
Tuesday, 31 January 2017 01:52

Now that we have a real live monster running the US who is intent on becoming a King who is answerable to no one and is being advised by the new grand wizard of our time.


It may be time for Canada to take a new direction.  

I'm thinking that Canada could do without the US economy.  We could do well to open up trade with more democratic nations and replace all our US economic ties with new ones from other nations.  

I don't like to abandon our friends in the US, but Trump is their making and we should not encourage him or his cronies in any way.  It is not that when they say they are going to make things great or when they lie or become inhuman.  The problem is that they are monsters and should be removed ASAP..


The world should move away from the US currency as fast as possible.  In Canada we can do our part by refusing to do business with the US until they get their house in order.   

Yes scrap NAFTA.  Renewit with Mexico and toss the US out.  Open up relationships with other democratic countries to fill the gap.   The US is no longer the leader of the free world.    America is no longer free.   It has been trending towards fascism for a long time but has overnight become a terrorist nation inflicting its monstrous will on the good hearted people of the planet.  


The US is our biggest and best trading partener but that relationship has abruptly ended ... we just haven't got it yet....Ten years ago I saw a graffiti sign on a wall along the galloping goose that read "class warfare".  I found it puzzling.   Today the meaning should be clear to almost everyone on the planet.   Every country in the world is a target.

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