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Falling for a nuclear-free future

(International/Justice News)
... tons of nuclear waste with no place to store it. The proposed storage facility, Yucca Mountain, involves the dangerous transportation of the waste. Transporting waste to Yucca Mountain is dangerous: accidental ...
Tuesday, 02 November 2004
Sounds of Self-interested Silence

(International/Justice News)
... with talk of complexity and uncertainty.In the US, this has become a fine art. President George Bush is a staunch believer in "sound science" - from issues concerning climate change, to nuclear waste to ...
Friday, 26 March 2004
... and hopefully avoid them. Managing Activism is written for PR practitioners whose clients engage in risky businesses (fossil fuels, pesticides, genetically engineered foods, nuclear waste, toxic dumps, ...
Saturday, 24 January 2004
... they compare the relatively low volume of nuclear wastes to the much larger volume of wastes from fossil fuels. However, it is the volume of wastes multiplied by their toxicity that is significant. Merely ...
Friday, 05 February 2016
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