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Earth News
Posted by Joan Russow
Wednesday, 29 June 2016 10:31
Last year Sea Shepherd shut down the entire illegally operated six ship fleet of Antarctic toothfish poachers.
This year Sea Shepherd shut down a six ship Chinese drift net fleet in the Indian Ocean with the STEVE IRWIN and arrested three Chinese trawlers in the waters of Gabon with the BOB BARKER
Last month the SAM SIMON crew arrested numerous poachers in the marine reserves of Sicily and earlier this year the MARTIN SHEEN and the FARLEY MOWAT confiscated over 50 illegal gill nets and longlines in the sea of Cortez and assisted in the arrest of totoaba poachers
Our efforts to work in cooperation with various governments and with Interpol is getting incredible results.
Presently we are working in partnerships with the police in Sicily, the Federal police and rangers in the Galapagos, the Navy and Fisheries Agencies in Gabon, the Mexican Navy in the Sea of Cortez and now with the People’s Republic of China where we have received recognition for our efforts to intervene, document, investigate and escort the illegal drift net fleet back to China.Drift nets have been illegal internationally since 1992.
The BRIGITTE BARDOT is doing research on plastics in the waters around Sardinia, the MARTIN SHEEN is doing investigations into salmon farms in British Columbia, the JAIRO MORA SANDOVAL is working in partnership with Biosphera in the waters of Cape Verde and Sea Shepherd is presently constructing a long range high speed patrol vessel in Turkey and preparing another vessel in Florida for anti-poaching work.
Sea Shepherd is now the largest high seas non-governmental Navy in the world now, run by volunteers working from 40  different nations and dedicated to investigating, documenting and intervening against illegal activities in our Ocean. And most importantly we are making a difference, shutting down illegal activities and saving the lives of species ranging from plankton to the Great Whales.
For all of you who support us, who help us to get the word out, I would like to say thank-you.
Captain Paul Watson

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