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Peace News
Written by Joan Russow
Tuesday, 24 March 2015 08:02




MINDFUL THAT in the Charter of the United Nations, all states undertook

to prevent the scourge of war


MINDFUL THAT in 1976, at Habitat I in Vancouver, all member states

of the United Nations affirmed the following:

"The waste and misuse of resources in war and armaments should be

prevented. All countries should make a firm commitment to promote

general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international

control. Part of the resources thus released should be utilized so as to

achieve a better quality of life for humanity and particularly for the peoples

of developing countries" (ii, 12 Habitat 1).


AWARE THAT in 1992 Agenda 21, at UNCED, consisted of over 33

chapters of commitments related to guaranteeing human rights, enabling

social justice and protecting the environment, and human health The

estimates of the annual costs of implementing the Agenda in developing

countries, would have been $600 billion per year.


RECALLING THAT all states made a commitment he reallocation of resources at present committed to military purposes. ( Article 16e Chapter 33, Agenda 21, UNCED)


AWARE ALSO THAT the UNDP surmised that in 2015 the global

community will not have met even the less than ambitious goals of the

MDGS http://www.undp.org/cacontent/undp/en/home/mdgoverview/mdg_goals/mdg1


CONCERNED THAT at COP15 on climate change, a commitment was

made to transfer, by by2020,100 billion per year to the Green Climate Fund

for assisting developing countries, and that so far only 10 billion is in the

Green Climate Fund.


CONCERNED THAT governments are subsidizing corporations engaged in

producing weapon systems that institutions, such as universities engaged

in military research, and that individual citizens are investing in unethical

funds that do not have negative screens which proscribe investment in the



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At the CSW 59

WE CALL FOR the years of related international rhetoric to be translated

into action.


WE CALL FOR the delegitimization of war. Given the social, economic,

ecological, health and psychological consequences of war, under no

circumstance or condition is war legal or just.


WE CALL UPON all governments to help prevent war by invoking the UN

Charter’s Chapter VI; the peaceful resolution of disputes.


WE CALL FOR the conversion, to peaceful purposes, of military bases

(including those on foreign soil)


WE CALL for the 1.75 trillion dollar global annual military budget to be

reduced by at least 50% and for the savings to be reallocated to promoting

true global security: With 600 billion per year to achieve an expanded

MDGs and SDGs and for states at COP21 to begin in 2015 to transfer 100

billion per year to developing states to assist in mitigation and adaptation.


WE CALL upon governments to end the subsidising of the corporations

that produce weapon systems and that engage in the arms trade, upon

universities to demilitarize research, and upon individual citizens to divest

in funds that do not proscribe investments in militarism.




Page 2 of 2Drafted by Joan Russow and Janis Alton Canadian Voice of Women

Last Updated on Monday, 30 March 2015 10:32

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