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The Governor General should respect the spirit the doctrine of legitimate expectation and refuse to allow Harper to change the period of the election PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Written by Joan Russow
Saturday, 01 August 2015 10:22



The Doctrine of legitimate Expectations has the following components

•       Not breaking and undertaking as one pleases

•       Compatibility with public duty

•       Public interest may be better served by honouring their undertaking than by breaking it

•       Fulfilling the expectation must assist in performing rather than inhibit the performance of its statutory duty


The purpose of having fixed election dates was to remove the unfairness inherent in the   provision, given to the Prime Minister, to select the election date which used to always  benefit the incumbent governing party. The ability to change the election campaign period would also benefit, the incumbent party.  And for that reason this change would compromise the fairness of an election. Citizens have a legitimate expectation that the principle of fairness of fixed election dates  would not be undermined by a change inthe fixed election Campaign period which would benefit the incumbent Party.


 On the CBC program, the House, the former Chief Election Officer, Jean Pierre Kingsley stated;

“This extension  of the Campaign distorts everything we have fought for”, and he added that it distorts the role of money in Politics. See  full  interview at




If not,  Canada may become,"the second best democracy that money can buy"
Last Updated on Sunday, 02 August 2015 08:56

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